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Kerry Beat Dean in New Hampshire by Only 1.5% When Computers Weren’t Doing the Counting

Welcome to the land of Skull & Bones, with the help of Diebold are Republic is now gone. The New World Order is here, what do you wanna do about it ?.
In the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, exit polls, which are seldom far wrong, indicated a very close race. The final vote was not close. A close race would have constituted a win for Dean, given expectations. There is serious reason to be dubious of computerized vote counting systems (see Verified Voting or Black Box Voting for details). Such systems were used in New Hampshire, especially those of Diebold, the company that has attracted the most controversy, so I decided to analyze the New Hampshire Democratic primary vote in terms of who was doing the tabulation. According to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office there are three possibilities:

Some ballots are counted by Diebold machines.

Some ballots are counted by ES&S machines.

Some ballots are counted by hand.

Let me note that neither the Diebold nor the ES&S ballots lack a paper trail in this case. These are optical-scan systems, where the voter marks a paper ballot that is subsequently counted by computer. There is, then, the possibility of a recount, but only if the issue is forced, since the election was not considered close enough to mandate an automatic recount. Given the problems demonstrated with Diebold systems and the serious allegations made against ES&S, perhaps such a recount should be pursued. In any case, here are the vote totals and percentages for the big five candidates, grouped by vote tallying method (percentages are percentages of the big five vote, i.e., it does not include the minor candidates)).

VotingTechUsed Kerry Kperc Dean Dperc Edwards Eperc Clark Cperc Lieberman Lperc
Diebold 59421 40.1% 37589 25.4% 18334 12.4% 19119 12.9% 13549 9.2%
ES&S 5952 37.6% 4415 27.9% 1877 11.8% 2076 13.1% 1516 9.6%
Hand 19004 34.9% 18148 33.3% 6276 11.5% 7217 13.2% 3846 7.1%

To bring the matter into sharper focus, here are the percentages by which Kerry's vote exceeded Dean's, grouped by tallying method.

VotingTechUsed % Margin
Diebold 58.1%
ES&S 35.0%
Hand 4.7%

Given that Kerry won by all accounts, does this matter? Yes it does. Had Dean gotten close to winning, as low as he had been the week before, he would have gotten the momentum to remain competitive, but instead New Hampshire seems to have doomed him. This may therefore go down as the pivotal election of this primary. Also, the election is not winner-take-all; delegates are assigned proportionally.

Is there any other explanation for the discrepancy? Well, the computerized systems are mostly used in the larger towns in New Hampshire. Can this be attributed to a rural preference for Dean? If the sample is limited to towns with fewer than 20,000 voters, the results are but slightly different.

VotingTechUsed Kerry Kperc Dean Dperc Edwards Eperc Clark Cperc Lieberman Lperc
Diebold 43428 39.4% 29456 26.8% 13283 12.1% 14632 13.3% 9289 8.44%
ES&S 5952 37.6% 4415 27.9% 1877 11.9% 2076 13.1% 1516 9.57%
Hand 19004 34.9% 18148 33.3% 6276 11.5% 7217 13.2% 3846 7.05%

A dramatic rural preference for Dean would be odd, given that his primary demographic is youth, but odd or not, such is not present in the figures, at least not to the extent necessary to explain the data.

The Dean campaign has cause for a recount, in my opinion. Whether they have a legal case, I don't know. I think it would be better if a suit demanding recount were brought by a third party, however,rather than the Dean campaign, even though they are the (possibly) offended party.

At the very least, the possibility should be investigated. Someone with access to lawyers should inquire whether the ballots are still available for recount and how long they should remain available, according to law.

Republican owned Diebold and ES&S to the rescue for Skull and Bones'er Kerry? 05.Feb.2004 20:14

more, clearer

Vote fraud for Kerry in New Hampshire Democratic Primary?
Contact the Dean Campaign people via email and give them this weblink
clearer graph, with a more pointed commentary
clearer graph, with a more pointed commentary

all graphs 05.Feb.2004 20:48

more, even clearer

Differences that should have been equitably distributed across all candidates in the same manner, are only switched in Kerry and Dean's totals.

You forgot to mention one thing 18.Nov.2004 04:08

Matt Marriott

Dean didn't expose the fraud. Yes, his role is to make credible that Kerry won. Just like Kerry's role was to make credible that Bush won.


JFK Jr refused to carry the mark of the beast 18.Nov.2004 05:31

Matt Marriott

John JOSEPH kennedy 18.Nov.2004 05:51


How about him? He was running as a candidate, he has talked about 911truth.

From the site:

FACT: 60 percent of American Voters have decided not to vote for either Kerry or Bush as they are the same two-faced coin. They say Kerry is the lesser of two evils, therefore it is still a vote for evil! What you see in the media reflects that Kerry and Bush are tied 50/50, however, this is only 40 percent of the actual voters.



THANK you!!!!! 18.Nov.2004 09:20

Lindy Baumann, "The Political Monitor" politicalmonitor@comcast.net

I'm linking to this page. THANK you for speaking out. You are the ONLY OTHER PERSON I've seen say this. I've been saying it since Kerry conceded! But no one is paying attention, the focus is all on the various voting problems in different states.

If there truly were a full blown investigation, sooner or later it WOULD lead back to Kerry's own primary results. We were using many of the very same machines!!!!!!!!! Why is it so hard for people to put two and two together?

I'll post more on my blog tomorrow, but with your permission, I'd love to repost your article there, too, complete with credit and links.

Lindy :)

Kerry & DNC involved in election fraud: I think so, too. 18.Nov.2004 18:31

welcomechange welcomechange@sbcglobal.net

TO: Lindy Baumann, "The Political Monitor"  politicalmonitor@comcast.net link
FR: MBI @ WelcomeChange
"If there truly were a full blown investigation, sooner or later it WOULD lead back to Kerry's own primary results. We were using many of the very same machines!!!!!!!!! Why is it so hard for people to put two and two together?"

(I followed your link from from the DU.org to dailykos to indymedia)

After the election, Nov. 3, I wrote to Kerry and to the DNC and suggested Kerry's quick concession and refusal to follow through on his promise to "count every vote" was a clear indication that both the DNC and Kerry have very much to lose in a full-blown investigation of election fraud. They don't want BBV or any other source to discover election-fraud, vote tampering, criminal activities, by the Kerry Campaign and the DNC, while trying to uncover Bush/GOP fraud. It is not so hard to put 2x2 together - most folks just want to believe in fairness, freedom and transperacy. I wondered if the Kerry Campaign was hoping to "out-cheat" the Bush campaign and the Bush/Rove/GOP/H.Ahmanson,Jr./et.al regime. Don't get me wrong: I volunteered, raised funds, traveled to another state, canvassed, phone-banked, etc. for the Kerry Campaign. But the day he conceeded and told his constituency to sit down and shut up (with grace and class, of course) and when Bill Clinton told us to stop whining - I knew the fix was in! It's time for "the people" to find their own voice and speak up - with or without the DNC.

more comments here 19.Nov.2004 08:25


other repost of this, with commentaries:

worthy repost 17.11.2004 18:24
Why Kerry afraid to speak on vote fraud? KERRY USED ES&S/DIEBOLD E-VOTE RIG TO OUST DEAN!

KERRY USED ES&S VOTE MACHINES TO RIG THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRIMARY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, TO OUST DEAN, SEALING THE SKULL AND BONES'ERS IN EACH "PARTY." KERRY IS JUST AS GUILTY AS BUSH OF VOTE FRAUD. THAT IS WHY KERRY IS QUIET. Dean would have been the Democratic Party Ticket, legally,--until e-vote fraud came to the "rescue" for the aristocratic elites of the U.S. Moreover, did you know that VP George H. W. Bush won a wierd "unexpected upset" (due to e-vote machines?) in 1988 against Republican front runner Bob Dole. This happened in New Hampshire as well.

Everyone knows that Kerry's father was high up in the CIA, just like Bush's father, right?

Everyone knows that Kerry covered up for Bush in the Iran/Contra Commission (and covered up for the Bush family in the BCCI investigation), right? The Iran/Contras commission was the "Kerry Commission." BCCI was (partially) investigated by Kerry as well.

Small world, eh? Kerry will avoid this like the plague, because he is part of the Bush family networks, and a beneficiary of vote fraud himself to get to the Democratic Ticket in 2004!