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Kaza runs for Congress

andrew kaza will take on the bush supporting darlene hooley for the democratic nomination in oregon's fifth congressional district.
If you are like me and tired of seeing democrats favor the Bush-Administration and its policies, then you have a choice this May for Oregon's 5th District. Andrew Kaza is running against Darlene Hooley for the Democratic Nomination.

Hooley has lost my vote, because of her support on issues such as the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, repeal of the Estate Tax, The Bush Tax-cuts for the wealthy and the $87 Billion for Iraq. She is out of touch with Oregon, Democrats and the country and she deserves a challenge.

You can check out Kaza's webpage at: www.kazaforcongress.org.

Please help him with your support and contributions. Hooley is gaining a warchest full of special interest money and we need to fight it. Andrew is unwilling to take special interest money.

Thank You

homepage: homepage: http://www.kazaforcongress.org