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Norwegian black metal band shocks Poland

Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth staged a special concert that made Janet Jackson's breast-baring look like nursery school antics and left Catholic Poland outraged. A police investigation has begun after a show that included dozens of sheep heads on stakes, a literal blood bath and a naked, crucified woman, newspaper VG reports.
Gorgoroth's concert in Krakow was recorded by state TV station TVP and the resulting scandal was the center of attention in Polish media. The band is now being investigated for causing religious offense, which can be punished by two years in prison.

The police are also considering an investigation of cruelty to animals.

"On stage there was blood everywhere. About ten decapitated sheep heads and naked people, alive, on large crosses. Everyone was painted with 100 liters of sheep blood. Also there were Satanist symbols everywhere. One of the hanging female models fainted and an ambulance had to be called," TVP director Andrzej Jeziorek told VG.

Jeziorek said that the TVP staff were terrified and reported the show to police.

"This kind of thing should not happen on state TV and especially not in Krakow, which is the Pope's city," Jeziorek said. Jeziorek wanted to halt the concert but feared a riot from enthusiastic, bloodied fans who had paid for tickets.

The band were recording a concert DVD and had promised fans a very special show in Poland, and had rigged the stage behind curtains to keep the content secret.

Recent troubles with sects and Satanist groups have made the issue especially sensitive in Poland.

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Jonathan Tisdall

So.. 07.Feb.2004 18:04


If they had used fake blood and fake people on crucifixes it would have been alright? Or maybe if they drank the fake 'blood' with wafers of fake human flesh?

PS 07.Feb.2004 18:10


And cruelty to animals? I guarantee you'll see a lot more severed animal parts if you visit a meat-packing plant, but god forbid we display them in public. Or are we just assuming that something illegal was going on because the general public finds the aesthetics of 'satanist' art/entertainment/religion distasteful?

nice show 09.Feb.2004 08:19


beeing a fan of GORGOROTH i can only salute their proffesional show. They live up to the black metal brutality.