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Michael Parenti talk: Assassination of Julius Caesar

Michael Parenti talks about his new book - "The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome" -- at a bookstore in December 2003. It's funny and thoughtful, with many arcs across history and parallels to today.
This recording is from TUC Radio.
c-span interview 05.Feb.2004 06:22

Smelter news

I recorded his "julius ceasar " interview on c-spans indepth review. What an awesome guy! He goes off on bush for policies and the congress for giving up the power to declair war.

Parenti gives new perspective 05.Feb.2004 07:30


I listened to the mp3 file and now I want to read the book. School is covering the PC version of Julius Caesar and their take on him sounded bogus.

I wish the lbrary already had this book 06.Feb.2004 20:06


I saw it at Laughing Horse a while back.