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Queer Look at the Big Screen

Queer Revolution will be showing "Celluloid Closet" at Vinnie's Pizza on N Killingsworth and Vancouver at 8:30 pm on Sunday, February 8th.
The mainstream media has recently recognized the gay and lesbian community as a marketable group. Therefore, we've recently been bombarded with such pieces of crap as Queer Eye for a Straight Guy and the L-Word. These shows. While these shows do expose the queer lifestyle to many people who would otherwise be unreachable, they perpetuate stereotypes and instills individualism, insecurity and assimilation within the queer community.

And before television recognized queers as a target audience, the silver screen was already at it. At first in Hollywood, queers were ignored. Any gay or lesbian character had to be in the closet. They were subtle, making small advances, recognizable only to queers who would examine the film under a fine microscope for any person like themselves. Then, queers became the pun of the joke. Need an off the wall character to spice things up? Throw in the pansy. We were lumped into several small categories: the decorator, the questionable neighbor, or the dominating dyke in prison.

Hollywood also has portrayed us as victims, killers, freaks, etc. Since we rarely received media attention, the images were put out there had more of an effect. "Celluloid closet" examines Hollywood, going back to the start and making it's way forward to present day cinema. We will be watching this film at Vinnie's Pizza on N Killingsworth and Vancouver. There will be a short discussion group afterwards for anyone who wishes to take part. Tabling material will also be available. Hope to see you there.