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College student files federal lawsuit over "no-fly" list

(Harrisburg-AP) -- A college student is suing Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration after airline employees told her she is on the government's no-fly list.
Middlebury College junior Alexandra Hay ran into trouble as she was flying home for Thanksgiving, first at the airport in Burlington, Vermont, then at Harrisburg International Airport.

She eventually was allowed to board the flights, but she wants a judge to keep her name off the list and force the government to establish a system by which no-fly listings can be challenged.

The no-fly list was established immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. It is designed to prevent those who may have terrorist ties from boarding commercial flights.

Hay's lawsuit says she has no criminal record and has never said or done anything that would qualify her as a threat to the United States.