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The Daily Poetry Movement

Che Guevara's song for Fidel Castro. Today I will tell a short story. The other day I am shifting through trash to look for really soft clothing to make the softest of ragrugs, and telling my friend the true story of the psycopath and disease ridden Christopher Columbus, when my trash picking up stick hits something hard. What do you thing that is Golden Belding? Instead of my friend answering, someone yelled, "hey be quiet people are trying to sleep! " We laughed for a long time about how that guy probably thinks we do drugs or drink. Straight Edge.
Fiery Prophet of the Dawn
A Song Written by Che Guevara, for Fidel Castro.

Let's go,
Fiery prophet of the dawn,
Down winding secret paths.,
To free the green land that you love.
Let's go,
To avenge many wrongs,
Our foreheads full of rebel stars,
Swearing to win or die.
When the first shot is heard and the land wakes up,
Like a girl startled out of sleep,
We'll be there by your side, calm warriors,
We'll be there.
When your voice proclaims to the four winds
Land reform, justice, bread and freedom,
We'll be there to echo your words,
We'll be there.

The day the wild beast is wounded in its side
by our liberating aim,
We'll be with you, hears full of pride,
We'll be there.
Don't think that they can make us tremble,
Armed with gifts and decorations,
We want a rifle, bullets, a stick,
Nothing more.
And if their rifles mow us down,
We only ask for Cuban tears
As winding sheets for fighters
Washed away by the flow of history,
Nothing more.