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Transcendental Zen Meditation Class Sat. & Sun.

Last weekend's Zen Meditation classes went well, so we are holding them again this weekend.
They will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 7-8, at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop, 1540 SE Clinton, Portland. It's just a few short blocks South from Division. The Class is free, but small donations to help with rent for the Infoshop are appreciated.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/crinfoshop
phone: phone: 503-230-8360
address: address: 1540 SE Clinton, Portland, OR 97202

hi. 06.Feb.2004 05:38



if i remember correctly, transcendental meditation is a tone based meditation

(you focus on a sound in your mind)

what was zen meditation?

thats not mantra meditation is it?

and then, is it proper to call the meditation where you focus on an object in your mind (doorknob, rose, sometimes moving object) sufi, or is that just one of the several ways of sufi meditation?

thx anyone for clarity.

meditation types 06.Feb.2004 11:38

Infoshop Worker

<p>The little Zen Meditation that I have done involves sitting still and silently. This is what we did last saturday. If I remember correctly satya said that sometimes he integrates sound, but we didn't do that for the first time. It was suggested that, to help to keep stray thoughts from coming in, we focus by counting the breath.
<p>I hope you can come to the class.