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Fred Phelps is coming to the Portland Area!!!

Fred Phelps, the virulently anti-gay activist behind godhatesfags.com, is bringing his hatred to Oregon on February 9th at the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy, and possibly other sites as well. Counter demonstrations are being organized. Please take part!
From  http://bizket.rulezero.org/

January 29th

Calling all hands! Bigot on the port bow!

I just recieved a disturbing email folks, and I had to pass it on here.

Greetings Shipmates and Friends,

This is a bit of an odd post, just to warn you off the bat.

ACMA, the school our small attends, is going to be having display of
art that celebrates diversified families. Black and white families,
homosexual families, single parent families, families consisting of
individuals not related or grandparents raising grandchildren. The
display is to educate children in the many different healthy family
units and to create acceptance and belonging.

I have found out that a protest is going to be held at the school on
February 9th by a group of radical neo-christians out of Kansas,
being led by a preacher named Fred Phelps. This man apparently
protested at a funeral for a teenager who was brutaly murdered after
admitting he was gay. They will also be protesting at several local
churches as well as the school districts main offices.

Gaylen and I will be taking the day off work to go down and
counterprotest. I'm sure there will be many other families there as
well. We would welcome anyone interested in joining us for this and
helping to support understanding and diversity.

I've included a couple links on the subject below (the second one is
Fred Phelps website and may be found offensive):


As soon as I find out when the protest is, I will post here. I am thinking though that if we can get folks together to get out there at aroun 5 or 6 am, we can beat them to the punch. Post here if you are interested in participating.

[Hot off the press]
The ADL has this 'event' listed in their 'Upcoming Extremist Events' schedule.

homepage: homepage: http://www.adl.org/Learn/Events_2001/events_2002_flashmap.asp

This is what happened to Fred's followers in SF a few years ago 30.Jan.2004 15:34

the flan-archist!

Gay Nuns "Cream" Homophobic Reverend;

For Immediate Release: March 26, 1999

San Francisco -- An offshoot of the controversial direct action organization ACT UP--San Francisco pied suppporters of homophobic Reverend Fred Phelps this evening. Dessert was served to protest the recent violent murders of gay men across the nation by a duo known as the Pieing Nuns. Phelps and his clan held a rally tonight, complete with neon signs such as "AIDS Kills Fags," to protest Mayor Willie Brown's officiating of a mass domestic partners ceremony at City Hall.

In defiance of a recent six month jail sentence for the Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) members who pied Mayor Brown, two activists dressed in nun's habits tossed four vegan and organic banana tofu pies into the hate-twisted faces of Phelps's entourage as part of "Operation: Second Phelping." Citing the heinous attacks on queers nationwide and the repression of political-pie-protest in San Francisco, Sister--Agents Thelma and Louise demanded that community members respond with anger and power to this very real and immediate threat.

No stranger to San Francisco, in 1994 Phelps attempted to picket the funeral of Randy Shilts, but was met by hundreds of angry and vocal demonstrators who, within seconds of his arrival, forced Phelps and his family to flee back to Topeka, Kansas. Recently Phelps, who travels to these "demonstrations" with his children and grandchildren, picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard. Shepard was tied to a fence post, beaten, and left to die in Wyoming last year. Last summer, having picketed Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in the Castro, Phelps was valiantly met with paint balls from a concerned citizen.

"Queers have been tossing pies since Anita Bryant's homophobic attacks on gays and lesbians in the late 1970's. The venom spewed forth by Phelps and his ilk is no different," stated pieing nun Sister Thelma. "From the vicious stabbing of Robert Hillsborough in the Mission district twenty years ago to last week's slaying of Henry Northington, whose decapitated head was found impaled on a Virginia bridge, the hatred remains. We must confront these religious hypocrites and let them know we will no longer be their victims. It is imperative that the gay community unite to protect our safety and well being."

The dynamic duo stated that they pied Phelps in solidarity with two groups: first, the "Cherry Pie 3" pie-litical prisoners. Among the three protesters attacking Willie Brown's continued scapegoating of San Francisco's homeless was ACT UP--San Francisco member Gerard Livernois. Rife with graft and greed, Willie Brown and his administration are determined to suppress criticism about their corruption and lack of accountability. In a vindictive and politically-motivated trial that garnered international headlines, both Mayor Brown and Judge Goldsmith denounced pie tossing as a form of protest, announcing their grim determination to crack down on direct action in San Francisco.

"Does Willie think by putting our comrades in jail that he will deter us from ACTing UP? Not while evil bigots like Fred Phelps are welcome in San Francisco," exclaimed Sister Louise. "I will not be some queer basher's next victim. A gay marriage will not halt the knives and fists of the Christian Right that threaten our very lives. It is up to queers to empower ourselves, fight oppression and take control of our destiny."

The Pieing Nuns are critical of the gay mainstream's fight for gays in the military and domestic partners legislation which refuses to aggressively challenge the climate of gay violence heating up around the country. Further more, these smoke screen solutions do nothing to address critical issues for rural gay communities such as legislation that ensures fair housing, equal employment and adequate health care. Denouncing "gay marriage" as a sell-out agenda by straight society to conform queers to a heterosexual norm, Sisters Thelma and Louise called such platitudes ineffectual, creating the illusion of progression while the validation of hate motivated attacks against gays and lesbians increases.

Counter-protest tactics 30.Jan.2004 18:13

Salmon Girl

I thought some mock-protesting might be in order. Some of us could carry signs that say things like "God Hates Oyster-eaters" and "Wear mixed fibers, go to hell." I have yet to hear a satisfactory answer as to why all the other strictures in Leviticus are ignored by the people who want to quote the bit about homosexuality.

In any case, I hope the turnout to fight Phelps and his hatemongers will be ENORMOUS.

Hypocrites and Liars 31.Jan.2004 09:16


The ignorant just ignore all the other Leviticus prohibitions showing how shallow and ridiculous their "faith" is. The more sophisticated use cultural relativism as their excuse which proves their "god" was wrong, is fallible and is therefore nonexistent . Check out the embarassing logical contortions at  http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2002/008/31.64.html

I wonder if a "God Hates Flags" sign would get me wrongly associated with the Christian Identity Movement ?