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War on American Soil

Be prepared, police state is here and only getting worse....
Informed readers are probably aware of the "Balkanization" taking place here in America. Illegals are legalized, foreigners invade at light speed in huge numerical proportions, the dollar is devalued, the law means nothing to the judges, the candidates are SKULL AND BONES satan worshipping shit bags, the television is a porn outlet and dis-infomercial for the establishment of a police state, jobs are shipped to China and other communist slave labor states, babies are murdered by the millions, while STATE authorized churches now recite "QUEERLY BELOVED" ... and we sit on our collective asses smashing our own misplaced skulls.

The people are being segregated into factions for the purpose of keeping them from being able to organize opposition to the FASCIST ... NOVUS ORDO SECORUM.

While the masses of Jerry Falwell followers are instructed to petition the FCC and CON-gress to bar Janet Jackson's tits from TV exposure, the silence is deafening concerning the mass distribution of bullshit propaganda by CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, CIA, FBI, NSA, GWBush, and the pack of blood-sucking communist neo-con Jews orchestrating the implementation of a POLICE STATE in the once greatest nation on earth through false terrorist alerts, while condoning the brutality and fraud of the festering boil on the asshole of the world called THE STATE OF Israel.

The Globalists are advertising heavily for future terrorist attacks here in America, and you know it pays to advertise. They are not doing this without expecting results. It's mass mind control.

We will be at war with ourselves in the near future, and we need to be able to know the goodies from the baddies ... so let's figure it out folks. Internal disruptions are certain, either the illegal alien invasion or the arab terrorist threat will be used to start the necessary initiation of MARTIAL LAW ... and people that are aware of the realities being played out by the globalist aristocracy also know that 90% of the American people have been lobotomized into believing anything that oozes out of the TV screen.

Get prepared.
Blind warriors, step out of the darkness. 06.Feb.2004 12:29

Lazy Faire

Well, the opening and closing of your remarks are timely.

But you will not solve the problem of this day with bigotry and rambling aggression.

Rather than lumping all your enemies, threats and fears into a single illuminati bearing down on you, you should decide what is our real purpose and our real identity. There is indeed a job to do; but it involves more than lashing out at enemies.

You reveal how trapped you already are. Our reach and our sight must go beyond the obstacles. We must design what we will build and plant on this earth tomorrow. In this struggle any person can be our ally. And we do not need hatred at all. Our anger at injustice, oppression, deception and the desecration of life is all the anger we need.

There are those, indeed, who think to profit from a war of us against ourselves. They spread bigotry and thoughtless emnity and fear. Beware their snares.

That is the plan! 06.Feb.2004 14:14

Bird dog

What better way to keep the heat off of the evil that runs the us government.
Cause public discourse by feeding the problems that we have in this country to keep everyone too busy to go after the real problems.

A corrupt government that cares only about the profit they can make on the blood of their own people.

Why do people continue to take the same path as todays doctors.
Cure the symptoms, but don't pay any attention to the cause.
What better way to continue the sickness and profit from it all.

A sick society, I think so!
The real question is how much time does society have?
Why should I even care?

Dwindling numbers, and growing enemies 06.Feb.2004 14:18


I fully agree that lumping large groups of society as our enemie restricts the amount of those who we believe can change and become allies. Drawing lines between only futherly segregates our ranks. This feeds into the fear and divisive strategies of the elite. A clear purpose and objective is still unclear amongst the activist community. Why are being active and what are we trying to change? How do you change it? Or how do you go about making people believe in your constitution and strategy? This calls for networking. Instead of contemplating among ourselves we need to draw people away from the norm. At first we'll have to network with those who's lifestyles we disagree with. There is no other way. Excuse the term, but we need misionaries of our cause. Our misionaries would be those who don't preach amongst our ranks but gives persuasive testimony to the "unconverted". We can't win with our current numbers. The leaders of this world our the those who work their lives as slaves for the betterment of us all. Serve the people and the people will serve your cause. This can be portrayed as a social revolution of ethical character detached from a distinct "political" cause. When politics is boiled down to it's core all that's left is personal human values. Our sense or values are always implemented into law. A "theocracy" is a government ran by religious leaders or one that rallies around the values of a religion written into the law of the land. Thus every democracy is always in essence a theocracy. To prevent this we created seperation of church and state. This fails us still this very day. For example explain why gay marriage is unlawful in all the states but one. The only thing preventing it is the values of christianity and likened philosophies. In ending change the person and you will change the laws. But first we must learn to find common ground build monuments to ecumenism. And when we can learn to tolerate each other, it is only then when we can bring about a social change. And this transformation of human values in our society will be seen as the revolution we so anxiously await.

What if...? 06.Feb.2004 14:19

Pigs could fly

Earth would be so much better without humans.

To Bob Scheit 06.Feb.2004 14:21

Author of Comment

Hey Bob,

You're right that the leaders of the U.S. are tightening their control over the population, media, etc, and using a terrorist scare to further it along. But in your invective above you reveal your own biases--you seem to be coming from the right. You not only say 'prepare for a police state' but you also go off on abortion, gay marriages, jews, and Israel. Now I am no friend of religion, or of Israel as a state, but to blame jews, queers, and communists for the 'new world order' and police state tendencies is erroneous.
There are communists that want complete freedom, freedom FOR the individual and AGAINST capitalist/state control. Also, who cares if someone is queer, or wants to imitate heterosexual trends by having a marriage ? You sound like a hateful and willfully ignorant propogandist who actually would deprive others of their freedom. In that quality, you may have more in common with the cops than you think. .

Author of Comment

I believe this is a spiritual war 06.Feb.2004 15:50


The problems are between principles and principalities. The solution can be found in one's spiritual orientation which is a matter of free will. When the majority choose love, hope and charity the evil will be chased from that society.
A good discourse on good and evil can be found in Henry Makow's film review on Mel Gibson's
"The Passion of Christ", at

I believe this is called "third positionism" 06.Feb.2004 18:55

pdx imc volunteer

I believe the name for this type of appeal is the "Third Position." It's a fascist/neonazi organizing tactic seeking to co-opt both left-leaning antiglobalization and traditionalist religious conservative elements. It uses the rhetoric of both to appeal to a variety of antiestablishment tendencies. Its underlying agenda is, however, pure poison. It's good for people to be on the alert for this. Accordingly, I hope that fellow pdx imc volunteers will leave this up and give those of us concerned about this issue a chance to give folks more background on this "Third Positionism."

more background on third positionism 06.Feb.2004 19:14

pdx imc volunteer

A good place to start for more information on this political tendency is

Analyzing the tactics of third positionism is a good exercise for the politically uninitiated. It helps to teach us that rhetoric by itself is pretty hollow, and can be a means used by anyone for any (possibly nefarious and malevolent) ends, however superficially attractive some of it might seem to us.

Always question everything (even if it sounds good at first) 06.Feb.2004 22:06


The previous poster is exactly right - the piece is straight out of anti-federal right-wing militia movement ideology, which has always maintained (even before JP said it) that the U.S. government/UN is a conspiracy for world control by the "mud races," specifically the Jews. The solution, in their eyes, is the eternally impending Rahowa (Racial Holy War). Low income white folks are preyed on by fringe fascist groups; they join because they are seeking a way to escape the despair and alienation caused by our economic system. Right-wing extremism goes up when capitalism fucks people over - it's not just a creation of capitalism (although capitalists usually think they can use it to their own benefit).

As far as anti-authoritarians are concerned, if we're serious about anti-racist/anti-fascist work, we need to rethink the strategy of moving into minority neighborhoods. It's just not working, and many of us know it. We should really start thinking about having a presence in outer SE Portland, even rural areas, providing a positive, ie, empowering, outlet for their/our frustration instead of letting pseudo-populist fascist groups establish themselves.

more 06.Feb.2004 22:25


FYI: the piece's author, Bob Scheidt, posts repeatedly on the American Patriot Friends Network, a christian/ conspiracy-theory forum. Check it out:


I copy/pasted Bob's article from APFN 07.Feb.2004 10:23


He is also very anti-Social Security, the Bush administration, Jews, Queers, and Abortion. Sounds right wing but the Bush hate part I don't get.