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I don't remember seeing this on the nightly news, from any of these: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN

On Octember 26, 2003, Hundreds of Veterans and military families joined the 75,000-strong for the anti-war protest in Washington DC. DID ANYONE SEE THIS PROTEST COMING INTO YOUR TV SETS that day or the following day from CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,FOX,MSNBC,CNBC,C-SPAN or any other major network news agancy? I don't!
The link to this article is here:  http://www.war-times.org/issues/15art1.html The death count now stands at: 526 and counting...
In my book, george w. bush is the: "GRIM REAPER!" And I did send him a message before the invasion, stating just that!
surprised 03.Feb.2004 09:14


And you are surprised by this?

I'm not surprised 03.Feb.2004 21:16


I'm not at all surprised by this not getting the attention it needed back then! Just wanted to remind everyone how the industerial military complex works to keep things that are importment from the viewing public.

When the hell is "Octember"... 04.Feb.2004 02:26


...between September and October perhaps?!?