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Be afraid

Like Navy Lieutenant John Kerry, I volunteered to fight a war in Vietnam. I was a brave young man of 20 then, and not afraid of anything. I was told I was fighting for my country and I was very patriotic and proud, even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice for my country. I was never afraid. I was nervous with mortars, artillery and napalm exploding almost constantly and I knew I could be the next target
I am convinced electing Sen. John Kerry as our next president is not only a right as a citizen of this great country; I think it may be our last opportunity to do so. We must elect a candidate that can beat President George W. Bush, and John Kerry is that person. In Vietnam I had no fears, but I am very afraid of the direction our country is now going.

Not only is John Kerry a strong advocate for veterans, he is a strong advocate for every American citizen interested in upholding our civil liberties and constitutional rights. He is the man to give America back its soul and to protect Middle-Class America. Corporate power and rich elite individuals are stealing our country.

Like Navy Lieutenant John Kerry, I volunteered to fight a war in Vietnam. I was a brave young man of 20 then, and not afraid of anything. I was told I was fighting for my country and I was very patriotic and proud, even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice for my country. I was never afraid. I was nervous with mortars, artillery and napalm exploding almost constantly and I knew I could be the next target.

I am now 58, and I am afraid... for my country. Like John Kerry, I am fighting for America now stronger than ever. I am still very patriotic, and I see all the values of this great country I fought for in Vietnam disappearing here at home.

We have to win this battle before all of our rights and values as American citizens like privacy, free speech and honest voting are gone.

It has been 38 years since I was in Vietnam (1966-67) and I have learned a lot. I no longer take my rights for granted. I no longer believe everything I see on television, especially FOX channel and the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, and I don't believe what I read in newspapers. Most importantly, I can no longer automatically believe what I am told by my president and the Bush administration. And that is a shame. No, it is a crime.

The 9/11 attacks on our country were devastating and thousands of lives were lost. At the time; however, it was boasted by the Bush administration that it did return patriotism to this country to new heights. It did. And it was heart-warming to see all Americans become united. So what happened?

This strong patriotism could have been used to make America stronger than ever before, to new heights as a nation and as a powerful compassionate world power solving world problems. Through a combined effort throughout the world, working together, terrorism could be defeated. Trying to do it alone without ruining the country is impossible.

This great out-pouring of America's patriotism was wickedly devised to reshape the very core of our country, to undermine the very values we hold near and dear and to chip away at our constitutional rights. It is being used to redistribute our economic gains to further enrich the wealthy and the corporate structure and impoverish the middle-class. We need to elect John Kerry to give America back to the people... to give America back its soul.

There are many conspiracy theories that have been spread around the world, but have not been proven. It is prudent to not believe them. But it is prudent to believe the truth. For example, a little research of the truth about the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), would be very enlightening. We need to elect John Kerry to put an end to it.

Mr. Bush, and some select members of the Bush administration, Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz, Cheney's Chief of Staff, I Lewis Libby, Elliot Abrams who is in charge of Middle East policy at the National Security Council and many others believe in Middle East domination by force of arms, controlling resources around the globe and maintaining a permanent-war strategy. PNAC's chairman, Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard is on that panel as well. These folks have had a lock on military policy-creation in the Bush Administration. They are ruining the country.

ABCNews.com on March 10 wrote, "Were Neo-Conservatives' 1998 Memos a Blueprint for Iraq War? The group, the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, was founded in 1997. Among its supporters were three Republican former officials who were sitting out the Democratic presidency of Bill Clinton: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz.

"And in a report just before the 2000 election that would bring Bush to power, the group predicted that the shift would come about slowly, unless there were "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor," the ABC article said.

Another article states, "Years before George W. Bush entered the White House, and years before the Sept. 11 attacks set the direction of his presidency, a group of influential neo-conservatives hatched a plan to get Saddam Hussein out of power.

I am not making this up. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is all being talked about openly by the neo-conservatives of the Project for the New American Century -- who now are in charge of America's military and foreign policy -- and published as official U.S. doctrine in the National Security Strategy of the United States of America. All you have to do is type PNAC into your browser to read about it. Do the research.

As written above, the Iraq war is an example of what is happening. The Iraq War and the Middle East domination was being planned by these neo-cons ever since the end of the Cold War. PNAC's goal was to prepare for the day when the Republicans regained control of the White House, and hopefully, the other two branches of government as well, so that their vision would be in place and ready to go, straight off-the-shelf into official policy.

Within hours of the 9/11 terrorist attack, PNACer Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld directed his aides to begin planning for an attack on Iraq, even though his intelligence officials told him it was an al-Qaida operation and there was no connection between Iraq and the attacks. According to a CBS News article, "CBS News has learned that barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks. www.cbsnews.com/stories/2...0830.shtml

"That's according to notes taken by aides who were with Rumsfeld in the National Military Command Center on Sept. 11 - notes that show exactly where the road toward war with Iraq began," reported CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin.
"Go massive... sweep it all up. Things related and not," Rumsfeld said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, May 7, 2003,"Last February, the Defense Policy Board, a group of outside advisors to the Pentagon, received a classified presentation from the super-secret Defense Intelligence Agency on the crises in North Korea and Iraq.
Three weeks later, the then-chairman of the board, Richard N. Perle, offered a briefing of his own at an investment seminar on ways to profit from possible conflicts with both countries.

"Perle has a broad range of business interests. He serves on the board of several defense contractors and is a lead player in Trireme Partners, a venture capital fund seeking investments in the defense and homeland security industries." home.earthlink.net/~platt...perle.html

Voters need to be aware of why all our social programs are being rolled back. Why they are intentionally going bankrupt or being eliminated. Why we can't afford a proper drug program for the elderly, why Social Security is going broke... The money of this country has to be directed to fight more and more wars, and because income to the federal accounts are being siphoned-off in costly tax-cuts to the wealthiest sectors of society. Middle-class America is paying for it as the rich get rich and the poor get poorer. We need to elect John Kerry for president to put an end to it.

We won't have to worry about a shortage of volunteer soldiers though. Jobs will be so competitive and wages so low, a military career will look very good to many when compared to not being able to feed and clothe their families.

Our school programs are being short-changed, our state and city services are being chopped, our bridges and parks and roadways and libraries and public hospitals are being neglected, our IRAs and pensions are losing value, and our jobs are disappearing.

With the 2004 elections coming, it is imperative to get this information out to those able to hear it and understand the results of this foreign /military policy on our economy, on our young military men and women, on our moral position as a nation, on our constitutional freedoms, and on our treaty obligations. John Kerry has the experience and the determination to make the demanding changes.

Yes. I am now afraid. I am afraid of waking up some day, writing an article like this, and being arrested because I am voicing my dissatisfaction with Bush policy. I am afraid when I attempt to obtain a lawyer, I will not be allowed one if I could afford it. I am afraid that there is a little chip in my computer relaying every word I write directly to John Ashcroft, the Minister of Fear in the Justice Department.

Almost every question asked about the Bush administration policies are answered in terms of 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. Karl Rove continues to utilize fear and hyped-up patriotism and a war against terrorism as a basis for Bush policies and agenda. Ever notice Sean Hannity of Hannity & Colmes answering almost all complaints about Iraq policy by saying, "You mean the world isn't a better place without Saddam Hussein?" Or how Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter ridicule questioning the Bush policies and label them all as Liberal left Bush bashing?

At the top of the neo-con agenda is getting George Bush reelected in 2004. This is needed to continue the roll back or eliminate all the social programs the far-right despise. John Kerry has to be elected to put a stop to this before it is too late.

Our established social programs like Medicare and Social Security are popular among most Republicans and Democrats in the middle-class population. Why are those Republicans blind as to what is going on? If the neo-cons are successful, all our tax money will be tied up in wars, reconstruction and tax cuts. In the near future they will be telling us, " We would love to fund Social Security, Head Start, environmental programs, drugs for the elderly through Medicare, but there simply is no money left after we continue to fight to get rid of the bad guys. It's not our fault."

But the rich will still be getting richer and the poor will be getting poorer. Just look at the looting of the Social Security, Medicare, Military Retirement Trust Fund, and all the other trust funds. They are bare. Is there a plan to replace these funds? No. Is the money looted honestly being added to our national debt? No. Why not?

According to John Fritz Hollings, the funds have already been looted. The site says,
"Trust Funds Looted To Balance The Budget." It continues by noting, "The federal government manages its accounting books differently than any other business or institution. By borrowing from trust funds such as Medicare, Social Security, Military Retirement and Civilian Retirement, the federal government taps into those funds as if they were for operating expenses. In a private business, if you use the pension fund to pay for operating expenses, you go to jail, but that is precisely what the government is doing."
But it is acceptable to tell disabled retired veterans there is no money in the Military Retirement Trust Fund to pay them their full earned retirement pay if they are disabled.(www.senate.gov/~hollings/debt.html)

Yes, as a veteran I am supporting John Kerry. We have never had such a champion for the veteran cause in the White House. He was the first to boldly stand up for us this summer. He has, and will continue to bring about positive change in the VA. He can provide an opportunity for change we may never see again. The slight against America's veterans must be ended and veterans must not be forgotten, especially by those who have never served. John Kerry pledged to be a, "Veteran's Veteran as President, keeping vital promises to America's veterans and military families."

More importantly, as an American citizen, I support John Kerry for President of the United States. As the campaign heats up and we hear the Republican rhetoric, more lies, and very little about the Bush failures, we must concentrate on what matters most to American citizens, our democracy and our futures. John Kerry will give America back its future and its soul.

"Join me in fighting for an America where the people are in charge," John Kerry said following the Iowa caucus. "I'm running so you will have a president who's on your side and who will take on the powerful special interest that stand in your way."

Add up the deficit and the indifference of this administration. Count the cost that working families are paying while the privileged ride high and reap the rewards," John Kerry said. "Seniors have had their retirements stolen by Enron and Worldcom. We've seen a workplace where this president licenses a creed of greed."

John Kerry understands when he says, "Now George Bush has run the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in the modern history of our country."

I predicted months ago that Bin Laden would be miraculously located and captured just prior to the 2004 election. Another Karl Rove idea? Now the Bush media is advertising the same thing. Perhaps more Karl Rove brand of raising the level of patriotism in the country before elections? Imagine what another national disaster would do?

Remember every vote counts and count every vote?

Somehow, with pre-programmed electronic computers being used at the election booths, I doubt the reliability of these computers to accurately count every vote. Especially when one manufacturer has promised support to the Bush administration. An one article in the Detroit News states, "Doubts about the trustworthiness of electronic voting machines are growing among election officials and computer scientists, complicating efforts to safeguard elections after the presidential stalemate of 2000." The concerns focus on Voter confidence, Recounts (Without a separate receipt, election officials can't conduct a reliable recount, but can only return to the computer's tally) and Election fraud.
'The computer science community has pretty much rallied against electronic voting,' said Stephen Ansolabahere, a voting expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A disproportionate number of computer scientists who have weighed in on this issue are opposed to it."

Buzzflash.com asked Bev Harris, a pioneer in exposing the dangerous potential for election manipulation that electronic voting machines pose, "Remind us what the president of Diebold said about helping Bush to win the next election."

Bev Harris replied, "Wally O'Dell, the CEO of Diebold, wrote 'I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.' This was in a letter to 100 of his wealthy and politically inclined friends, which O'Dell wrote shortly after returning from the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he was meeting with a group of 'Pioneers and Rangers' (people who raised $100,000 and $200,000, respectively) to discuss Bush's reelection."

Yes. I am scared. Not just for myself, but for every honest patriotic citizen in this great country. It is imperative to the welfare of this great country to stand up and fight to get our country back. We have to put a president in the White House that knows what real patriotism really means... a president who was willing to fight and die for this country... John Kerry.
John Kerry... 02.Feb.2004 18:12


...did not fight for his country, he fought for nothing. The tens of thousands of Americans that died in Vietnam did not die for their country, they died for nothing. The millions of Vietnamese that were slaughtered and continue to die as a result of that conflict, DIED for their country. Vietnam is one of the biggest disgraces in our nation's history. The only American heros in that war were the ones that resisted it.

Kerry is an alleged member of a secret society that includes George W. Bush and many other well known terrorists. The main purpose of this society is to put fellow members into positions of power.

Kerry betrayed the US Constitution by abdicating his Congressional responsibility in declaring war. He instead opted to allot this decision to an unelected pResident, who justified his actions based on fantasy, and in doing so violated the UN Charter, The US Constitution, and the Geneva Conventions regarding the rules of war.

He voted to support arch-criminals like John Ashcroft by voting for the Fascist PATRIOT Act, further undermining the US Constitution.

Kerry is now railing against 'special interests' despite the fact that he has taken more money from those interests than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE IN THE RACE!

If you really think that John Kerry is working to improve the lives of Americans and will do things substantially differently than the Bush Cabal, then maybe you should head back to Vietnam, because I think you still have a chance to pull out a win over there.

One More Thing 02.Feb.2004 18:22


Well, make that two. There is NOTHING brave about voluteering to kill a bunch of innocent people.

And your story title will be Bush's campaign platform in 2004.

Bush can beat NOBODY IN 2004, in a fair election. He has only fear and stupidity to run on, and even the sleeping masses are beginning to ask a few questions.

Say no to fear! Use your head! If you want to vote for the ONLY credible candidate in this race, Vote for Dennis Kucinich!

WAKE UP, the call goes unheard 02.Feb.2004 18:46


Fly boy is the same old same old. He thinks or at least says he could learn to fly but couldn't see though the dogs of war that wanted him to travel half way around the world, then kill the people he found there. If Kerry supportors keep this up they will loose their 12 point lead by election time. It isn't just Bush out of office we have all fallen for that trick before. It is promises of resigning from office if certain actions are not taken.

The BUSH threat cuts both ways. Middle America has the most to loose. Above them can't be touch below them are already sufferring.

I hear ya', jlii 02.Feb.2004 18:56


To the author: if you took out all of that garbage about Kerry, you would have a pretty good article.

Birdman 02.Feb.2004 19:13


It isn't about fighting and dieing for this country it is about stopping that. It is about Arresting, Convicting and Executing Bush for Treason, Crimes against peace, Crimes against Humanity. It is about universal education all schools with equal teaching abilities; it is about universal health care these are some of the minimum requirements to avoid rebellion. And it is about TIME.

Kerry may not be perfect, but he can win. 02.Feb.2004 19:26


I voted for Nadar last time around. I did this becuase I feel nobody ought to go to jail in my country for doing drugs,
I know we shouldn't be cruise missling folks at political whim, and I believe we need to take proactive action for
energy indendence. Nadar was the only candidate I believed in.

Do you want Bush in there for 4 more years?

Most everybody who would vote for Dean or Kucinich will vote for Kerry in a Bush-Kerry election. Perhaps a few of
these people would be so stupid as to stay home, but I don't think so. We all agree getting the Bush crowd is critical.

But... there's a lot of people in this country who would not vote for Dean or Kucinich. They would vote for Bush
against Dean because "When his country called, Dean went skiing." The Bushies will not be able to do this to
Kerry, in fact, Kerry will be able to attack Bush for a safe spot in the guard, and going AWOL. The "support the
troops by voting Bush" will not fly against Kerry.

Do you want to win? Obviously, Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire decided they did. Whether we like them or not, I suggest we
work for a candidate that'll win this thing. I think the Democrats are a bunch of weak sell-outs, but they're the
actual chance we have of kicking Bush out. There's too much at stake here to stand on absolute principal at the cost of leaving
Bush and Ashcroft in for another 4 years. They're destroying the country.

I believe we lost Bin Laden because Bush did not have the political will and "moral authority" to send in US Ground troops in
Afganistan. We relied on crappy local thugs with no loyalty towards us. I believe a veteran would've lead us in an actual
war in Afganistan.. not a "let's attack this group of old trucks we can hit from 20,000 feet." This would've cost in American Lives,
but we would've had clear purpose and objective. I also believe that a veteran would never have sent us into Iraq in the stupidest
thing this country's done since Vietnam. This begs the question... Was Bush reserving the military for his personal vendetta in Iraq? Is this why
we failed in Afganistan?

John Kerry will be able to bring this up. He will bring in a lot of people that would otherwise vote for Bush. He can win. Winning's important
right now.

Remember that we have to reach for the other side... Your friends and people who think like you are already voting against Bush. Take
out the tounge stud, get a fucking haircut, and talk to your Republican uncle about why the country needs a new leader.

skull and bones 02.Feb.2004 19:32


I think it is time for an explanation. Don't you?

503 287 3473

Alex 02.Feb.2004 19:45


You ssem to think that Bushco is a formidable foe. What has Bushco got, aside from fixed voting machines, fear, and stupidity to run on?

Having supported the bulk of the Bushco agenda, and a top recipient of huge Corporate interest money, how exactly would fellow 'Skull and Boner' Kerry beat Bush?

Having violated his solemn oath to defend and uphold the US Constitution, MULTIPLE TIMES, why shouldn't Kerry be in prison rather than Congress?

If you like strong war criminals so much, and think that is key in this race, why aren't you supporting Clark?

You wrote: "We all agree getting the Bush crowd is critical." Who is this 'we' you are referring to? Do you have a mouse in your pocket, or can you provide ANY support for that claim?

ALEX 02.Feb.2004 19:55


"Do you want Bush in there for 4 more years?" FEAR and THEATS do you want a generic? What has your, oh your man you love him so, I just don't know.. What if anything will he do other than talk.

This guy, Kerry, is the type of demonstrator that's cute in front of the cameras but runs from the cops. Did you actually say "get a haircut" You're so cute when yuo're mad.

Alex and John are still war hungrey bums 02.Feb.2004 20:15


You know these clowns will find a reason why it's OK when Kerry wants a piece of something if elected. Now the world is seeing that America must be stopped. Kerry is just the jack job so the actual rulers can say to the world see we have elections. Nothing, that isn't spelled out by Kerry in advance, under the pains and penalty of perjury, with a vow to resign if not met, matters. Americans are so chicken they will vote for anything that just looks better. If these people love to fight for freedom so much why didn't they fight back in 2000?

I'll Take Kerry & His Pirates 02.Feb.2004 21:42

Lars the Infidel

Shrub has already lost the support of the majority of the country. Polls just out find that Kerry and several other potential Dem challengers are already ahead of that White House War Criminal. The public finally sees that Rat Bastard for who he is and what he's done.

If Kerry can pretty much run the table in tomorrow's primaries, he's most likely the Dem's Chosen One. And it's already his race to lose. The real race, the big one.

Everyone opposed to Shrub better take a long look at themselves and decide how they want to go. I want to beat Shrub, and Kerry is fine by me. All you Skull & Crossbones paranoiacs, get a clue. Better yet, inform yourself. Read up on Kerry and his record. Make an informed decision.

And don't give me this crap about there being no difference between Shrub and anyone else in the race. Gore never would have invaded Iraq. And Kerry will damn sure not fucking invade Iran or N. Korea or China or anyone else. Shrub has seen to that. Our forces are so overdrawn, we can't handle the shit we're in now.

I'll take Kerry and his Pirates over the murderous GOP any day. I will trust a guy who fought so publicly to end the Vietnam War and expose Reagan's bloody shitstorm in Central America. Who you gonna vote for, support, who's done as much in this life?

Get one side or another and see it through. Look for an attempted stolen election come November and we'll see where the fates take us.

Just don't give me there's no real choice in this election. Look around and Grow up all you weak-knee liberals. Take a fucking stand and stop eating your collective young. Don't do the GOP's work for them.

Lars the Infidel 02.Feb.2004 23:04


Lars the Infidel when the rulers have you why would they need any one else. A liberial is someone 10 degrees to the left in good times and 10 degrees to the right if it affects them personally. That not exactly us.

Either way, we're getting screwed again 03.Feb.2004 00:50

good cop - bad cop

The cycle will continue.

These people work together and play together. They grow up together and they stick together. To them, the world is thiers and we are here to give it to them.

Just watch Bush worm out of his lack of "intelligence" on WMD's in Iraq. They're already using the excuse that Bill Clinton said the same thing, which he did.

Well, Oh! Bill Clinton, He's a Democrat. Better not complain about that then.

We are thier sheep.
It takes a very small, rich and powerful village.
It takes a very small, rich and powerful village.

That's Right Kerry is the Answer 03.Feb.2004 07:02


That's right Kerry's our "saviour". He will save us from a corrupt judiciary, corrupt FBI and CIA and ATF. He will singlehandedly fix the Diebold conspiracy and he can stop the IMC and the NWO. Ha! Kerry is just a different face of the many headed monster. The answer is a permanent revolution of the people to retake our public forums, educated others and be pro-active in the society called America.

Thanks, but... 03.Feb.2004 09:39

fuck elitist frats

I'm voting against Skull and Bones this election.

Kerry's Record 03.Feb.2004 10:29

fact checker

Everything one needs to know about John Kerry is found in what he does, and not what he says.

1. FIRST GULF WAR: Voted against it.

2. Vietnam Human Rights Act: Against, blocked and fillibustered.

3. On telecomm deregulation. (Feb 1996) Voted for.

4. On Social Security Lockbox & limiting national debt. Voted against.

5. On deducting Social Security payments on income taxes. Voted against.

6. Restricting class-action lawsuits. Voted for.

7. NAFTA: Voted for.

8. On eliminating the 'marriage penalty.' Voted against.

9. On eliminating block grants for food stamps. Voted for.

10 Renewing 'fast track' presidential trade authority: Voted for.

11. Banning more types of Congressional gifts: Voted against.

12. On cutting nuclear weapons below START levels. Voted against.

13. "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" Voted for.

14. 'PATRIOT ACT:' Voted for.

15. Loosening restrictions on cell phone wiretapping: Voted for.

16. SECOND WAR ON IRAQ: Voted for.

JOHN KERRY'S OFFICIAL ACLU RATING: John Kerry voted to protect your civil liberties only 47% of the time.

what the president is and isnt 03.Feb.2004 13:40

Leon Czolgosz

The bush years have seen a dangerous increase in the power of the executive branch of our federal government. I believe we should abolish the office of president because it is simply too much power in the hands of one person. This is a long-term goal, however. In order to move toward this goal, we must recycle presidential power AS OFTEN AS possible. that means NO 2-term presidents. Every 4 years, disband the executive cabinet and re-assemble it. This can be done by voting against any incumbant. Since I tend toward "the left" for me this means i vote democratic against a republican incumbant, and third-party against a democratic incumbant. For those of you so vehemently opposed to this candidate or that candidate, please remember, they are only figureheads for their parties. Dont fall for their celebrity hype as free-thinking, sentitent "leaders" -- vote strategically -- and consider 2008, 2012, 2016.... we must weaken executive power at every opportunity by using whatever sham of a democracy remains available to us. Also, I support any effort to impeach or impede any president for any reason whatsoever.

a vote for nader is a vote for bush, remember? 03.Feb.2004 15:16

settling is not democracy

Instant runoff voting (IRV), people's assemblies (neo-tribal, more-representative democracy), & ending campaign financing are just some of the possible, viable alternatives to winding up having these altercations amongst ourselves every four years (and the time in between, too.)

Wake up and smell the underwear 03.Feb.2004 20:57

There is no election - the fix is in

Extremists (the bell curve defines the middle) will never win because most people think they can have it all.

We will continue to overpopulate the planet and nobody can stop us, even ourselves.

It doesn't matter if we vote for Kerry or Bush or Clinton or Bush or anybody or Bush. We will not forgo the present for the future, ever!

Let us build a different world instead.