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Rally For Education hosted by the Student Activist Alliance

Rally For Education hosted by the Student Activist Alliance, Monday, February 2nd, 5pm
What: Rally for Education
Who: Student Activist Alliance (SAA) sponsored, all are invited
When: Monday February 2nd, 5pm
Where: Pioneer Square
Why: SAA invites all to demonstrate in support of education. In these times
of crisis when students futures are balanced on an edge, we need to make are
presence known and make our demands a priority!

Some Informational points

-The Student Activist Alliance supports all money going to education. We support stable funding for education. We also understand some things about our current Portland Public School system. The PPS system is dedicated to racism, patriarchy, classism, heterosexism and teaching all things dedicated to keeping children's minds thinking about and around middle to right wing values and educational principles. We abhor this.

We also understand that teachers are not the enemy. Teachers are stopped from teaching anything that goes against the moral grain of what PPS has put forward and for that matter, what educational systems have put forward for years. We understand, if not agree with, what teachers have to go through not to be fired or suspended from teaching the beliefs they actually hold while also understanding that holding beliefs while not expressing them is in itself contrary to what teaching is about.

Nor are the teachers blameless. In a fight against white supremacy and racism we have to understand the dynamics of both the left and the right in are world of education. The teachers union has made it almost impossible to fire teachers on teaching merit. Thus bad teachers, tired teachers, burnt out teachers, etc. are shifted around endlessly until they're deposited at the worst schools, coincidently entering the ranks of other teachers who are as burnt out or tired as they are. When a system is started racist it doesn't have much chance to stop itself. The schools which are primarily people of color, have started out with some of the worst teachers (PPS being racist and all), and through the years of white supremacy and racism in Portland, PPS and the teachers union has been shifting its worst teachers to those areas. Giving the schools with primarily students of color the worst teachers in the district. The second position that we don't agree with that the teacher's union supports is the ability for teachers not to be moved from school to school. Their is no way for the present system to be corrected, or in another words to be equal, when the teachers are fighting against that equality by giving the schools that are unfairly stacked with poor teachers no resource to begin to change that.

SAA supports money going to education because fundamentally we support all people being educated. What we don't support is systems of control and domination. What we don't support is band-aid measures that rely on taxpayers to provide for legislators that can't get their acts together. What we do support is student power! Students taking control of their education and taking control of their lives.

Join us on Monday, February 2nd, 5pm. All allies, all supporters, all students.

Please keep as a top feature 30.Jan.2004 20:45

SAA kids

Its important to our demo if indymedia keeps the demo at the top. We will then get the most folks possible at our event. Which is super important because we started getting the word out so late.

Thanks Indymedia!

Knowledge more crucial than education 30.Jan.2004 21:17


Schools is one way to educate, but knowledge also is important and schools are not the only path to knowledge.
What about money.
The amount allocating to the Pentagon for the war in Iraq beyond the military budget exceeds $87 billion dollars. This averages out to over $200 million for each congressional district. The five house seats in Oregon equal one billion dollars. How much do the schools need - can the money for Iraq next time be applied there?
I won't get to far into a tangent here on improving the school courses so that the history classes will reveal that the $87 billion is not foreign aid but to contractors designated far in advance.

Instead of having someone at Indymedia keep this posting at the top, pass the word around and encourage others to comment. That would keep it going!