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Are Most Americans Dumber Than Dogsh^t?

Here is a comparison of opinions, contrasting a recent Newsweek poll of the American
people vs. the opinions of a pile of dogsh^t.

Newsweek poll at:  http://www.pollingreport.com/iraq.htm
It Looked So Good On Paper
It Looked So Good On Paper
Q- "Do you think Iraq actually had banned chemical or biological weapons right before the Iraq War started in March, or not?"

Americans: 1/29-30/04 Yes-55% No-32%

Dogsh^t: Of course not. All indications are that these types of weapons were destroyed in the 1990's. Besides, leftover weapons from the first Gulf War would have been well past their shelf life by the time of the most recent invasion. No weapons of this type were found by the UN weapons inspectors prior to the invasion, and every last shred of so-called "evidence" of these weapons has been thoroughly discredited.

Q- "Do you think Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq was DIRECTLY involved in planning, financing, or carrying out the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, or not?"

Americans: 1/29-30/04 Yes-49% No-39%

Dogshit: Are you kidding me? If the Bush Corporation could provide even one shred of evidence to support this idea, they could have easily drummed up international support for the invasion. Obviously George W. Bush is not the sharpest marble in the bag, but even he knows that their is absolutely no connection whatsoever. In fact he even stated that fact clearly and openly in a recent press interview.
On the plus side for the American public, most Americans do not believe that the "war with Iraq has made Americans safer from terrorism", 52% do not compared to 41% that do believe they are safer a a result.

In addition, the Newsweek poll shows that 51% of Americans corectly think that the Bush Administration "Purposely misled the public about evidence that Iraq had banned weapons in order to build support for war", as compared to 41% who do not.

Dogsh^t was disgusted by the ignorance of the American public, and refused to answer any more questions.
Dogshit? 02.Feb.2004 13:26


Of course the majority are dumber than dogshit, the sheer number of Wal-Mart shopping, McDonald's-eating, SUV-driving "reality show"-watching, Televangelist-believing, "George W. is a war hero"-accepting, "Clinton didn't have sex with Monica, O.J. didn't kill his wife and Michael Jackson is innocent of child-buggery"-thinking nimrods in this country is staggering.

My estimate, based on travels or dwellings in every state except Hawaii, is that roughly 70% are dumber than dogshit, 20% are just dumb, and the remainder is split 50-50 between smart people and people who are tied up in straight jackets. In some areas (like here in PDX and other places that value intellect), the "dumber than dogshit" segment might be a tad lower, but still way more than half the population. Go out to the midwestern suburbs, and you will find no people in that last category; they tend to flee the area at the first opportunity.

Dogshit/Shwarzenegger in 2008! 02.Feb.2004 13:32


That is all.

Why we publish to begin with 02.Feb.2004 15:09


It is "Me" again. With a potentially usefull insight. This website is inteded to be a discussion board for an activist community. "Be the media" seems to be the moto. "Being the media" suggests that instead of prescribing into one form "Corporate" you should instead investigate into "Indymedia". So amongst a like minded activist community the objective of creating change is to creat solidarity among those who are already subscibed. As well as recruit those who, at the moment, know no better. For those who don't know any better, coming to this sight would be offensive and derogatory. Calling people "dumber than dogsh^t" would turn most away from your point of view. Name calling seems like something most people would take for granted as a thing you would like to stay away from. Name calling is not nice. Name calling is mean. I would never suggest that these acticles that "name call" should be censored or that your opinion is not a valid or a good one.
By saying that most Americans are dumber that dogshi^t you suggest that you are exempt from that demographic of Americans. Thus claiming that you are smarter and more intelligent than they are. Or better yet just more astute and informed bypassing the lies of corporate media. Amongst a group that claims this fact it seems that we as a whole could probably come up with a better way to say that Americans are dumber that dogsh^t. Perhaps we could refrain and say something like, Most Americans are misinformed or Most Americans have a twisted sense of truth created by Coporate media's misinformation. The topic of this piece is to suggest that the majority of Americans believe in the misinformation purposed by corporate media. The supporting comments are the polls that show the percentage of Americans do or don't believe in the halftruths of corporate media. Authors comments under each of these polls point out the data findings and show the reader how these polls and opinions contrast to the truth. Displaying the your information in this way is meant to shock or jar the reader awake and let them see that they may be misinformed or a step further would suggest that the media would like you to stay that way.
One of the keys to converting people from one camp to another is by using the power of suggestion just as corporate media uses the power of suggestion to lure people into believing half-truths without every really making a direct lie. For example usualy a quick visual reference to a bearded dirty Bin-Laden and another picture of a dirty bearded Saddam suggests that they are one in the same. They make a visual connection without ever saying that "they are the same". So I recommend that you convince them they are entirely right by letting them make their own decision on the truth. If your point of view makes more sense than the other. Than people will naturally disconect from the other camp and drift into yours. Convincing that they're right by using leading and suggesting comments as to how they may be wrong and letting them come to their own conclusion is key. The title itself would deflect most away from ever reading the article. Or even worse they would click and read on to throw gasoline on their fire and push them further away. Just a thought

Very Good Points, Me 02.Feb.2004 16:33


I just wanted to throw a bit of pointed humor into the mix. The lies are being compounded at such a furious pace, it is often hard to know where to begin the discussion without seeming too extreme. But the fact remains, if most Americans think Saddam is linked to 9/11, even after their beloved Fuhrer stated plainly that he is not, that does not leave us much to work with.

Puhleez... 02.Feb.2004 16:46

Red Rover

it's insulting to the dogsh^t.

Hawai'i 02.Feb.2004 20:09

Den Mark

A post above mentions "Hawai'i". I'm on O'ahu right now. 'Merkin "culture" has of course taken over this sacred place. So yep, most people here are dumber than dogshit, too. It's disgusting to see how many tourists do not get into Hawai'ian culture. McCrap's & Junk-in-the-Boxes are filled with drooling tourists, instead of them sampling 'ono Hawai'ian grinds in local diners. Shopping malls are crawling with tourists, judging by how many get off the buses there, while the fascinating Bishop Museum has few visitors. A two dollar bus ride takes one to fantastic beaches, but Waikiki is crowded with tourists who want an easy roll from hotels to beach. Meanwhile, where are Hawai'i's congresspeople, when blood Hawai'ians need autonomy from the unlawful annexation of their lands.

Akamai Haole,
Den Mark, Vancouver

They say that the average IQ is 100 03.Feb.2004 00:17

I believe it

I don't think 100 is all that smart, and it certainly doesn't mean that most people's IQ's are near that number.

If you take 5 people with an IQ of 80 and 3 people with an IQ of 130, that averages out to about 100. Even then, your just dealing with someones supposed ability to learn. How does one measure stupidity though? Even really smart people can be incredibly stupid. PHDs who devote thier lives to building more destructive nuclear weapons. Doctors who think genetically altering our food supply is really neat. People full of pride and people filled with hate and lust of wealth. People who enjoy absorbing all the McCrap our "culture" is shoving down our throats every single day.

One could certainly argue that monkeys and chimps are not as smart as us. But, I'm not so sure if they're as stupid as us either.

An insult to dogshit 03.Feb.2004 11:07


While it is true that the average American IS in fact dumber than us, I resent being used as an analogy for such obtusity. Dogshit has had a bad rap throughout history, and it's contributions to society has largely been ignored, as many feel that nothing good can come out of such repugnance. But next time I am snugly lodged in the treads of your keds, ask yourself this. Who's smarter now?

A complex 03.Feb.2004 12:47

Me again

Did you feel better after you came blasting hard, full guns ahead to try and demoralize a point of view that came in some sort of juxtaposition to yours? Nobody is entirely right most of the time. Keep in mind that I am not your enemy. My ambitions is not to set you apart but at times the burning contempt of people on this website try time and time again to push me away. Draw lines in sand and set bounderies between us. It's self destructive. And personally I would be wary about feeding the fire of this behavior. There is nothing negative that anyone will say to me that will run my resolve astray, nothing. I am steadfast with respect and decency. Instead aggresively engaging my opposition I will attempt to apologize for any statement that made you feel inferior or belittled. Although I can't control your proception of my comments, I can tell you though my comment was not meant to undermine anybody's intellegence. Intellegence is set apart from, in essence, the ability to refrain from using crass statements in attempts to sway peoples opinions. There's an old timey phrase and it goes like this, It's easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. It's allways has worked well for me, eventually anyways. Have a wonderful day.

A country of lies, deceit and addiction 03.Feb.2004 15:34

Robert Frost

This is a country of lies, deceit, and addiction. Everyone, at some level, knows that TV is a crass, inane, brainwashing tool that makes you stupid. Why do they continue to marinate themselves in it? Addiction. Everyone knows that the typical American diet is very unhealthy and stupefying. Why continue to eat it? Addiction. People continue to deliberately defile themselves with things like TV, alcohol, crystal meth, bad food, etc, and these things are stupefying. They will lower your intelligence instantly.

We all have relatives and friends who are caught up in these unhealthy cycles. We should have compassion for them, yes. But ultimately they have to help themselves. In the meantime, the anger of people who are not caught up in these destructive patterns, but see the effects on our society of these things, the gross, destructive ignorance, jingoism, and hysteria, that feed off these vices, this anger at seeing our society and our world going to hell due to greed, stupidity, and ignorance, is natural. We should learn how to channel it, but not suppress it.

GPFX should have quit while ahead 04.Feb.2004 07:28

Doggy doo

GPFX was on a roll with wrong American perceptions and should have quit while ahead, before fumbling the ball with his insinuation Michael Jackson is guilty of the latest accusation.

The latest Jackson allegations are a conspiracy to ruin the reputation of an outspoken peace activist. Michael is strongly opposed to the administration's invasion of Iraq and other countries. He's being framed, and many of the organizations framing him (LAPD) have zero credibility. The LAPD also introduced a lot of false evidence and commited perjury in another of "GPFX"'s examples, the OJ case, so the jury acted correctly in acquitting him (though an innocent black man spent over 18 months in jail, the eqivalent of felony time, for a crime he didn't commit, and if a rich brother with the best lawyers imaginable does felony time, you know the average brother won't get any justice whatsoever).

The typical doggy doo contains a variety of micro-organisms who behave a lot more intelligently than the typical American. Usually doggy doo breaks down into harmless organic components in a short amount of time, so comparing pro-war Americans to doggy doo is indeed an insult to doggy doo.

average iq is 100 20.Jun.2005 08:17


Average IQ is 100 because the scale is adjusted so 50% fall below and 50% above. If you're 11 years old and have the ability tested to be equal to that of the median or average 11 year old your iq is 100.