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2004 - A time to go fishing

It is a perplexing and unpleasant truth that when men already have
"something worth fighting for," they do not feel like fighting.
Eric Hoffer
2004 - A time to go fishing
Strappado Wrack

In the past, the beginning of each new year would bring renewal, hope and promise. But the times they are a changing. 2002 was tabbed the year of the radical. The question was asked: why are we willing to support policies that will result in unjust government? The public response was striking. The vast majority of Americans approved of the theft of our civil liberties and loved the idea of sending troops on a world wide fox hunt. The notion that WE are really the prey of our own domestic predators was just too much to consider. The call of the wild was too strong to overcome rational behavior. Support for the mission became more important than preserving the Nation.

2003 was the year of the revo-ami. This was the time to set into motion the revolutionary spirit to revive the Republic. The character of citizens proved that their genes have been purged of any Founding Father lineage. Liberty became unnecessary and a suspect purpose for the clones who marched to the beat of their reigning king. Bush perfected the removal of the checks and balances, as the ranks of aliens are indoctrinated into the expeditionary forces that would extend the empire. The idea of citizen defense was buried, as the neo Husseins were hired to do the bidding of the emperor. Not exactly the Revo-Ami types that would expel the turncoats who give their orders from their secure bunkers!

So what should we expect for 2004, a presidential election year? First off, the misnomer that presidents are elected must be dispelled. They are selected. Any reasonable and sensible person must conclude that Thomas Jefferson could never win the nomination of a major party. The Howard Dean express proves that a lying hypocrite secular socialist is just the kind of candidate that wins the approval of the media moguls. Czar Bush has no challenger from within his own party. Any traditional conservative stalwart has long ago been removed from the rolls of the GOP organization. What is left is what you get in every cycle, no choice to support.

Political parties have always hated the Republic. Their purpose is to confuse and distort politics in order that their organizations can manage the process of sham elections. The fraud that there is a real difference between the DemocRATS and RepubliCANTS, should be apparent to even the most obsessed party activist. So why do the masses continue to act as asses? Why do they still vote? The only answer that potentially explains this discontent from sane reality is that voters believe they get something out of supporting a politician.

Self interest is the prime motivation for most and usually serves a beneficial purpose. However, what is perceived as an advantage, often is or becomes a poison, that pollutes the society and destroys the essence of the political union. It's one thing to recognize that the herd is easily stampeded, but quite a departure to succumb to a fever that there is no other course to follow. Human beings always retain choice. The fact that most Americans are so unwilling to protect their own noble heritage, is the saddest epithet that will be read at the eulogy. The funeral for the country is being celebrated daily.

So let's just go fishing and avoid the 2004 election. It is self evident that the parasites that filch from the public treasury with each paycheck they cash will never give up voting for their sugar daddies. But what about those who still earn an honest living? What do they get out of casting their ballot for a guaranteed 'do nothing to restore sensible government' politician?

2004 will be filled with continuous and endless political rhetoric, without any real substance. While the growth in tuning out may appeal to many, the danger of becoming the chum for sharks is certain. Going fishing does not mean disengagement. Knowing how to survive in a sea of bottom feeders requires intelligence and commitment to your own true self interest. The best way to kill the great white is to take it out of the water. Preventing them from swimming, means they won't be able to breathe, and will curtail their breeding.

The ship of state that governments sail, floats upon an ocean of contrived legitimacy. Without a sweeping acceptance for the legitimacy of the regime, the political system can't swim. The failure to become a radical society in 2002 lead to the ineffectiveness of the revo-ami in 2003. While it's not unexpected, it is unfortunate. The reason for despotism is the unwillingness of the people to confront it, to fight it and to remove it. Americans are overwhelmingly gifted in their ability to conceal their self denial. Most are unable to be honest with themselves. They would rather migrate within a school of fish and be lead in a direction that is selected by a pilot whale. When they end up on a beach dying, there won't be a rescue team rushing to save them.

The year 2004 would be better spent re-learning how to tread water, while you withhold eating the mercury pollution that streams from the political parties. If only it was as easy as draining a swamp! No this flood covers the planet, and Bush is playing Neptune. Cut off the consent and only the force of the triton will remain. Is that too much to ask? Judging from past years, it must be . . .

SARTRE - December 29, 2003