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Live Community Television Program on Measure 30

Friday evening Community Television Program features information on Measure 30 in an interview with Lynn Lundquist, who is for the Measure. Live on channel 11, from 7-8 pm.
This program will feature a guest who is for the Measure. He is a Republican, and is opposing the position of his party on this vote. This alone should prove interesting. I was wanting to provide both sides of this issue, but it didn't work out that way. Hopefully the guest can provide information useful to both sides, and those who have questions, or oppose the Measure, can avail themselves of the call in period which should be most of the last half of the program.

Live from 7-8 on channel 11.
Playback :
Channel 23, Sunday at 10:00
Channel 22, Thursday at 10:00

I contacted Lundquist through the Yes on 30 group, and really know litle about him, except that he is Republican, and is a rancher from central Oregon. According to google, he has had a long history of service in Oregon politics.
Those who have an interest in this, or who are confused on how to vote, will hopefully find this program a source of good information, if somewhat slanted to one side. Please call in with questions or opposing viewpoints.

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