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Who's winter?
"Zoobomb Presents...Mini-Bike-Winter, A Celebration
> For All Of Portland's Wet Weather Bikers. This
> Bomb's
> For You."
-- "Friday the 13th of February begins things with the
one year anniversary of the Midnight Mystery Ride,
meeting at 11pm at Club 21, 2035 NE Glisan, at
Midnight, we ride.

--- Valentine's Day the 14th:
Valentine's Day Massacre Ride
2pm meet at Penninsula park in the roses.
Dress up in valentine's day regalia.
NE Albina and Ainsworth

Count Crushalot's Booty Bonanza
@The Know
NE 21st and Alberta
Dj's Sysfail and Gray

---Sunday the 15th will be the Mini-Bike-Winter
> Olympics
> complete with trophies and prizes, taking place at
> the
> corner of SE 18th and SE Pine from 1pm-7pm. Events
> include:
> Barbecue (bring some BBQ-able items to share.)
> The Lasso Fiasco
> Bike Derby
> Bike toss
> Bike tug 'o war
> Zoobomb Wrestling Federation
> Fastest Wrench
> and following these events will be a torch carrying
> ceremony to Rocco's Pizza for the Tour Da Bomb, the
> first official Zoobomb race meeting at 8pm, Rocco's.

and of course, being zoobomb, all events are free.

stay tuned to www.zoobomb.org for more info!
Auto Show 05.Feb.2004 14:19


How about zoobombing the Portland Auto show this weekend?

bike riders 06.Feb.2004 08:00


i dont know about anyone else
but im gonna be there on my bike!
and i wouldnt be supprized if many other cyclists had the same idea!