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ricin in the reichstag!

here we go again....
As you've probably heard by now, the Senate office buildings have
been shut down again. This time it's ricin rather than anthrax, and
the poisoner evidently responded to criticism of partisanship by
attacking the Republicans this time!

Here's the BBC link:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3453651.stm

Meanwhile, the Amerithrax investigation is still pretending Zack had nothing
to do with the anthrax attacks, and is following the hapless Hatfill around with
a convoy.

Is anyone fooled by this hackneyed statecraft?

Ricin Distraction 03.Feb.2004 06:42


The news that the FBI surveillance tape from OKC bombing shows discrepencies in the official party lies needed to be overshadowed by something sensational and scary. Ricin fear mongering works like a charm, now the media is filled with terror tales instead of focusing on exposing the real insider terrorists.

read up on ricin 03.Feb.2004 08:59

anne frank

Ricin needs to be injected into a vein in order to be a problem. There was a story in the memory hole somewhere about a Soviet spy caper where someone tried injecting ricin with a poisoned umbrella tip...now that would take a good eye! Does anyone remember it?

Great theater, especially combinedwith the breast bearing at the Coliseum just the day before. Keeps us from cogitating on that big budget and all those dead people in Iraq and Afghanistan and how we are being totally fucked.

Can't open the mail... 03.Feb.2004 09:29

excuses, excuses

...to count all those demands for IMPEACHMENT.

the markov assassination 03.Feb.2004 09:40



LONDON, England -- It was one of the most notorious acts of assassination carried out during the Cold War.

Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov was killed by poison dart filled with ricin and fired from an umbrella in London in 1978.

Markov, a communist defector working for the BBC World Service, left his office at Bush House in the UK capital on September 11 and walked across Waterloo Bridge to take the train home to Clapham in south-west London.

As he waited at a bus stop moments into his journey home, he felt a sharp jab in his thigh and saw a man picking up an umbrella.

He developed a high temperature and in four days was dead.

A post mortem, conducted with the help of scientists from the UK government's germ warfare centre at Porton Down, established that he had been killed by a tiny pellet containing a 0.2 milligram dose of the poison ricin.

Markov's assassination was detected only because the pellet carrying the poison had not dissolved as expected.

His assassin has never been captured despite close cooperation between British and Bulgarian authorities, including Interpol.

Markov, a playwright and satirist who had broadcast scathing accounts of Communist high life to Bulgaria, was the subject of two failed assassination attempts before he was killed.

And in the years following his death efforts were made to reveal the chain of command which led to the order for his assassination being given.

KGB suspected in assassination
It is believed that the operation was supported by the technical staff of the Soviet KGB and seems to have involved many senior members of the Bulgarian secret police.

In June 1992 General Vladimir Todorov, the former intelligence chief, was sentenced to 16 months in jail for destroying 10 volumes of material on the case.

A second suspect, General Stoyan Savov, the deputy interior minister, committed suicide rather than face trial for destroying the files.

Another Bulgarian spy, Vasil Kotsev, who was widely believed to have been the operational commander of the Markov assassination plot, died in an unexplained car accident.

Scotland Yard says the case remains open.

Extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant Ricinus communis, ricin is one of the most feared substances with the potential to be used as a bio-terror agent or weapon of mass destruction.

It is widely available, easy to produce, and a tiny amount is enough to kill an adult.

Same Old 03.Feb.2004 11:01

Impeachable Timing

Yeah, the Senate would have been in big trouble if they'd snorted it. Apparently there was a serious danger of that as it is well known to Al-Queda that the Senate often accepts gratuities in such a manner.

Bush would like to thank his friends Al-Queda for creating yet another mass distraction just as he's looking a tad less shiny, what with Kay and that intelligence failure thing on his heels. (I have to like Kay, it's amusing how much heat came with a patronizing pat on his back for Bush.)

Something I'm going to print and and get ready to frame as tentative proof that if we can't tell the difference between Reps and Dems anymore, the alleged Al-Queda apparently still can

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - An envelope containing a suspicious powder found in a Connecticut post office overnight was addressed to the Republican National Committee (news - web sites) and is being tested to see if it is the deadly poison ricin, officials said on Tuesday."


Feel sympathy for those poor, poor persecuted Republicans, hated only for their well known love of Freedom, and send your tax deductable donation to the RNC today.

Ingested ricin can also be fatal 03.Feb.2004 15:14


We hear from the experts that ricin can be fatal if injected, or if it is inhaled in aerosol form. Believe me, ricin can be also fatal if it is ingested. My wife foolishly decided to pick a bean from a castor plant and taste it. She put it into her mouth, but before she could even begin to chew it, her mouth and throat suddenly burned like fire. Although she promptly spit out the bean, her throat became totally paralyzed and constricting, making it difficult for her to breathe. She tried to drink water, but her throat was so paralyzed that she could not swallow. She was in this state for more than half a day. The doctor that she consulted said that he did know how to treat her.

Ricin Improbable 03.Feb.2004 18:00


Ricin has been around for a long time-- likely thousands of years. Castor beans certainly antedate human origin.

If it were easily adapted to killing large numbers of people it would already have been done. There isn't even a patent on the stuff.

I don't doubt that it is toxic-- but lots of things are. The question is, does it make a valuable item for selective or unselective killing?

It seems not. Usefully toxic things are in wide circulation-- ricin is not.

So why would they make such a big deal of it?

Obviously to instill fear without exposing themselves to any risk.

Who is "they?"

Well, who is it?