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Half-time Tittie Bru-ha-ha Misses the Point: Violence Against Women

Send CBS, MTV, and their clowns a bag of vomit.
I came to work this morning to hear about all I missed with Janet Jackson and her tittie show at the super bowl. At first I was amused how crazy Americans are about a hunk of flesh. I am a long time nudist, and for god's sake EVERYONE has something that jiggles. I thought the Europeons who see nudity and day on any network must think we are nuts. Then I did a little homework and read about what happened and how. This was clearly a planned and staged act of violence against women. Millions of young, randy, Americans have a new act to follow. You thought saggy pants was a dumb stunt, just wait for velco bustiers and willing asshole boyfriends to rip them off in public places. They did it on TV, and MTV, that bastion of youthful moral guidance staged it, so it must be ok. NOT! This from a network that would not show the moveon.org commercial because it was "controversial." What bull-shit! And none of the talk on-line mentions the bottom line is violence against women! That is all I can say. I have to go vomit. That is the most rational reaction I can have right now.
Anything To Distract... 02.Feb.2004 12:02


...from the lies that brought you the Iraq war.

California's Republicans Elected Der Gropenfuhrer 02.Feb.2004 12:20


Seems to be all the rage these days.

Good Thing She Had A Star On Her Nipple 02.Feb.2004 13:13

Michael's Boob

Just in case of such an unfortunate 'accident'. Never can be too carefull.
Photo Credit: Reuters
Photo Credit: Reuters

I wish you had not succumbed to posting the picture 02.Feb.2004 13:31


I thought of putting up the picture, too. I don't give a shit about nudity. If you got it, flaunt it.

What is wrong is that this particular incident promotes violence against women as a sexy, and acceptable expression.

You bought into it.

Shame on you!

To Mother 02.Feb.2004 13:49

Michael's Boob

Although I think that your correlation to this incident and the promotion of violence against women has at least some basis, I don't see that as they key issue here. The real story here is that American people care so much about idiotic nonsense like this, an stories like this one pass for news in this country.

On the other hand 02.Feb.2004 15:51


I think the fact that a woman can have her clothes torn off by a man and some people don't think this is really about violence against women, just proves how accepted male aggression towards women is in our society. How many stupid beer-guzzling football watching men are going to try that stunt now? Maybe a few thousand? And how many of the women they try it on are going to be okay with it versus violated and humiliated? But I guess that's not a "key issue," at least for people who don't have to experience male aggression on an ongoing basis. So I suppose it's not something we should worry about next time it happens.

Publicity stunt "news" 02.Feb.2004 15:52

Clark Kent

It seems that this is the way to boost your record sales these days. Britney Spears "eloped" for one day last month and before that she kissed Madonna. The news agencies go crazy and everybody talked about them which of course put Britney on top again.It helped Madonna too of course. For a while there she wasnt getting much press. Publicists know what theyre doing.

Comprhensive Site on Rape in the Military 02.Feb.2004 17:14


How is it 'violence against women' if it was her idea in the first place? 02.Feb.2004 20:36


Janet said she and Justin decided to do it before the game. If she consented to it, how the FUCK does it make it wrong?

Rabid feminists, who think their own agenda is more important than peoples free will, are embarrassing. FREE WILL OVER PROPAGANDA!

Duh! 03.Feb.2004 08:35


Dear Mr Anonymous,

Of course it was with her consent! It was an enactment of violence against women in a totally inappropriate venue. The point is this little role play they did depicts a man stripping off the clothing of a woman without her permission, a sexual assault, as a cute and acceptable behavior. This is no more acceptable than a depiction of a white man in a white hood beating a black man in the context of a half-time entertainment show.

Another thing that makes this so incredibly stupid is Janet's brother Michael is currently be prosecuted for a sexual assault and she is on stage playing the victim of a sexual assault as though it were an acceptable behavior.

JEEZUS 04.Feb.2004 11:52


"This is no more acceptable than a depiction of a white man in a white hood beating a black man in the context of a half-time entertainment show. "

you have got to be kidding me.


I cant believe we are talking about this except in the "look at what the zombies are still talking about" kind of way.

Bared boobies alone aren't news anymore 04.Feb.2004 12:33

SMBerg sammanberg@hotmail.com

Bared tits are so 1990's. J.Lo's dress, Lil' Kim's pasties, Madonna's...Madonna. How to up the ante? Throw in the notion of the 'accidental' indignity of a woman and BINGO. For those who think this is "just" a bared tit, you're completely missing the context.

I was living in NYC when the Central Park Sexual Assaults happened, when groups of men who didn't know each other joined together in fraternal glee to forcibly strip women and shove their fingers inside their vaginas while other men videotaped it and still other men held down the women's partners and STILL other men police officers watched and didn't intervene to help the women.

I am not offended by breasts...I have two myself. I am, however, disturbed by any scene, real or acted, which normalizes, sexee-izes men tearing off women's clothes and exposing them sexually to the same audience that thinks Private Jessica Lynch should be spared the humiliation of having naked photos she posed for displayed worldwide by Larry Flynt, who paid a fortune to obtain the photos. If it's *just boobs*, why do millions fo men pay $4 a Budweiser in strip clubs when they could pay $2.50 in another bar on the same block? Why do advertising studies consistently show men are much more willing to purchase a car if a sexy woman is hung like an accessory on it?

This country is so screwed up sexually. The Gender Revolution is in full throttle, and let's hope the next Sexual Revolution actually changes the way women are defined wholly by sex while sex gets to be just one characteristic of men's varied personalities. We got the part about women enjoying their sexual selves in the 1960's, now lets get to men learning to respect women's sexual automony in the new century opening before us.

Who fucking cares?! 31.Aug.2004 19:04


Oh my God!! A woman's breast on TV!!! How will we ever survive!?!


C'mon. JJ's boob gets show on TV, and we're STILL bitching about it.
Just let it go already... Jesus...