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HAH! We got 'em scared.

These jokers have been trying so hard to find a way to make eco-defence look like the acts of wing nut extreamists that they just keep putting out some great propaganda in support of our cause without realising it. Check out www.freerepublic.com. heh.
This shit is GREAT! Ever wonder why your children are not with the program? 'Cause the program is evil. The program is wrong. It is dangerous and criminal and we will halt the wholesale destruction of our ecosystems or die trying. No compromise!

"It is an all-out bloody war... I don't think the great-great-grandchildren of these activists will say 'Why did you break the law in pursuit of this goal'? I think they'll say 'Why didn't you do more?'"

— UK ALF spokesperson Robin Webb, urging activists at a gathering in Chicago to "break windows," "burn cars," and engage in other forms of illegal direct action, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 16, 2003

"When push comes to shove, we're ready to push, kick, shove, bite, do whatever to win."

— SHAC USA organizer, Kevin Kjonaas (a/k/a Jonas), who served as an ALF spokesperson in 1999, Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, Fall 2002

"This campaign to rescue Iowa's victims of science and agriculture will continue until every animal confinement operation is empty and every slaughterhouse is burned to the ground. In the fight for the freedom of these animals, all is justified."

— Animal Liberation Front (ALF) communiqué, Aug. 18, 2002

"When I do a direct action, I do so proud to be an American."

— Lynn Stone, a climbing instructor for Greenpeace who also doubles as a direct action trainer for the Ruckus Society, The Missoulian, June 25, 2003

"Gas-guzzling SUV's are at the forefront of this vile, imperialistic culture's caravan towards self-destruction. We can no longer allow the rich to parade around in their armored existence... The time is right to fight back."

— ELF communiqué dated March 31, 2001 laying claim to the day-earlier $1 million firebombing of the Romania Chevrolet dealership in Eugene, OR

This action is just a warning. We will be back if this greedy corporation continues to trespass into wild and unroaded areas."

— ELF communiqué issued in Oct. 1998, claiming responsibility for the $12 million firebombing of a ski resort in Vail, CO

"We as a movement we should embrace the Animal Liberation Front. They ignore laws that regard animals as our slaves and our servants, as our property and our possessions. They disobey laws that aid in the oppression of our fellow species. Because these actions are illegal, ALF members remain anonymous. However, if you were to meet them, you would find that they often times look very much like you and me -- because that's who they are."

— Freeman Wicklund, executive director of Compassionate Action for Animals, "The Animal Liberation Front: Following Your Conscience," World Congress for Animals, Washington, D.C., June 21, 1996
Means and Ends 05.Feb.2004 13:40


The means is the seed and the ends is the tree. The end product always resembles means in which it took to get there. And when we get the end we usualy find out that it really isn't the end at all, just back to the beginning of the cyculatory rut that humanity seems to perpetuate.

... 05.Feb.2004 15:15


Everything is a cycle, man. It is when we fuck with the cycle, trying to spin it to our own desires and ambitions that things go haywire. The carbon cycle is fucked... the hydrological cycle is right behind it... the life cycle is not far to follow... the life and death cycle is another one that we have screwed. The seeds that are planted hardly resemble the mature entity. That is not to say that the mature entity does not return to the seed, just as the pyre returns the condo to the ground and the SUV to something resembling ore. Eco-violence is not the best way to prevent the destruction of our habitat but we are unable to resort to the best way which would be for people to live simply... nor can we resort to half measures which would be actually enforcing the environmental regulations on the books already... no, we have no choice. The trail to sustainability is fertilised with the blood of tyrants.

agreed, AA. Sometimes when I need a reference 06.Feb.2004 04:09


Google will send me to (if I remember the names) animalrights.net or consumerfreedom.org or something like that. They have a whole bunch of great animal rights and environmental articles and quotes (taken out of context, generally, but some good ones all the same)--just warehoused there for the takin'! They think they're bashing the movements, but they've actually organized some good materials for us to use.

all talk 06.Feb.2004 15:36

other mother

you all talk a good game, but i bet your macho talk doesnt ammount to much when you're facing the barrel of a gun. remember that when you fuck with ranchers and suv owners, you are fucking with reality. good luck. maybe some kevlar might help?

chuckle 06.Feb.2004 15:58


Cant shoot what you can't see fucker. If reality is ranchers and SUV owners then I'm gonna' fuck it in the ass with the cattle prod of revolution. If it's all talk then why does shit burn down? huh? why are fences cut and machines destroyed? Why is it unsafe to own a Hummer in Cascadia? Answer me that asswipe. Good luck yourself, perhaps some compasion and common sense would help.
Remember that when you fuck with our ecosystems you're fucking with green fire and rage.
See you in the woods.

if is gon' be that kinda party 07.Feb.2004 14:27

troll , but only because im not unquestioning

" I'm gonna' fuck it in the ass with the cattle prod of revolution"

if this gon' be that kinda party, im goin home! perv.

and you pollute when you torch an suv...

you could argue that you reduce the total pollution that suv would create, but that would be like arguing that Iraq is just fine seeing as how were killing less people than saddam did.

its still fucked up.

just because YOURE pissed? its selfish.

and to the guy that talks about the ends and the means...

thats an ol' trotsky quote...

and i assure you the end justifies the means to bush&co.

trotsky also thought that if you increase oppression through terrorism the people eventually resist.

what that means to me is you just wanna make it worse...