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Considering Vacating the US? Join the Exodus Nexus!

expatriots unite!
The Exodus Nexus


This group is for current and aspiring American expatriates around the world in places like North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, who have left or are planning to leave 'The Homeland' or other territorial and military jurisdictions which are under similar modes of American political occupation. This group is being formed during these times of increasing government repression, military adventurism and generalized intolerance with the hopes of building up a formidable network of resistance and mutual aid amongst all varieties of American expatriates as well our friends amongst the indigenous, immigrant and citizen populations of the world, so that we may more effectively challenge the ongoing project of American Empire-building. Whether your current or impending exile is one that is of a military, political, social, cultural or temperamental nature, we urge you to join the discusion happening here, either anonymously or using your real identity, for history has shown that we will always be stronger if we work together and back each other up, as was learned very clearly in earlier underground railroads organized to escape American slavery in the 1830s and to escape military conscription in the 1960's, amongst many other examples.