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What ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and bush&co don't want you to see!

Here's what you don't see coming out of the Industrial Military Complex known as mainstream network tv news! From http://www.bartcop.com
The count now stands at 518 killed US Troops and you WON'T be seeing this on the nightly news casts cause bush&co don't want you to get upset and start asking questions, and demanding answers!
Could it be something like this mpg clip. 31.Jan.2004 13:05

Bird Dog

They allow horror movies on tv, but will not allow the truth about the blood they spill for profit!
But they say we are the ones that are sick.

Please post this link every where possiable.
We have a duty to let every one see what the corporate media does not want people to see.
It will make you sick to watch it, but if we don't spread this information it will not stop!


All the news that isn't censored 31.Jan.2004 19:27

Edward R Murrow

Mainstream media is slowly becoming just a few companies thanks to the efforts of Michael Powell (no, not that one!), Colin Powell's son and .......ahem.....chairman of the FCC.
Another example of corporations owning the white house.
Under Powell's rule, this FCC favors huge media companies such as disney, viacom,general electric, fox entertainment; to allow these behemoths to get bigger, to change rules and allow them to own many tv stations, radio stations, newspapers sometimes in the same city.

check out this FCC time line, especially with the dates of the latest white house resident starting July 17, 2001 to the present  http://www.pbs.org/now/politics/mediatimelineupdate.html (from the Now with Bill Moyers website).

Consequently one corporation could own all the media in a town and dictate what news to report.

CBS pulling an ad by moveon.org :  http://www.moveon.org/front/ that was to run during the Stupid Bowl, and their pulling of the Ronald Regan mini-series in November shows the power of the bush administration.

Hide-Public Poster Says it All 01.Feb.2004 10:55

Lars the Infidel

That poster of the images of the funerals of American servicemen and women is very bold, very telling, very much to the point. Should be posted everywhere in the country. Going up at my job tomorrow.

One thing about this is Americans only get the point, only really start thinking, once once their own sons and daughters come back in body bags. Joe and Jane Six-Pack doesn't give a flying fuck about the 10s of thousands of dead and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, and the hundreds of thousands of dead children in Iraq as a result of the economic embargo in the 1990's. Only when our own get killed, does America wake up. Was true in Vietnam, remains so for Iraq.

America--The Bloody Disgusting Empire.

Have a Great Super Bowl Sunday!