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Salute the Hummer

Be patriotic. Submit your salute.
The big Portland Auto/SUV show is on through this weekend featuring the H2 Hummer SUV which will be surrounded by boys with military dreams climbing in and out of it. Go to the show and show your support. And take a picture which you can submit to this site!

oh no! 06.Feb.2004 09:18


Wow, Hummers at the auto show... I sure hope none of those scary "ELF" folks decide to burn them during the night! ...

Vehicle List 06.Feb.2004 12:49


Can someone post a list of politically correct vehicles to this site? Thnx.

the list 06.Feb.2004 13:03

politically correct

"a go-cart powered by my own sense of self-satisfaction"

Melvin, surely you know that 06.Feb.2004 19:10


Hummers are the worst in terms of environmental damage/gas guzzling. You act as though people are being oversensitive to someone driving the worst of the worst vehicles down a city street. Do some thinking for yourself instead of making what I take to be a snide comment. If you really don't know what kinds of vehicles might get the very worst gas mileage, and are a disaster to other vehicles on the road, and you don't want to do the research--then please ask for help with your question with a little humility.

here you go 06.Feb.2004 19:17


cheaper than a hummer but no tax break
Environmentally Correct Car
Environmentally Correct Car

politically correct 06.Feb.2004 19:19


It depends Melvin say a 10-ton M-series with a dump body offloading an overload of 15 tons of horseshit at the Crowne Plaza, 14811 Kruse Oakes Drive, Lake Oswego, Oregon Thursday, March 11th, 2004 at 18:30 as Karl Rove is speaking sounds ok. If it is running on Bio-diesel.

heh 06.Feb.2004 21:37


Man, that 10-ton M-series would be PC without the biodiesel.

To add to the list:
A good pair of shoes and the bus.

Rhoadescar 06.Feb.2004 23:10


WOW, cool car. I would give $100 just to drive that Rhoades car around the Auto Show for a couple hours.

New Tech. 07.Feb.2004 00:00


How much would you pay for a flywheel bicycle that can do 50 MPH aqnd burn rubber off the start?

OLY SHIT! 08.Feb.2004 14:33


MY friend, what IS THAT thing? CAN I PLEASE borrow it for a few days? or a X-country trip? Please ? I'm sure that a lot of people would want to buy one if they saw ME biking on that beautiful bikish creation. I have minimal startup capital, so you'll just lend it to me OK, right? Do you want my #?

I would love to lend it to you... 08.Feb.2004 15:11


Unfortunatly it is still in the development stages and I don't have the capital to finish the second prototype. The first prototype worked and hit almost 40 MPH. It was not made to exact measurments and as a result the flywheel shook way too much and ripped itself off the bracings. But... it did work and it allowed me to see where the major engineering challenges were. I have a new flywheel and am trying to get a new mig welder and bike jig so that I can make sure that I won't have the same problems again. If anyone knows somewhere that I can find some free welder time I would appreciate it.

Welder 08.Feb.2004 15:41


There is a cool welder with his garage studio right across the street from Oregon Park. He's out there quite often. The NE corner of the park is where his house is.

human powered vehicles 13.Feb.2004 11:03


i work in a recumbent bike shop. i meet lots of people with crazy bikes. here are a couple good links to sites with an emphasis on non-traditional biking.



on the organic engines site the SUV is especially great.

and here's some crazy shit they do here. (calhoun cycle is where i work)


i miss the rain.