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Illegally downloaded music?

What do I do?
I have downloaded many many many songs.... but I have stopped downloading, and have not downloaded, nor shared a song in 6 months. The problem is, I downloaded many before. What more can I do, to prevent a lawsuit? If they can sue a 14 year old in New York, they can certainly sue a 20 year old in Portland.
I believe 05.Feb.2004 06:57

Gilligan Syland

...sharing is more of a flag than d/ling. Think about the money. If you're sharing a Leo Sayer song from 1976 you might cost the record company $9. If you're sharing a 50 Cent song, you might cost them $20,000 in a night. You're probably OK, especially depending on what network you're on, but limit yourself. There are still something like 13m people still d/ling every week. The numbers don't provide you with safety, but do increase your odds.

consider this 05.Feb.2004 07:42


If I legally purchase an album of my favorite artist and want to listen to it on an alternative platform so I download it from a share site for that utility does that make me a criminal and subject to their court sanctioned terror?
The power mongers are trying to extort money and freedom from the citizens and the system is rewarding them. I believe this fight needs to be brought to the forefront of the citizens awareness because this issue goes beyond a group of young people downloading music illegally, rather is is a bullying tactic to contol what people do in the exchange of ideas and sharing information in the free exercise of community.
Once they get sanction to do this, it opens up the specter of more draconian controls at the whim of industry and their agent the government.

Make your own music 05.Feb.2004 08:04


You can have more fun by playing your own music. I mean pick up a guitar, flute, fiddle, banjo, harmonica, what ever, and do it yourself. I garantee you will find more happyness and satisfaction playing your own instrument poorly than you will ever get from a recording and it is simply not that hard to learn to do. Plus you will not get sued and you will amaze your friends and they can get inspired to join you.

link 05.Feb.2004 08:08


those interested in information about file sharing as related specifically to music shouldl check out this website:


free legal music downloads 05.Feb.2004 08:53


there's a great wealth of free legal music available from bands who allow fans to record their live shows under the condition that the shows are never sold but traded freely between fans, most of these recordings sound great!! and always good to support these artists when they come to town...





things to note on the lawsuits. 05.Feb.2004 09:09


there are some things to note on those lawsuits....

up until the last point i checked, the only people getting sued were using the file share network Kazaa, there are many fileshare networks (try Shareaza, bit torrent, edonkey)..

also, the court subpoenas showed that the RIAA (group of big record companies) had to access the file from your comp and provide the time and day that such action was done.... WHICH MEANS: like the first poster said, u have to be sharing the file to get caught. (theres a 'shared folder' that your downloads go to, just keep it full of activist literature and video, not only will you not be at risk, youll be doing a service to guys like me who collect the stuff through fileshares)

the reason they picked such targets as a young girl and an elderly man is because, well, they were easy targets... computer illiterate for the most part.(not like im not..hehe)

they only picked the targets because they were offering large numbers of files for download , they said over 1000 uploads (not to say they wont go gestapo in the future and try to punish everyone) but if that time comes, ill ask them to kiss my ass... hell, ill share files on how they can kiss my ass.

because you see, tens of millions of people share files, and they sued around 100.

and theyre rich bastards who come from a long line of rich bastards who in the past would take blues singers' music and pay them next to nothing for it.

and i hope noone is concerned for the pop-stars... like that poor girl was who got sued.

justin timberlake, if one of his mp3's ever ends up on my hard drive, will be getting an invoice FROM me!

so if youre still paranoid about dowloading music.... heres what you do...

go get winamp5 (free) www.winamp.com

then go to www.shoutcast.com

and listen to web radio all day long

hell, they even have web tv, and sometimes a webtv channel that shows activist videos like critical mass... cool stuff... and free...

but those assholes dont control the internet. with the proper precaution, they cant touch ya...

but what they have been doing is hiring a bunch of newly created companies that sit there and pass out crap files that look like the real files you want.

when a new record releases, expect the mp3's on the net to be empty. or even worse., to go to real loud annoying computer sounds when you try to run em.

there is nothing to fear about the music industry but michael jackson.

This 05.Feb.2004 09:22


Hey Anon here's an idea; Why don't you pay the musicians directly for the music you have stole and now are enjoying.
The music industry is full of snakes and pay most musicians peanuts for THEIR creation, so why not side step the middle man and pay the artists for their art. How about a dollar a track? That's more than a record company pays artists,and it's cheaper than buying a cd.
I don't wish you to do any time or pay any fine, but how about having a conscious for the creative folk who provide you with the tunes? Why do musicians have to be screwed twice? Once by the sleazy record fat cats and then by clueless music fans?

socrates 05.Feb.2004 10:04

copy it to your computer

"If I legally purchase an album of my favorite artist and want to listen to it on an alternative platform so I download it from a share site for that utility does that make me a criminal and subject to their court sanctioned terror? "

If you legally purchased it, then why would you need to download it? Why wouldn't you just copy it from the cd to your computer? That argument doesn't make any sense.

simple, get rid of the evidence 05.Feb.2004 10:17

share and share alike

dump your shared folder and uninstall your file swapping software. clean sweep your pc.

Let's not worry too much about artists getting screwed 05.Feb.2004 11:26


There are literally thousands of musicians in the US who make a living without succumbing to the major labels.

Fugazi, and Ani D., have shown that it is possible to sell millions of records at fair prices on your own label *IF* the music is good and the artist is willing to commit to building networks of fans--rather than just depending on a huge marketing push to make some band a household name. And there are many bands that have built loyal followings by giving thier music away, They Might be Giants, Phish, the Dead, and Modest Mouse (early on) all became successful this way.

In other words, supporting oneself financially with music is not incompatible with downloading, it just requires a bit of creativity--shouldn't be too hard for a musician.

On the other hand, there are real musicians that don't make millions of dollars who stand to lose because thier career is bound up in an exploitive industry and I'm sorry they will lose some income.

However, if you would let this stop you from destroying the industry, then you should accept the same argument every time it is made by fishermen and ranchers who are hurt by environmental restrictions, restaurants and agro-buisnesses that are hurt by higher minimum wages and so forth--as well as all the other business that will suffer when regions whose economies depend on these industries.

When slavery ended, a lot of decent people who depended on the slave economy were screwed, but of course something much larger changed for the good. In an integrated society I can't imagine a large change not hurting some decent people, but what else are you gonna do? My advice would be to seek out and support indy music and help create the infrastucture that will support musicians in an era of downloading.

copyright 05.Feb.2004 12:30


At some time in the past, music was a communal experience intended to be freely shared. Musicians would have wanted people to copy and learn their songs. Enter copyrights and now what was once an expression of emotions and community as well as a way to pass on information suddenly is owned and controlled. Often the owner is not the artist but rather the recording industry. You hear facetious comments that singing Happy Birthday in your home is a copywright violation but one wonders when that scenario will come to be true. I'm not saying people should not be compensated for their music or art, but is nothing sacred from commodification? Do we ever look back and wonder if this path is sensible?

What's interesting is that something very similar is happening with plants, agribusiness is rapidly patenting plants that have existed freely for millenia. While seeds were passed down from generation to generation and within and across communities, now they must be bought. It's conceivable that saving seeds from your own plants will soon be illegal (it's already illegal to asexually propagate patented plants).

Downloading will be a good thing 05.Feb.2004 13:05


Ok, here is my worthless opinion:

Pop stars are making millions of dolloars churning out crap, utter crap. The music that people buy from such wastes of space is bland, idiotic and completely faked in a studio. If N'Sync was suddenly unable to spend an afternoon in a studio and sell the results for enough cash to officially qualify them as a republican, they would have to find an alternative way to make cash from their music.

Ok, here is where it gets complicated.

The pop music people, and much of the less talented rappers, rely on studio work and videos to make cash. With so many people watching videos and downloading the MP3 songs to their computers, the music industry in general will have no choice but to go on tour 24-7. We would return to the days of the traveling bards, with all true musical acts having no choice but to go from city to city entertaining us. Those that don't have the stamina for the life on the road, don't have the talent to put on a live show or don't have the creativity to actually write enough songs to keep concert interests going, will simply fade out. Releasing CDs and videos will be nothing more than a marketing concept for them, there will be no appreciable profits. Wal-Mart and music megastores will either get out of the music business, or they will have to start hiring music geeks to run the shop because consumers will no longer want the latest shrink-wrapped boy band garbage, they will want to talk to a store clerk who has taste and can recommend a decent concert. Small indy shops will suceed more than large, impersonal shops.

Imagine this: Life without boy bands, where CDs cost jack shit and Wal-Mart loses a chunk of their business. Concerts every weekend, megastars that make a few million a year as opposed to hundreds of millions in a weekend of recording.

Download, share and ruin their profit margins! It will make this shitty world slightly less shitty!

What should you do? 05.Feb.2004 13:55


Here are my two cents, for what they are worth.

you should:

Stop buying albums put out by major labels, if you just have to hear the new Spears album, download it.

Stop listening to corporate radio and mtv

Stop going to concerts promoted by clear channel or similar conglomerates, If you just have to see Spears, then go, but skip the shows you can, and instead go see a local band you've never seen before, see if you like them, if you do, buy their cd or go to more of their shows, or just tell them that they are great.

Obviously you are afraid of being sued by the RAIA, and rightly so, but people should keep sharing on networks like Kazaa. The whole point of targeting file sharers is that if you can scare people out of sharing, there will be nothing to download.

Don't worry about taking money away from the artists, the best thing you can do for them is help to topple the major labels. Besides, the artists don't get shit anyways... For anyone that takes exception to this argument I suggest you check out this article by Steve Albini if you haven't already:


Downloading is killing the record industry, and it's fun! 05.Feb.2004 15:52


I find TONS of free music without ever using a P2P network.
Why bother?
There's a lot of stuff just being given away for free by indy artists, in the hopes we'll buy their releases, which I usually do.
Also you can do a keyword search for a particular artist and include the words "index of" and/or "directory".
If you're patient and persistent, you might find a motherlode of tunes ferreted away on some server.
Happy hunting.

That 05.Feb.2004 19:45


I know this place is full of creative people, but apparently not in this thread; the reasons for d/ling music given here are: generalized, sterile, totally void of any conscience to the hurt you are doing to artists.
The arguments are all about the mega stars and the sleazeoid bigwig suits, without a mention of all the rest of the musicians, about 90%, who are the ones getting screwed the most.
I share the disdain for the top rung of the industry also, but to combine a struggling musician, or over the hill musicians who rely on their old records to pay their bills, with the millionaire sleaze, borders on criminal.
If we lived in a nation that paid it's musicians to play music then this would not be a problem, but... ... ... {apparently I have to explain the creative process} ... ... ... ..we sacrifice for our art, take shitty jobs so we can have the time to hone our creativity, deal with the constant rejection, stress with families and friends, ... ..to eventually, hopefully earn a living from our craft.

"There are literally thousands of musicians in the US who make a living without succumbing to the major labels."
If these thousands allow free d/ling that's one thing, but if not, how much have they lost by people stealing their music? A lot of times the difference is better food for your child.

"When slavery ended, a lot of decent people who depended on the slave economy were screwed, but of course something much larger changed for the good. In an integrated society I can't imagine a large change not hurting some decent people, but what else are you gonna do?"
Your not even trying, it's not that important to you, it's replacing one form of slavery for another. What you are going to get are very poor musicians playing at the local Dunkin Donuts for a bear claw. Or just quitting.

"Don't worry about taking money away from the artists, the best thing you can do for them is help to topple the major labels. Besides, the artists don't get shit anyways"
You are not helping artists at all, you are sticking in a knife and twisting it while asking to be entertained. Fuck you.

I'm all for changing the industry, but not on the backs of poor musicians, the for pay d/l sites are a start, but what would be better is for people to pay musicians directly, we all got web sites or contact info on cd sleeves.
This is not a cold sterile issue, it's peoples lives , it's respect.

q is probably in the dandy warhols 05.Feb.2004 21:34

not a fan

Your incoherent--there is no association with lack of big business and lack of talent. I like the people who live close to poverty for thier art. At least you know they mean it.

Fuck Me 05.Feb.2004 23:05


well I submitted this a while ago but it didn't seem to post, so I guess if two of them pop up at some point, well then fuck me again.

It is not your vitriol that compels me to respond q, but rather it is that I whole heartedly agree with paying the musicians directly. If one wants to support an artist or group of artists, this is the way it should be done. For quite some time I operated under the illusion that I was supporting those individuals that brought so much pleasure into my life by buying their CDs. I have realized since that time that my dollars were never making it to the artists, but were in fact lining the pockets of those exploiting them. Forking over money to major labels simply works to ensure that they can continue to exploit artists in the same fashion that they have for decades. This is what I mean when I say don't worry about taking money from the artists by downloading their songs. I will assert now, as I should have before, that if the music resonates with you, send the artist a nice letter telling them how much their music means to you, and bundle with it a nice little gift of currency or whatever you feel is appropriate. Make copies of the album and give them to your friends, encouraging them to do the same if they feel the same way about the music. The goal in this is not free music, it is to dismantle a system designed to exploit artists and art for profit.

This next thing here is solely for your benefit q. It is not so much a retort, but rather a mesage of sympathy and hopefully encouragement.

As for your delineation of the creative process q, I understand, it is my life too. I would be delighted if someday I could make enough money writing and performing songs that I could quit my shit job and shove my success in the face of all the naysayers. However, this is not why I spend hours practicing my instruments and crafting songs. I do make sacrifices for art, but I don't expect anything in return for those sacrifices other than the art they yield. I have little doubt that your motives are similar, the sacrifices are too great for anyone to be in it for money. I wish you the greatest of success in your artistic endeavors, and I hope that you realize you have acheived it if it comes in a form other than currency.