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***March 19th Event in Solidarity with Anti-Occupation Resistance!!!***

March 19th Anti-Occupation Resistance Solidarity Event!!!

Dear Collegues, Associates and Readers,
With a Special thanks to the Militant Artists, we are proud to sponsor an event in Solidarity with the Independance Forces in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We would appreciate it if your esteemed organizations and personages would kindly endorse this. We would be honored if your various organizations and personage had statements to the Popular Forces in the US for this event. Also, we would like to offer our support for " twinning up" with those holding Pro-Resistance Demonstrations and/or Events on the Weekend of March 20th. We request that your esteemed organization submit their various text documents, and photos to us so we can add them to our website in hopes of building Pro-Resistance Popular Forces in the US, and around the world.

March 19th Pro-Resistance Event Flier



Event in Solidarity with Anti-Occupation Resistance
March 19, 2004 7PM
1914 E. Burnside St. Portland, Oregon

Sponsored by the "Militant Artists", and with a Special Appearance by the West Coast Band "Riot Cop".

-1st anniversary of the formalization of the currant aggression against the people of Iraq and their collective right to self-determination
-For building, maintaining, and co-ordination of Pro-Resistance Popular Forces in the US, and around the world
-Solidarity with Iraqi Resistance, including ARMED RESISTANCE!!!
-Solidarity with the Militarization of the Intifadah in ARAB Palestine, study course on the 1967 Palestinian Charter, and a call for rejecting the Zionist Entity's "right to exist"!!!
-Solidarity with the Independence Forces in Afghanistan
-The Gun as Primary Mode in an Era of Fierce Anti-Imperialist Class Struggle!!!
- Unity can only exist within principled parameters: On the need to Kick Out Pro-US sentiment and Zionism in our movements, as well as updates on efforts at rejecting Normalization of relations with the Zionist Enemy
-On the Anti-"globalization" movement and Iraq.
-Red/Green Unity of Worker-Based Leftist Forces and Islamic Resistance for a Popular Front Against Imperialism and Zionism!!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity