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Kucinich calls terror alert a government scare tactic

CONTOOCOOK, N.H. - The Bush administration is using elevated terror alerts for political gain while confusing Americans and accomplishing little, Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich said.
Kucinich calls terror alert a government scare tactic
Associated Press

The Ohio congressman, campaigning at a library services company in central New Hampshire on Friday, said if administration officials have information about terror threats, they should act on it, instead of advertising the threat to scare Americans.

"Why didn't they just put extra security out?" he asked. "They are building up fear to become more powerful politically."

Kucinich is to begin airing TV ads in New Hampshire on Jan. 4.

"My whole campaign is to challenge this fear, this fear about the Patriot Act, the fear about Iraq," he said. "The fear of Iraq was not founded. They didn't attack us. They didn't have weapons of mass destruction."

Kucinich, who has complained in the debate about the media's focus on "horse race" tactics such as polling, compared his own campaign to that of a Depression-era long shot that became a public favorite.

"I think we are going to be the Seabiscuit of the 2004 race. We're moving into position in time for the stretch," he said.
probably 01.Feb.2004 15:57

downwind from white house manure

heard some garbage race by on the radio this morning about airline groundings and tips that Al-Queda has plans to hit an airline with something biological or something that could knock all the passengers out. Sure, if it's likely to smuggle cannisters on, or perhaps more importantly, if it's likely they can smuggle on gas masks. perhaps the white house should double check its intelligence sources again (ahem) before it tries to work us all into a lather some more. what's the scenario here, they are going to get on a plane and make some unknown ultra-fast acting strain of anthrax spores shoot out their ears? or gas all the passengers including themselves into a stupor, thus wasting a fine and rare chance to aim their favorite "missile" at another symbol of capitalist aggression?

three cheers for Dennis for having the guts to tell it like it most likely is, and for continuing to value truth over popularity like no other candidate. if the big problem / danger with Bush et al is that they can accomplish by being such a remarkable bunch of habitual liars, Dennis is the only candidate likely to make a real change.