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OCBA supports Measure 30

The Oregon Commission on Black Affairs supports Measure 30
January 30, 2004

Press Release: OCBA contact: E. Rice @  ocba@qwest.net
Measure 30 Vote, Special Election February 3, 2004

Dear Oregon Citizens:

The Commissioners of the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs are encouraging all Oregon voters to take part in the Special Election taking place on February 3, 2004 in Oregon. Let us not take for granted the great privilege we have of voting on issues of importance. As we remember Black History Month 2004 and our young men and women serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world, Remember the privilege we have to vote on February 3, 2004.

The issues that face Oregonians and our future, "Our Youth", are complex and are issues that we must deal with. Newspapers, business, government, religious, and community leaders in Oregon have all commented on the critical nature of this vote for our states future.

The Commissioners of the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs are asking you to support and vote for Measure 30. Join with Governor Kulongoski, former Governors Kitzhaber and Atiyeh, and those concerned with education, social services, the Oregon Health Plan, public safety, and the economic future of Oregon. It is no accident that support for Measure 30 is bi-partisan.

We ask voters to look beyond partisanship and voter campaigns orchestrated from Washington, DC. Oregonians know what is best for the state of Oregon and we are asking those voters in Oregon to Support and Vote for Measure 30 on February 3, 2004.


Commissioners of the
Oregon Commission on Black Affairs (OCBA)

Everette L. Rice
Executive Director
Oregon Commission on Black Affairs
new world 31.Jan.2004 11:18

laughing daisy

and keep giving this oppressive system money to keep us down, hell no! we need a new way, not a continual stoking of this small flame in hopes that in the future it will keep us warm. it hasn't in 5000 years or more. wake up.

Not black and white 01.Feb.2004 01:28

Don Levy

Lets play a game of thinking within the electorial system.

"$289.9 million would be cut from "education". How much of labor history do we learn in school? What of the average life of American Indian, the story of WWI and the draft resistance, the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the rise of the Secret Service? How much are we taught of the histoy of the corporation? How much are we taught media literacy or how to do-it-ourselves? What is the education system other than a system of systematic behavior modification and thought control?

Quoting the measure, "The state and local spending cuts avoided by the passage of this measure are: . . . prison/parole: $24.7 million, Courts, $23.7 million, Juvenile Corrections/State Police $9.7 million"

I personally would be very happy if the police lost funding. Less funding for policing protests, arresting drug users, killing primarily minorities, and less funding for the jails to imprison them. Sounds good. I will not support the American Death Squads.

However, I am more than sympathetic to the $187.6 million dollars that will be cut from Healthcare and Human Services. I am worried about those who will go without care and those who would go without a job. My wife works for a non-profit agency that will most likely be shut down if this bill does not pass.

This would continue the cigerette tax, a tax on the poor. Will a cigar tax for the rich increase? Hell, would luxury tax be increased? Would this levy a tax on pollution. No.

While I can not in good conscious vote against services for the elderly, disabled, and children, I can not in good conscious vote to continue taxes on the poor while increasing the funding for the thugs who have jailed, clubbed, and tear-gassed, and killed my friends and my allies. I urge a boycott of this election.