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check out this locally made cult animated feature - The Meaty McMeat Show on DVD

A cult feature length cartoon starring diseased human organs and surrealist collage now available on DVD. Check out this stuff and help support local indepenent art.
a poster
a poster
Delaware Based Productions el presente

The Meaty McMeat Show!

A 99 minute feature length animated cartoon starring diseased human organs and surrealist collage. And a psychic talking pie named Karl. This film has recently undergone the DVD treatment and we're throwing some DVD release parties FREE to the public so y'all should come check it out y'hear? This film is seriously the most bizarre, funny in an unfunny way, sick, sick, sick, cult animated film ever. Filmed on location in washington park! Come check out all your favorite characters - Meaty McMeat, Lungy McButter, Tommy McTesticle, Spleeny McSpleen and lots lots lots more. The dvd also includes 8 short stop motion films and a buttload of extras. Comparable to films by John Waters and the cartoons on Adult Swim or South Park

help support local art and check out these FREE DVD release parties this february:

Friday the 13th @ the know, 2026 NE alberta, portland OR starts at 8pm - all ages

Thursday the 19th @ the bar in Nocturnal, 1800 E burnside, portland OR starts at 8 - 21+

both shows FREE to the public - Bring $10 for the dvd - crossdressers get a free poster

If you can't make it to a show don't forget to check out the website - the DVD's are for sale on there.

visit  http://www.delawarebased.com for the latest scoop

Delaware Based Productions, Delaware Based since 1986, Located in Ancient Sumaria

(p.s. do not watch sober)

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