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Girl singled out by police at protest

After peacefull protest, girl is singled out because she had camera
The march had recently ended, most of the people had gone home, and the cameras were, for the most part, off. This is when the police acted. Three police officers who had been standing on the west sidewalk of the pioneer square, (Maby fifteen feet away) who had appearantly singeld out one of the SAA members earlyer, swooped down and pulled her to the side of the small, stunned group she was with. Exclaiming "This is an arrest" the police soon had her, the activist put up no struggle. Several people near the center of the square noticed what was happening, and hurried to the scene. "What the hell is going on?" Everyone asked, and a few demanded to let her go. The police soon had thier peper spray pointed at the crowd, and they began to drag her to a nearby car. I was three feet from the arrest and, quite frankly, rather scared.
Outraged, we asked to know what she had done, which, of course, they didn't reply to. The car she was now in quickly took off, and more people came to see what was going on. The police stood defensivly for a moment, until the car was gone, and then started back towards thier cars. One of the crowd members yelled for the security officer, and then for thier I.D. cards and names. The police didn't even look at them. Several people got infront of them, took down thier badge I.D.s and names, and then thier license plate numbers.
Several news groups were promptly called, as well as porltand cop watch.
By that time it was obvious that they had taken her because, aside from clearly helping to direct the march, she had a camera, which they now had. We demanded the camera back, so they locked it in thier trunk. After some abusive comands on thier parts, they took off, several people trailing the cars, writing down information. (This occured at around 6:00)
It is not right for the police to single and pick off individuals who have been documenting, it is not right to refuse cooperation with the law they supposedly enforce. They did not give us the information we had a right to, and we will not tollerate this injustice.
Earlyer several police men had violently draged a protester off of his bike after pushing him with thier car, we are looking into this as well. It is utterly rediculouse that people should have to be concerned with failing eductaion AND unlawfull cops!

Let us hope Sally and Joe get out soon, and lets hope this gets looked at! And pleace excuse my terrible spelling, I was in a hurry, and I can't spell.

Me again 02.Feb.2004 20:09


Sorry, I just want to add that because I wasn't thinking all that super clearly, I might have missed or screwed up some of the smaller details. Aside from that I don't know a lot of police procedures and guidlines off the top of my head, so if someone else who was there, with a better knowledge of our fine legal system (sarcasm) would like to clarify or ad anything up here, please do.

P.S. when I left the police were still going round the square and the group of people working on contacting organizations, so I don't know if anything more happened, like arrests/peperspray/stick-beatings. Lets hope not! That group is probably at the justice center or juvinile detention right now. Good luck to them!

just another update 02.Feb.2004 20:22


Just wanted to say that after the incident we all stayed closer togethrre while contacting her family (she's 16) and Cop watch, etc. During this time the pigs continued to circle the remaining group and followed the smaller groups that left. As far as I know there were no other incedents. I got on the max to leave and was followed to a transit center by two cop cars that drove on the max tracks. Snatch squads are always very frightening, and I hope that everytime we experience them we can learn from them. Sticking close together, watching for pigs on foot and not meandering around after rally/marches can keep us safe from state hands.

How old? 02.Feb.2004 20:34


If this person was under 13 then I guess 'girl' is correct. If she is older she would be a women or womyn would't she?

jail support 02.Feb.2004 20:37


just wanted to make sure you know to contact the GDC jail support folks (234-4518), who will help out with rides, documentation, support and getting the arrestee a lawyer.

all pigs can fucking die. 02.Feb.2004 22:06


the girl is safe. she was taken to holding cell for houers, when her and her dad got in contact the cops took all film and returned the camra, she sang prison grove by warron zevon while in her cell and stayd strong. she has a court date. - no more personal info needs to be posted about this girl on this site. except that her passion and will may light a candel for some of us as it has for me

when the camras went off and the legal observers left
the cops showd there true color. Y E L L O W.

the boys and girls of SAA are some of the strongest highschoolers and youths i have ever whitnessed. i feel revolution in my bones and in my soul.

today was a day of strength in the face of oppression.


Video of SAA Arrest 02.Feb.2004 23:07


I've tried twice tonight to post a report and video about the first arrest at the SAA march this evening. Neither has shown up on the newswire. Don't know whats up! I'll try again in the morning, but until then, maybe it'll work here.


56K Stream

I understand that "someone" away from the crowd got a... 02.Feb.2004 23:21


of the incident....so, please post the name/address of the young girl's attorney or who'll represent her,
so this individual can contact said attorney and arrange to get video into his/her hands ASAP!

maybe not though... 02.Feb.2004 23:35

to above

- IF - the girl is a member of Saa

- why put up info about her on a web-site watched by cops? - maybe it dosent matter -
..... .... ...
what do the indy-media kids think?

This makes my blood boil 03.Feb.2004 02:50


It pisses me off when the cops start beating up kids who just want go to a deacent school! whats next? are they going to start chaining us to tv's, and burn whats left of the schools libarys.


more photos 03.Feb.2004 03:17

photo poster

these give me warm fuzzy feelings I hope the lift the spirits of some disressed saa kids

more photos 03.Feb.2004 03:29

photo poster

more photos

more photos 03.Feb.2004 03:30

photo poster

more photos

more photos 03.Feb.2004 03:35

photo poster


re: GDC 03.Feb.2004 07:48

GDC worker drone

Regarding the advice to call the GDC, you'll probably get our voice mail. We don't staff the office unless requested prior to an event. Certainly we can help with lawyers, but contacting the Belmont Law Center at 503-234-2694 will be a more direct connection to possible defense lawyers. Good luck to everyone involved.

document document document! 03.Feb.2004 08:54


Keep the cameras clicking. Buy mass quanities of disposables. Paste an address and a couple stamps on it. Distribute them at events. Take plenty of pictures. If the going gets rough, drop it in the nearest mail box as fast as possible. I doubt the popo has the ability to get a US Postal service box opened without a great deal of hassle.

Info on Justice System 03.Feb.2004 10:49

Retired PPB Cop ringweaver@hotmail.com

As a retired PPB cop, who is 100% FOR police accountability, I would like to say (w/o seeing the video) that from what it sounds like, the way the police executed the arrest followed procedure. However, the seizure of the film, UNLESS it is considered EVIDENCE OF THE CRIME FOR WHICH SHE WAS ARRESTED, would be completely improper. Not knowing the charges against her, it is hard to say whether that seizure was proper or not.

Many times, the police will observe behavior or actions that are "illegal" (chippy shit like jaywalking, etc), and then make the actual arrest later, when there is less of a crowd. That is an officer safety issue, as large crowds can go into "mob mentality" mode very quickly, and violence rapidly escalates. If you have never been in or been close to an actual riot, you will not understand what that means. It can be extremely dangerous to police AND those who are present but not participating in the riot.

The police do NOT have an obligation to inform anyone other than the person arrested, what the charges are. However, they ARE mandated by Bureau policy to give their names and DPSST#'s (there is no such thing as a badge number anymore). For anyone who asked them, and got ignored, I would HIGHLY suggest filing internal affairs complaints against all officers who refused to identify themselves. Fortunately, you all got license plates and/or car numbers. That will determine which officers were there, since they sign out their cars.

I'm not familiar with SAA, or what it is, so don't really know what you guys were protesting.

I'm 100% behind our rights to free speech and our rights to assemble. The police all across the country have been systematically violating these rights, and the use of excessive force (pepper spray, less lethal, etc) on PEACEFUL, LEGAL demonstrators is appalling, and we MUST put a stop to it.

The only way to do that is to file complaints EVERY TIME they violate their policies, AND by bringing legitimate media attention to the issues.

I know of attorneys who would love to help her with her defense of these charges, so if anyone has contact with her, PLEASE feel free to refer her to me and I will pass along that information to her. I can be contacted at:  ringweaver@hotmail.com

. 03.Feb.2004 11:43


First of all, much love to all the young brothers and sisters fighting the good fight!

And now the Malcolm X quote of the day:

"...You don't shoot one of us and then grin in our face. You don't shoot one of us and then shake our hands and think we'd forget it. No, we never forget, we'll never forget! Someone has to pay. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to pay. When a snake bites your children, you don't go and look for the snake that has blood on it's jaws, any old snake will do. Any old snake will do! .... I'm telling you, the only way you get justice is in the street. The only way you get justice is in the sidewalk. The only way you get justice is when you make justice for yourself."


Keep in mind 03.Feb.2004 13:06


An old wise man once told me, "don't let your actions be reactions". Make them react to you and they will make mistakes. When they do exploit it. You see reactions are a product of fear and your fear feeds the beast. Stop feeding the beast. You need not take this light mindedly but you do ought to take it lightheartedly. 9:1 those police officers laughed all the way to the station. Act as if you are unphased by this devevolpment and remember to smile at their scowls.

keep it up team!!!! 03.Feb.2004 13:58

student tom

keep up the pace everyone. this is great! viva la revelution mis amigos! up with measure 30 down with the piggies! you guys are crazy enough to eat your own guts! gives new meaning to school spirit...'spirit spirit we got spirit how 'bout you!!!!!'

student pppppppppoooooooooowwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

..sorry, and thanks 03.Feb.2004 15:41

Ack saa@riseup.net

I'm 16 and I call myself a boy, I doubt I offended Sally by calling her a girl, but I apologise if I did!
I am with the SAA and the march we held was demonstrating the fact that many of us students feel our eductaion is in danger of dissapearing, and that the eductaion we currently recieve may not be what we need. The protest was extremely peacefull, and I want to add that the arrest was really suprising because just a few minutes before hand we had been talking with the cops about the previous arrest. They had gone out of thier way to be real jerks (Not that I expected otherwise) but it seemed like they were done bothering us. Should have known better. When you are walking on the sidewalk and the cops are inching along beside you in thier cars, just giving you the nastiest looks they can muster, it is very very clear that "police protection" is realy just oppression. They are there to keep you from thinking for one second about being free, and nothing more. I'm sure there are much nicer cops out there than the ones we dealt with, but I am naturaly disgusted by thier actions. Sally did nothing more wrong then the rest of us, which is to say she did nothing wrong, they just wanted her because of her camera.
I want to say thanks to everyone who feels strongly about this, and I know that I learned a few good lessons from this, if nothing else.

Fuck them. 03.Feb.2004 19:50

Cop Killa Funkerelli@yahoo.com

I know it sounds cliched but fuck these babysitter motherfuckers. What they did was not only wrong, it was an all-out attack on our freedom of peacable assembly and our right to an education. Some will justify their actions with "it was only them doing their job" but that is a bullshit excuse. What price do you put on the violation of an innocent person's freedoms? These cops put a few bucks an hour on that price. They are a leech on society. It's ok though, take solidarity in this: These pigs have no skills other than walking, beating, and shooting, so when the revolution comes, they'll be pumping your gas, they'll be flipping your burgers, they'll be the ones looking for public education funding. In the words of the great man Che, "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine." If you're outraged by this and a student, or the approximate age of a student, come to SAA, tomorrow or every wednesday at 5pm at abernathy/ems auditorium, just look for us, we'll be there.

Love, Peace, Soy Grease


won't excuse bad spelling 03.Feb.2004 23:55

spell checker

"...pleace excuse my terrible spelling, I was in a hurry, and I can't spell. "

Not being able to spell is no excuse in this day and age. Copy and paste your text into a word processing program, and click on the spell check button. This isn't being nitpicky, it's just being professional and considerate. People of all backgrounds will take you more seriously if they can read your document without having to wonder what you are trying to say.

P.S. - to the folks who run the Portland Indymedia site - can you build a spell checker into the publishing page, and maybe give it a button that is really big, and flashes on and off, so as to make it quite obvious? Thanks.

Those photos 04.Feb.2004 10:27

Alex Lopez alopez07@mckenna.edu

hey, those photos look familiar. I was at the Lincoln sleep-in (in fact I was probably inside that tent with David Wang!) And I was at the capital protest, except I was upstairs talking to our legislators. I'm in college now, but I'm glad that the SAA is still around and still motivating students to take action in their community.

And hey, if our schools had better funding, maybe students wouldn't be making so many spelling errors.

an idea of what to do about the film/photo's to maximize damage to the 04.Feb.2004 21:31

City of Portland

Here is an idea of what to do with the film/photograph's of this incident>>>>make copies and send them to various German news
agencies, as they'd love this sort of stuff to use in their campagne against American craziness. It's a powerful idea if you consider
that Vera & the 4 stooges, the Portland Business Alliance, and the State government have all band together to go after the upscale
German and European travelers and especially the business traverlers, as they've entered into some sort of partnership with the
German airlines Lufthansia. What better way to get the "message" across to that thick-headed old has-been politician that she's
NOT doing such a niffy job of management of the PoPo in her capacity as Commissioner of Police than to have some wealthy
German businessman or businesswoman say something snide to her damned face like the cool guy with Frank & Meir, who it
seems had the balls to tell her off to her damned face! Make these silly joke's of "leaders" pay for their inattention to the PoPo by
having their grandious schemes dashed because their sins found them out, and their efforts brought to nought because of their
own stupidity. So....the thing to do is to get these films and photographs into the hands of some very sympathic German and as
well other Europena media people who'll not be constrained as the local "establishment" media and will plaster it on their front
pages and run in on their prime-time TV news programs. Go for it ....make these stupid oinker's and their puppet masters into
German TV stars!

Wow... 05.Feb.2004 00:14


do you think that the German's care about protester-police relations in Portland? Do you think that the Oregonian would slap a front page headline about a German youth being arrested by a German police officer in some German town? No and no.

Even if the German's, for some unfathomable reason, actually were angered by this, what good would it do you or me if they sever tourist relations with Portland? Our economy is already in the shitter. Oregon already has the nations highest unemployment. Do you hate Vera so much that you want to destroy a business that is actually adding jobs, just to spite her? Tourism means money for our local economy.

Think with your head, people.

"stunned" is obviously a troll responding for the 05.Feb.2004 06:38


as he/she uses their line of reasoning and their flawed logic. No, trolley, it's not about the German's giving
a big shit about Portland and it's protester's, as much as it's about their loathing for the John Ashcroft-style
of insanity...the fundamentalist rightwingnut religious zealot...that has managed to gain power in America.
What better example of such than these crazy cops on the Portland Police Bureau who are members of the
Brotherhood of the Strong, the Mormon cabal, and other assorted religious craziness that give these stupid
cops license to behave as they do....that's what it's all about dear trolley! And, if the local economy is badly
impinged as result, then great, as it'll be the business people feeling the pinch as result that'll get that darn
old mayor and her four bob 'n' weaving sidekicks attention, and hold it long enough for these thick-headed
joke's to get the MESSAGE...do something about those stupid out-of-control cops of yours, or we'll take our
business elsewhere! Simple message, and there is no reason for you silly trolley to be trying to write your
silliness to obfusicate it! Your move now "stunned"...let's read your response....have at it!

The idea of passing along film's of these bad cops is good one 05.Feb.2004 06:58

I think!

As to the idea of passing around copies of the film's of these bad-acting cops is a good one.

For the past few months there has been a video circulating amongst member's of my church that vividly pro-
tray the incident of bad Police behavior when Bush was here in August 2002 for Sen. Gordon Smith, and al-
so again for his later visit, along with the mini-riots in March 2003. All of these film snipets clearly show who
the bad cops really are.

While it has no voice over, as it's simply silent witness to the unbelievable events that occurred, it does do
a magnificent job of showing who the errand Police really are. No names are given, as it's only by actually
recognizing their faces is one to know who is who.

In our church we have two officer's who "star" in this film, and as far as know, they've no clue that it exists,
as no one has actually (to my knowledge anyway) confronted them openly about their role(s). But, you can
indeed rest well assured that those of us who've seen it, do not view these people the same as before we
saw it.

Now, we simply don't want these people in our church, nor for them to share in our worship, as they're not
true Christians in the spirit, irregardless of what they're mouths proclaim. They are hypocrites, and many of
us don't want them in our church having influence over our youth.

So, we've gradually started putting into practice the age-old shunning techniques that even these simple-
mined people will soon get the message, which is move on...go elsewhere...you've not wanted here!

They'll get it sooner or later! So, don't belittle the power of the film footage you've got. You must use your
brains to effectively bring ruin to these evil men that are involved so that they are made to pay for their sins,
for even if Vera Katz, Kroeker, and now Foxworth give 'em a "pass Go" on it all, WE THE PEOPLE always do
hold the upper hand over these stupid people and we must exercise it and smash their damned asses!


Here is my little story about seeing a film the other day 05.Feb.2004 12:10

Church Member

A few weeks ago, a group of men at my church got together for church business, and once we'd finished,
one of the men asked the rest of us to view a video he'd received in the mail. We did, and it was a video
of various patched film takes from a variety of police incidents that a number of citizen's have managed to
take, and then some activist group has put together, and, as I understand, have been sending around to
various people in the community.

Frankly it was shocking to view. It's one thing to read about it all in tne newspaper, and it's another thing
altogether to actually see it on film. You'll never view the police again in the same light after seeing this!

Yes, we did recognize one of our church members in the video. He is a strange fellow anyway, an older
tubby cop that seems to just blend into the woodwork as it is, but here he was on this video batting his
club away into the thin air, and didn't seem to be hitting anyone at all. Just swinging it into the wind, as
it were! Obviously he isn't a part of the "bad cop" grouping, but was just "going along to get along", or so
we hope is all it was. At anyrate, he is retiring soon, we understand and will probably move away from
this area once he does. OK! (it is funny watching him just bat away at the thin air though...got to see it
and be acquainted with him to understand the rich humor!)

One incident that really got my goat was one that supposedly occurred this past New Year's Eve here
in Portland down at Pioneer Square, and was shot from high above looking down with zoon camera. It
was about a unnamed Asian-looking young teenager being roughly manhandled by a young Portland
cop, and it was awful what this young cop and later his pals were doing to this teenager. There was a
close-up view of this cop and his "picture" burns in the brain of anyone who sees it! Did mine anyway!

Fast forward to the other day when I was shopping at Home Depot for some paint supplies, and as I'm
looking carefully at the items high on the rack above me, an arrogant impatient young man is wanting
to see the item (?) below me on bottom shelf, and before I can safely move to the side, he is literally
pushing me aside as he bends down to look at what he wants. No "excuse me" or "pardon me, sir!"
--just a nasty glare at me for being in his way.

The look was of someone I'd seen before and it instantly came to my awareness that he was one of
the cops I'd seen on the video aforementioned, and it pissed me off to be dealt with in such innocent
"civil setting" by such arrogant jerk, and too be honest, I was sorely tempted to reach above him and
tip over one of the large gallon paint buckets and let it "accidently" hit him in the head as PAY BACK
for the way he treated me and the awful way he'd treated the unknown teenager in the video I saw.

Had that paint bucket really come off the shelf and hit him in the head, it'd have likely done some very
serious damage to him. Enough so they'd have had to take him out on a gurney or worst yet, in a body-
bag. And, you know something...I'd have shed no tear for him either. Frankly, if I'd gone ahead and done
it--tip over the paint can--I'd have gotten by with it, for it clearly would have been ruled an ACCIDENT!

See, the point in telling this is this: these people who wear a badge and do their evil work thinking that
they'll get by with it and it not be known to the public-at-large are simply fooling themselves now days,
as with the ease and availablity of digital camera's there is more being filmed these days than they can
possibly confiscated and keep up with, and all it takes it "someone" taking such and passing it around
to other citizens, and these "bad actors" will be found out and their misdeeds will not go unpunished!

This asshole of cop didn't know how close he came to having his damned head split open by a paint
can, and he'd never have felt it, nor known it was coming either!

So, yes my dear kids, don't ever underestimate the immense power of these films....they are powerful!

again..if anyone cares to read 06.Feb.2004 01:32


It's just a roundabout way of achieving your goals of police oversite. Instead of sending video tapes overseas in hopes that some German will see them and decide not to spend their vacation money in Portland, how about we use the video tape as evidence to try to affect change through local means.

"it'll be the business people feeling the pinch as result " - come on! When the economy suffers, it isn't the business people who feel the pinch. No, the brunt of the damage caused by our recent economic downturn has fallen on working class America. Even in the worste economy, a business leader won't find himself without a job or homeless. No, they'll just tighten their belt, lay off a couple (hundred) workers and continue business as usual. If Germany were to cease tourist relations with Oregon, it would be the workers who suffer most. Any action that takes jobs away from our community is not helpful.

I am all for police accountability and oversite.

I have a favorite quote which I'll share here. Justice William O. Douglas wrote in McDonald v. U.S., "History has show that power is a heady thing, and that police acting on their own cannot be trusted."

And when is trying to have a political debate "trolling"? I disagreed with your solution to the recent occurence in Pioneer Square, and I said so. Period.


lucky weda

Yeah, I think just about everything that needed to be said has been said by the other kind folks who have bothered to publish their comments. But maybe not. Come on!! Our economy should not depend on the thin thread of tourism! And if you are wondering why any other country would care....maybe the fact that a tape like that is evidence that the U.S. government attacks it's own citizens. I mean, if Bush and his bamboozlers didn't look bad enough...
Anyway, the world needs to wake up and act (the part of the world that hasn't yet, anyway).
And another thing. Of course the Oregonian won't give us actual news about other countries, so why the German boy analogy.

note to indymedia: Yeah, spell check would be totally awesome, for commentors AND indymedia press. You guys n gals do an awesome job.