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Left Turn Magazine Fundraising Appeal

Make a donation now or help with a local fund raiser for your anti-capitalist magazine. Contact Left Turn at  portland@leftturn.org

If you are a Left Turn reader please add comments to this post explaining how valuable this resource is.

Thanks for your support!! Venceremos!!

Thanks to the support of our subscribers and donors, Left Turn magazine survived 2003 without having to compromise its anti-capitalist vision. 2004 promises to be a key year in the struggle for a better world.

Your financial support is urgently needed now to ensure that Left Turn continues to provide the wide ranging coverage and commitment to direct action that it is known for.

We are preparing to release issue #12 of Left Turn magazine and are well short of the funds needed to print it. Any amount helps, so please rush your donation, or start a subscription or buy a t-shirt.

Make an on-line donation or write a check or money order payable to Left Turn and mail to:
Left Turn Books
1463 E Republican #25A
Seattle, WA 98112

If you can't donate directly, ask your local bookstore or library to carry Left Turn, consider distributing the magazine among your collective or affinity group, or suggest that your favorite organization or publisher take out an ad. Click on the Left Turn Magazine link above for more information on ad rates and distributing.

homepage: homepage: http://www.leftturn.org/Magazine.aspx