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Blame, Blame, Who Gets The Blame?

Bush and Co. are looking for someone to fall on the sword of blame over the question of Iraq and WMD's.
Blame, Blame, Who Gets The Blame?
By: Jack Dalton

You have to take your hat off to the Bush cabal and their "spin machine." I don't care what the "news" source, the theme is the same; If there are no WMD's in Iraq, which formed the basis for the invasion, it's not the fault of Bush, it was simply bad intelligence from the CIA and George Tenet (the man most likely to "fall on the sword" for Bush). It does not seem to matter much to most that Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz set up their own little "spy" agency within the Pentagon for the purpose of providing the "correct" analysis of intelligence information. It was that agency that provided the "evidence and intelligence" the Bush cabal wanted and "needed."

Bush and Co. manipulated, distorted, and in general lied through their eye teeth about the threat Iraq posed to us ( including their "involvement" in 9/11 ) and Iraq's WMD's. Now that the mess they have created in Iraq has become one of "unintended consequences" they are pushing to find their "fall guy." You know, the person that will be willing to fall on the sword of blame and responsibility. They will do anything but be honest and take responsibility for their actions and decisions. And they have the nerve to make statements like "the grownups are in charge now," in reference to the republicans controlling congress.

After Vietnam, this country said, and was told, "Never again." Never again would we allow ourselves to be drawn into a war based on dubious information and deceit. With all that said, "never again" didn't last long as "here we are again."

His Royal Highness, the "Emperor Bush," when asked about the lack of WMD's in Iraq... what does he say?...Does he even attempt to offer an explanation?...he dismisses the entire matter with "what does it matter?" What else can one expect from the man that went AWOL when in the Texas Air National Guard, bankrupted every business he got his hands on, turned a Texas budget surplus into a budget deficit while the Texas Governor. As Bush was leaving that office he was asked about the huge deficit. True to form, Bush responded by stating that it was not his problem, it was the problem for the guy coming in behind him. Sound familiar? A "coup" put Bush and his cabal in power... only we, the people, can insure that he will not remain in power. That is assuming we in this country still believe in "of the people, by the people and for the people." I for one still do. Power to the people!

Jack Dalton

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