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“The nightmare of the north American imperialism”

"Latin-American social movements have become a real nightmare for the north-American imperialism and shows the impotence and fear that has towards the people who fights against the FTAA and defend their sovereignty", stated the delegate and member of the Bolivian parliament, Evo Morales, during his participation in the 3rd Hemispheric Encounter of fight against the FTAA.
In his conference, Morales went through the main events of the Bolivian fight defending the gas, events that caused the fall of the president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.

At the same time, Morales made reference to the Bolivian demand to recover its sovereign right of access to the sea.

About the Free Trade Area of the Americas, Evo Morales stated that this agreement looks to legitimize an economic model that is rejected by the people of the continent and will protect the international companies that want to privatize the natural resources as also the main basic services.

"The FTAA approbation will be a reason for popular raisings against the neoliberal model, as it has already happened in Bolivia; if this policies will keep being applied new Bolivias will repeat in all Latin America", affirmed the Bolivian delegate.

Referring to his country again, the indigenous movement leader and cocalero, rejected the accusations against him from the North American government. "They said that Evo Morales is a drug dealer and receives financial support from Cuba and Venezuela to raise the Bolivian people. I think that Bush assessors not o­nly don't understand the popular struggles but urgently need a psychiatrist", said Morales, being cheered by the public.

Replying to the North American government accusations that the popular fights are terrorism, Bolivian representative assured that the president George W. Bush is the main world terrorist, because he massacres the poor people with his wars as much in Iraq as in Latin America.

Evo Morales concluded his conference expressing his trust in the social movements, in the fight of the people, outlining the contribution of this Hemispheric Encounters of fight against the FTAA to make conscious the continent people in order to reveal against imperialism.

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