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Media Island to launch solar-powered LPFM

Media Island International is in the process of building KOWA, an
Olympia,WA based low power community radio station. Activist and
community members will be able to further the mission of Media Island
International through the access of KOWA radio.
Currently, we are busy raising funds for this project in order to
acquire the needed solar power and radio transmission equipment.

The mission of Media Island International is to act as a resource and
networking center for individuals, organizations and movements working
on social justice, economic democracy, ecological sustainability and
peace. We gather, evaluate and distribute underpublished information
on critical issues. The truth is getting harder to hide.
The broadcast signal will be localized to the Thurston County area
carried over 106.5 FM using call letters KOWA. Translator applications have
also been filed with the FCC and are pending which if granted will give us a
more consistent sphere of reach.

The addition of a low-power radio station to Media Island International
will be an added value to the organization and to the communities that
this organization serves. With this added form of outreach Media Island
International will be able to provide typically marginalized voices
access to the airwaves and eventually to webstreaming.

We have a goal of raising $15,000.00 by August 2004 and are suggesting
at least a $20.00 minimum donation. If you can give more it is greatly
appreciated. We encourage community groups, matching donors, and
individuals to become vested in this effort and commit to this project
by donating to it. Along with your donation you are invited to include
your suggestion for what type(s) of information you would like to hear
over KOWA.

Please help Media Island International realize this part of its vision
by donating to this project.
Make checks payable to "Media Island International"
For: KOWA Radio Project
We encourage people to send donations to:
KOWA Radio Projectc/o Media Island InternationalP.O.B. 7187Olympia, WA

Media Island International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and
can remit a receipt for deducting your donation on your
taxes. If you would like a receipt for your taxes please indicate this
with your donation along with return mailing address.


To inquire further about this project contact: Taryn Gearhart