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Left-Wing Fascism - Clinton water boy and mediocre comedian Al Franken body-slams a Lyndon Larouche supporter for protesting against Howard Dean


January 27, 2004 -- EXETER, N.H. - Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to the ground after the man tried to shout down Gov. Howard Dean.
The tussle left Franken's trademark thick-rim glasses broken, but he said he was not injured.

Franken - who seemed in a state of shock and out of breath after the incident - was helped back to his feet by several people who watched the tussle. Police arrived soon after.

"I got down low and took his legs out," said Franken afterwards.

Franken said he's not backing Dean but merely wanted to protect the right of people to speak freely. "I would have done it if he was a Dean supporter at a Kerry rally," he said.

"I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom of speech, which means people should be able to assemble and speak without being shouted down."

The trouble started when several supporters of fringe presidential candidate Lyndon Larouche began shouting accusations at Dean.

Franken emerged from the crowd and charged one male protester, grabbing him with a bear hug from behind and slamming him onto the floor.

"I was a wrestler so I used a wrestling move," Franken said.


Call him middle class, but he gets off of his ass 30.Jan.2004 19:03


Way to go Al. By the way it isn't Left Wing Fascism, that would be a contradiction of terms. Perhaps you mean totalitarianism, not that it much matters. Al is correct, free speech is going to be fought for here. Questions so far?

No you can't Mullah bob 30.Jan.2004 20:00


The quick answer to your questions is no you can't. But why would anyone want to stop a Republican from speaking every time they open their mouths the world gets stronger against the US. Al is middle class, he cares too much for truth to be ruling class and sad but true the buck ain't what it once was, maybe that isn't sad after all. And AL made his money the other old fashion way he wrote funny stuff. Granted this isn't as lucrative as weapons sales but Al's a nice guy. Fuck'n A look at some of the Republican scum he has to sit next to on some talk shows.

Conjures up a pretty funny picture though... 30.Jan.2004 21:33


ha ha ha ha

I got accosted by some LaRouche supporters at the post office last year. They wanted me to give them 20 dollars for thier little booklets. I told them I'd give em a dollar and they could keep thier stuff. They followed me 50 yards to my car, trying to aggressively get my 20 dollars (when I already told them I only had a dollar). That'll teach me to tell a LaRouche supporter, "good job on hating George Bush".

the young Al Franken: 24 years ago the Al Franken Decade started 30.Jan.2004 23:07

media infomaniac

Al Franken may be a mediocre comedian but is on another level as a journalist.
Using reporting wit and a bit of sensationalism, Al Franken nailed "Excellence in Broadcasting's" Rush Limbaugh more than F.A.I.R. or any other media watchdog group has ever done. And that was done in Limbaugh's cleaner drug-free days.

Semi-funny Al also tackles Fox News Channel, the corporation that hyped the Iraq war, in his latest "Lies & the Lying Liars"
It's one of the few ways Fox News would be held accountable for their "reporting". Even Fox News couldn't completely ignore a national best-selling book, especially when it uncovers their comments with sources. They even tried to sue for using their trademark "fair and balanced", unsuccessfully
But Al Franken didn't do it alone. Team Franken consists of a department at Harvard University getting students (over a dozen) to do research. Way to go!

There was at least one funny Saturday Night Live skit by Franken: The Al Franken Decade which was enshrined (trivialized?) on card #121 of an SNL set
The text of an SNL skit:
The text of an SNL skit:
Franken in 1979
Franken in 1979

??????????????????????????????? 31.Jan.2004 00:10


How does tackeling someone protect free speech? Sure trying to yell at someone isn't polite, but you can't say you are protecting free speech when you stopping someone from speaking. The yeller has the same rights as Dean. Dean just sort of "had the floor".

All Larouchies Deserve To Be Tackled 31.Jan.2004 06:45

more power to Al

I personally don't give a shit about Franken or Dean,

but I ***REALLY*** don't give a shit about Larouchies.

those are humans which need to vanish from the planet Earth, tout de suite.

oldblueeyes 31.Jan.2004 09:59


The assembled gathered to hear Dean not some fascist provocateur. That's how free speech works and to save you the time leftist that interrupt are always tackled. The free speech of those gathered was interdicted by the Larouchies.

There is a difference between republicans who control the Media, and others who are censored and are not allowed the same expose to the public..

La Rouche is a far out. 31.Jan.2004 13:43


Lyndon La Rouche has been a long time perennial candidate running on the Democratic ticket. He has yet to win any significant number of votes in any Democratic primary. He usually ends up last. Yet I remember one New Hampshire primary some years ago ( I believe it was 1992) in which La Rouche claimed that he led all other candidates. This was an outright lie on his part and he knew it. He didn't hardly make a blip in that primary..

It is a violation of free speech rights ... 31.Jan.2004 14:55


... to prevent another person from being heard by shouting over them. Calling the "authorities" wouldn't have surved the same purpose as stopping the shouter, because it would take them much longer to act if they did at all. I don't know if Franken was legally in the right, but he was Constitutionally.

Really, but... 31.Jan.2004 21:19


Crime - any action against another human being involving force or fraud.

Al Franken knocks someone down forcefully, so he committed a crime. Really, he committed a crime, but...

...in light of politics today, fuck the LaRouche fools. Hell, it was wrong, but I'd tackle someone too.

good times for him 31.Jan.2004 22:12


Sure the logic Al used is a little screwy, but if the guy is half as much of an asshole as half of the LaRouchies I've met, then he deserved it at any rate.

?????????? 01.Feb.2004 00:55


You folks shoud look at the fact that you JUSTIFY Al's violence. If Lars Larsen had tackled an activist for trying yell down George Bush I don't think anyone would be standing up for Lars. It is wrong to supress free speech, period. The yelling was only an interuption. The end result is that the person yelling just would have looked stupid. Now they look like might have had something to say.

I admire his move 01.Feb.2004 12:36

former wrestler

however, if someone pulled that on any of the screaming college kids and attendees who've yelled and screamed so loud conservatives were forced to surrender the stage in a speaking agreement....think most who post here would be shouting for the ACLU or giving teary interviews to the newspeople about the nazi-like injustice and personal pain and mother's neglect and...

LaRouche 02.Feb.2004 08:26


Heard a LaRouche radio ad yesterday. LaRouche spoke the truth, saying Bush and Cheney are behaving like Hitler and that the USA under their control is headed for dictatorship. He spoke against the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Too bad legit Democratic candidtates (except maybe Kucinich) don't have the guts to make such remarks.

La Rouche tells you what you know all ready 02.Feb.2004 10:22


Hardly leading edge

Al, Al, Al... 02.Feb.2004 11:58

heyubob haydenm5@hotmail.com

I support free speech and I support the right to dissent. But, really Al, you have done America Wrong! While rolling on the floor with the La Rouchie, you failed to grabbed them by the ears and bashed their wacko heads into the floor until they profess love for you (or Dean). Now that you know how to be a defender of free speech, could ya setup a "meat up" with Bush.

http:// 111 normal ave
111 normal ave

Cult of Larouche 30.Mar.2004 12:06


There are many questions as to who Lyndon Larouche is that can be answered in one simple statement: Lyndon Larouche is the leader of a cult. The memebers coerce students at colleges and protesters form rallies to come back to their office for a "class" which is about 95% Larouchies, and then they go to work on that person. For weeks afterward they will be harassed by phone to come to more meetings and give money, and eventually to "organize" with them, which means to raise more money and recruit more people. Once you have agreed they will move you into housing of their choosing, and give you a weekly stipened (mine started at $200 a week--pretty decent actually), and have you work form 8 in the morning to 10 at night, recruiting, raising money, recruiting, attend "class", raise money, recruit, attend "retreat", raise money. All the while they are pressuring you harder and harder to believe EVERYTHING that they believe (which means believing what Larouche believes--or at least says he believes). Every Sunday you will have a meeting where people confess their digressions from Larouche, talk about how good Larouche is, and discuss "problems"--which usually means someone is not taking their programming well. That person (and it was me a few times) will end up in a small closed room with a "leader" and a Larouche Security Squad member (several Larouchies in each office have weapons and fighting training and spend a few weeks a year at Lyndon's estate in Leesburg, VA to act as guards, or on the road when he travels). In that room someone will
then have a "Beyond Pschoanalysis" session

[NOTE: "Beyond Psyche" was a series of articles published by Larouche in the 70s that he claims is a method far more powerful than any psychoanalysis in helping people attain their maximum potential. It's core is to unnerve and unsettle people emotionally through personal attacks concerning sexuality or real or perceived shortcomings, along with personal information obtained earlier in confidence. Then the person is questioned about contradictions between their thinking and actions (ex "You care about the starving people of the world? Then why can you only organize ten hours a day?). This is done until a full emotional collapse is achieved, which generally means crying hysterically--no one ever made me cry hysterically though I saw it happen to a few other people, and maybe I did cry a little;-). Then the person is supposed to admit their shortcoming (confess), and ask the leader how to be a better person. The leader then redefines the mission for them. This is the bare bones of "Beyond Psychoanalysis" found in the "Beyond Psyche PSP 2" essay. Here are a few quotes from one essay of BP, though there are half a dozen or so, I can only find two online:

"The dialectical method is immediately, empirically, a change in the state of mind, in which control by "sincerity of feeling" is ended"

"It is as if the group-leader had each participant's mind inside his own"

"In individual psychoanalysis, or the more powerful processes of competently-led group analysis, this impotence of self-consciousness is overcome, to a varying, greater or lesser, extent, by the substitution of social love" (social love being the Larouche campaign, mind you!)

Oddly enough the lessons taught on how to properly "psychoanalize" someone, paralell the same methods outlined in books written in the 50s and 60s but they called it "brainwashing". Funny little accident I guess.]

After a session, one would begin to accept things they couldn't before, people work harder, and start using the in-group words properly. Then pay will start to decrease--slowly--until it is down to 50 or 60 bucks a week for 90 to 100 hours of work. Hunger and constant activity, fighting to save the planet from mass chaos of the oncoming financial collapse, and we're raising lots of money.. however, nothing seems to be happening...hmm we're running for President...but we cant win...oh right! but we CAN get matching funds from the Federal Election Commision, and maybe next year I'll get to wait on Larouche hand and foot, or maybe one of the regional leaders will choose me to sleep with until a new fresher recruit comes along! Recruit, raise funds, recruit, raise funds....decide you want to challenge the leadership, boom! closed door meeting, yelling, crying, "I'm sorry I'm weak", Leader redefines the mission.."I think I want to have children"...boom! closed door meeting, yelling, crying, "I'm sorry I'm weak", Leader redefines the mission..."I want to go on a vacation and visit my parents"...boom! closed door meeting, yelling, crying, "I'm sorry I'm weak", Leader redefines the mission..

That's life as a Larouchie.

That's life in a CULT.

I know it seems like some of the ideas are interesting, widen the political debate, yada yada---but I have watched a 50 year old woman, Marcia, be yelled at until broken down in tears in front of a group of 15 people. She tried to leave the room and Debbie Freeman, Larouche's spokeswoman and regional leader in Baltimore, yelled,"Don't let her leave!"--when no one else in the room stopped her, Debbie ran and grabbed her (Debbie is a big woman, slightly Amazonish) and forced her back to her chair then forced her down into it. As Marcia cried hysterically, in a low voice saying over and over "that's not what happened", and Debbie quietly told her "That IS what happened..."and then spoke something for a while quietly that no one could hear.

It looked like an abusive mother talking to a bad child, and when it was over Marcia sat there and cried some more, and everyone else left to get on the phone, and raise more money.

Ahh, life in the cult. How I miss it.

It's not a movement its a cult, beware, pass it on, tell your friends, these people are scary.

Who can make confession? 17.Oct.2004 16:38

Truth Seeker

Why have the LaROuche cult continued for so long if they mentally attack people? Is this not a criminal act - I mean to use methods that result in the destruction of a person witnessed by crying, break down or disorientation.

If this is the case --known for so long why the German authorities so quick to declare the Jeremiah Duggan case a suicide - almost on the spot? At least with this history LaRouche I mean - some sort of investigation should have - but no - nothing. Nothing and we were all hushed up. Helga, Tennenbaum - all the big guys and German top guys
We were called to a room a few hours after his death - EIR offices Erbenheim - we were told not to speak about it to anyone - not even to each other! Explain that as cover up - what do you think? Why were we told that this British guy who I saw all the time with questions and a new guy - no sign of nothing like disturbance - talking to us - real friendly - I smoked a cigarette with him in Frankfurt after some guy told us both some long story about loosing his farm - Why were we told - he was dead so quick - that night - then we were told he was a spy and only came from BRiton to make danger for the organization? Something smells - something stinks...scary man - What are their connections with the German authorities? A cover up? You tell me? I was too shocked and its only now I read some testimonies coming out on the net - that I think back - it suddenly fell in place for me so now I quit - Theres more but I leave it to those - you know who you are - you know in your hearts - Perhaps you want to sleep at night - The truth will out its only a matter of time.