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Actress runs over senior with SUV

Witnesses said the senior citizen had gotten more than halfway across the street when the northbound/southbound light turned green and Givens' 2000 Mercedes SUV struck her.
Police said Givens' was stopped at the light before the accident.
ROBIN GIVENS STOPS TRAFFIC: Actress hits elderly pedestrian.

(Jan. 30, 2004) *Robin Givens is back on the scene ? the scene of a crime, that is. The celebrity struck and critically injured an 89-year-old pedestrian in a Miami crosswalk, police said Thursday.
Givens, who is also the ex-wife of boxer Mike Tyson, struck Maria Antonia Alcover with her sport utility vehicle Wednesday as the elderly woman was crossing a busy intersection during rush hour, police spokesman Delrish Moss said. But, police have ruled it an accident.
Witnesses said the senior citizen had gotten more than halfway across the street when the northbound/southbound light turned green and Givens' 2000 Mercedes SUV struck her.
Police said Givens' was stopped at the light before the accident.
After being hit, Alcover fell backward and her right foot was nearly severed, police said. Givens drove for about 10 feet before witnesses flagged her down. The actress stopped her vehicle, walked back to the victim and stayed with her while police and fire rescue workers reached the scene.
"She was very cooperative with police last night. She was crying, extremely shaken up and very concerned about the well-being of the victim," Moss said.
Givens, 39, of New York, was given a traffic summons for failing to use due care when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk. Police said she was traveling with two boys, ages 4 and 10.
"We're looking at it as a pure accident and we don't expect any additional criminal charges whatsoever," Moss said.
Alcover was listed in "extremely critical but stable condition" at Jackson-Memorial Hospital in Miami, Moss said.

Why Is This Article Posted Here? 30.Jan.2004 11:14


The fact that somebody hit somebody with their car, while sad, is not particularly newsworthy. Please don't post crap like this on Portland Indymedia. If you want to read this garbage, go to CNN's website. Thanks.

Newsworthy 30.Jan.2004 11:49


It is newsworthy because SUVs are becoming infamous for striking pedestrians because they are so large that often the driver is often unable to see objects in front of them. The blind space is particularly bad behind the SUVs which have resulted in an epidemic of kids being run over by their own parents. One parent recently drove over his child while returning home in his Excursion. Being the prime reason we are imperializing the Mideast , SUVs must be attacked on all fronts.
Also the comments on this website link about the SUV driving actress are kind of revealing.

SUV = Weapon of mass destruction 30.Jan.2004 12:28

stolen Iraqi oil

Petroleum extraction is the main reason for the US military occupation of Iraq, and the upcoming US invasion of Syria. The Middle East oil reserves contain over 50 % of the world's oil, mostly due to the geological features of the Arabian tectonic plate (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait). Notice how convieniently 2 of the "Axis of Evil" countries fall into this region..

America consumes more petroleum than any other nation, and this in large part fueled by SUV culture. The gas guzzling SUV/HUMVEE vehicles speed the extraction, refining and consumption of petroleum, giving Halliburton, EXXONmobil, British Petroleum and other corporations exponential increase of financial power..

The US military occupation of Iraq will likely last as long as there is petroleum to be extracted, then Syria and Iran will be on the list 4 regime change. The faster the oil is sold to gas guzzling SUVs, the greater the profit 2 the petroleum corporations..

The Israel/Palestine situation is part of the American Zionist interests 4 total control of the remaining Middle East oil reserves. Israel is an ally only as long as the oil remains, given US made nuclear weapons to keep the Arab Muslims from interfering with US petroleum extraction. When the oil is gone, Israel will be useless & discarded along with all the other puppet dictatorships B4. The Jews are being used as pawns against the Muslims by Christian Zionists like Jerry Falwell/GW Bush/etc. who are preparing to fulfill some delusional "Armageddon" idea when all the Jews return to Israel and are either converted to Christianity or killed in the "Rapture" (2nd coming). Regardless of how bizarre this sounds, many Christian conservatives (Zionist neo-cons) believe this and will attempt to make this reality..

SUVs are weapons of mass destruction that encourage petroleum corporations to fund US military occupation of Iraq. They also emit more air pollutants (SOx, CO, CO2, etc) that cause asthma and lung disease, low level carbon monoxide poisoning. Robin Givens should know by driving SUV she is contributing to asthma and lung disease in inner city children (many of African descent) of smog prone cities like LA, Houston, Miami, etc..

Not to mention their higher center of gravity makes them more likely to rollover..

Free was right 30.Jan.2004 13:08


Burning SUV's does save lives.

daily atrocities that aren't "news' 30.Jan.2004 13:32

Anton Chekhov

It bears repeating, over and over again, until the point is driven home: 40,000 Americans die every year in gruesome carnage due to auto "accidents." These get labelled "accidents," despite the relentless predictability of the statistics, only because we've been inured to them. Where is the "war on reckless motorism"? Where is the "war on dangerous roads"? Where is the "war on suburban sprawl"? But a fluke attack by "19 Arabs" that kills far less people warrants returning the entire world to the days of iron-fisted imperialism. I'd say that's something to marvel at.

To put the problem in perspective, consider this: How many died worldwide due to train accidents in the entire past century? WORLDWIDE. IN THE ENTIRE PAST CENTURY?

Answer: Far, far less than die EVERY YEAR due to car accidents in THIS COUNTRY ALONE. J. Crawford in the book _Carfree Cities_ puts the number at 9000.

Car? 30.Jan.2004 13:40


>>The fact that somebody hit somebody with their car, while sad, is not particularly newsworthy. <<

What's sad is that gashog SUV trucks are so ubiquitous for commuting that they are now being called cars.

Comments 30.Jan.2004 14:29


Here are some good comments from the article link:

Name: Karma is a B.I.T.C.H.
Comment: It sounds like she was not going to stop either.

Name: Miss Baby Jane Hudson
Comment: I'm sick of these people driving these big SUV's and acting like they own the road. Period.

Comment: Whatever happened to pedestrians have the right of way? Every driver's manual in the world stresses this. Was never partial to this cow anyway. Her momma and her both were a buncha hustlers!

Name: Bootane Bootus
Comment: First she clobbers not so bright brute boxers now she clobbers elderly white woman...When will your reign of terror end Robin?...and who the fu(k is next?...Blind Latinos?

Name: Her Makeup artist
Comment: should be fired! Who wears all that purple lipstick and eyeshadow these days?

Name: Black Peoples' Legal Aid
Comment: First Faith Evans and her hubby, then James Brown and now Robin Givens has a run-in with the law. I'm sure that if Ms. Givens were charged and cuffed, her booking photo would look a lot better than James Brown.

Name: Stop the hate
Comment: I think by now we should know that Mike Tyson wasn't Mr. Innocent so let's stop trying to Robin seem like she's the total bytch deserving of some karma. I hope the old woman is okay. And Robin as well. Step out of your little means shells for a minute and imaging how you would feel if you hit someone. My cousin's boyfriend has an SUV and he thought he hit a bump or something when actually it was a child. He was devasted and he had to be flagged down too. He didn't know he ran over a person because it was off to the side. Show some compassion for both the old woman and Robin and stop being the bytches you're making her out to be.

Name: Hold Up
Comment: I read a very enlightening article about Ms. Givens in either Honey mag or Heart & Soul (can't remember which), and I gained a newfound respect for her. Until then, I had always that she was a beeyatch. However, in the article Robin admitted that she had to take a look at past behavior and grow up. She's a very devoted mother and is so far removed from the trifling persona of her former days.

Name: Certified Driving Instructor
Comment: OPEN LETTER TO HALLE BERRY & ROBIN GIVENS : I'd be honored to give you both FREE driving lessons.

Name: mayday
Comment: I also have a newfound respect for Robin Givens, she has grown up to be quite a lady and mother. I want more information about the accident, like why did she hit the woman, was there sun glare? Yes, I can understand hitting someone in the dark, or someone that walks out in between two parked cars, and we have heard of people backing over kids in their SUV's because they can't see them when they are backing up, however, straight hitting someone in the middle of the crosswalk and not even noticing? I would like to read more information, but I hope that she isn't charged with anything criminal.

Name: The picture
Comment: She looks like she's melting!

Name: I don't think her face is melting
Comment: it looks like someone used the photo as a coaster and then scanned it or something. it looks like a water mark...Robin Givens may have been a bit of a witch back in the day but she's made a real effort to look at her life and turn it around. Can we say the same for Mike? Every time you turn around he's in a fight (outside the ring) with someone or cutting up in some way.

Name: NubianLa
Comment: I feel for Ms. Givens and ESPECIALLY the woman that was injured. I hope all you smart mouths who think this is something funny and a time to take cheap shots at Robin NEVER has to go through this. Imagine if this happened to you whether you were the one who ACCIDENTLY hit someone or you were the one ACCIDENTLY hit! Imagine if if was a beloved friend or family member.Then ask yourself,"Would this STILL be funny?"....

Name: Dimples...
Comment: Pedestrians have the right of way. She needs to be more careful before proceeding with her vehicle. You shouldn't move right away anyway when the light turns green. You never know what dum azz is going to run a red light, & THEY DO!, at times.

Name: Angela Anderson
Comment: What goes around come around. God don't like ugly.

Name: I hate to hear stuff like this
Comment: I feel bad for both Robin Givens and the victim. I can't imagine what they both are going through.

Name: To: Angela Anderson
Comment: Listen to your own advice. She has paid for her past behavior in spades - lackluster career, failed marriages - give her a break. It was an accident she didn't mow the woman down on purpose!

Name: Distractions
Comment: There are too many out there. How many people talk on the phone, put on make up, eat, drink, look at maps while driving? And with kids that's another thing. Remember she had two in the car with her - maybe they were doing or saying something that distracted her, I don't know. I just hope to God that this never happens to me. I would be tore up if I hit someone.

Name: Stop making excuses..
Comment: She has bad Karma, Bottom Line! How you gon run somebody over right in front of you? Probably on the cell phone yappin off at the mouth like alot of women drivers do.

Name: > It is amazing to me
Comment: LMAO!! That was so funny...

Name: Ever notice
Comment: How the same people always talking about how God don't like ugly are the biggest hypocrites? I'm not making excuses for Robin Givens but judge lest ye be judged.

Name: Oops
Comment: Meant 'judge NOT lest ye be judged'.

Name: I don't understand....
Comment: How can you hit a full grown person without knowing it? I hear people say all the time that they didn't know they hit someone. It just seems impossible to me even if you're in an SUV to hit a full grown person and not know it. It even seems hard to believe you can hit a child and not know it but it's more understandable depending on how big the child is. If somebody runs over something that seems big then they should stop just to make sure so they won't make that mistake.

Name: I ain't judging but
Comment: I have a feeling that old lady with her foot sewn back on is gonna get quite a chunk of the change Robin got from Mike - an elderly white woman and a black defendant...it's just a hunch...

Name: Robin Givens
Comment: Look!! I was on the cell phone begging my agent to find me a job, Mike didn't send my last alimony check, and my bad azz kids were yanking on my weave!!! I didn't see that old hag crossing the street! At least I came back to see if she was allright.

Name: Help me!!
Comment: I've been hit by Robin Given's SUV and fallen and can't get up.

Name: >Halle Berry
Comment: Ole Halle did a hit and run a few years ago and went to the hospital to get treated but pretended to not remember hitting the car or whatever..it was very suspect and she got sued, had to go to court for failure to stop at an accident...

Name: Girl in ATL:
Comment: Robyn is not weathly. She didn't get much from Mikc that money is gone. Incidentally, so is Mike's.

Comment: my friend accessed the article from this site on faith this morning. sometimes it takes awhile to find archived articles.

Name: noshyt
Comment: You know damn well this girl had too much make-up on that she couldn't see. Now come on people how in the hell are you gonna miss someone crossing the street, even if it was an old heffa

Name: Anyway
Comment: To you people so quick to call Robin Givens names, look at your own pitiful, pathetic selves. At least she's not sitting back chatting on some tacky message board as we are. She is in Miami! And besides, we all know that old azz people don't look where they are going.

Name: to All the posters...
Comment: That has got to be the best post ever made on this board.

Suck My Tailpipe, Richard 30.Jan.2004 14:34


What is even more startling, is that more people die every year from automobile exhaust, than from automobile accidents. Fossil fuel burning Diesels are some of the worst culprates, due to the large amount of particulates they discharge. SUV's are major contributors, since they typically use much more fuel than other vehicles, and are exempt from many emissions standards.

Never do as you are told 30.Jan.2004 15:06


I agree with Tuba, this story has relevence here. SUV's are dangerous.

Like I wrote just yesterday, not only do they guzzle to much gas, but they also provide a useful means of artificially propping up our economy. They're overweight, they block the line of site of the drivers behind them with thier ridiculous height and useless tinted windows(this isnt arizona), they're often nearly as wide as the width of a lane, thier bumbers are not of a standard height and only work when hitting another SUV, they're expensive to fix and they're sure to cause high medical bills for whoever they don't kill in a collision.

Everything about SUV's are designed to send more cash down the path of big business, regardless of who gets maimed or killed.

Thanks for posting, keep it up.

The painful answer is pay the real cost 30.Jan.2004 18:13


Many of us who do drive (I drive about 1,500 miles a year) can ill afford it, but I put this proposal forward anyway.

$5.00 a gallon gas. Or more.

Do it with a responsible tax and do it before the oil companies do it for profit.

The tax can be directed towards sensible mass transit and bicycle accessability projects.

Actually 30.Jan.2004 19:41


The U.N. will be in charge of the oil in Iraq for the time being -- not the US.

Actually 30.Jan.2004 20:20

challenging ignorance

Halliburton (who pays Dick Cheney a million dollars a year in addition to maintaining his blind trust for an undisclosed amount) was given contracts to Iraqi oil fields and refineries that included "operation of facilities and distribution of products" in May of 2003.

I've cut way down 30.Jan.2004 20:37


I've cut my mileage way down period, not good enough for some ,so be it. I order 'stuff', I can't live a meaningful life without, online and have it delivered by a LARGE truck but it is diesel. I never drive at rush hour, to many fucking bad drivers out there and the air stinks. Sometimes when I have a load of bricks in my cruiser, I save gas by driving in neutral down the hill on US 26 from Sylvan Heights to I-405. This can be challenging when those little gas saving cars go slower in front of me. But nothing gets the pump running like waiving back and forth in three lines of traffic. I don't think it would violate the SUVer code to say the motto here Over, Under Around or Through.

Mother is right 30.Jan.2004 22:24


We need to pay the full price. I am not sure a tax is the right way to go... perhaps the goverment should just stop subsidizing the oil companies to begin with.... a tax always seems to have loop holes.

Damn Right, Full Price! 30.Jan.2004 23:06


Until motorists pay the full price at the pump for all of their impacts, from hospital costs for highway injuries and respiratory disease; to envoronmental impacts of oil exploration, drilling, spills, etc.; to the costs of road construction and maintenance; and so on and so forth, those of us who don't drive, or drive less by choice, will be subsidizing the motoring majority, generally through our federal taxes and local general fund taxes (paid for by state and local property and income taxes). If you want to live in suburbia and drive 20K miles per year, you should damn well be prepared to pay the full price for your habit!!!

full price 30.Jan.2004 23:29

Anton Chekhov

A good example of what Burr is talking about is local emergency response. Statistics show that some 80% of local emergency response calls are in response to auto-related emergencies. But emergency services are funded out of general tax revenues. We all are paying for this, even those of us who never drive, a massive subsidy to motorism.

It's not the SUV that is dangerous 31.Jan.2004 11:46


It is the inexperienced/incompetent SUV driver. A Semi-truck is MUCH bigger but somehow their drivers' don't seem to be slamming into pedestrians left and right. If your vehicle has limited visibility you should adjust your driving habits accordingly.

it IS the SUV that's DANGEROUS 31.Jan.2004 12:17

Anton Chekhov

I beg to differ with Skidmark. It IS the SUV that's DANGEROUS. How many big rigs do you see advertised on TV for suburban soccer moms? What are the odds of convincing Ford, GM, et al, to include complementary advanced driving courses for all new SUV buyers? What are the odds the drivers would take them? The danger is inherent in mass marketing inappropriate vehicles to consumers for the sake of bumping up corporate profits.

SUVs twice as deadly to pedestrians 31.Jan.2004 13:44


A UK study found that SUVs because of their front grill height are twice as likely to kill pedestrians compared to cars that hit pedestrians.

This probably goes for bicyclists as well.

The SUV blindspots are also much greater all around the vehicle than cars.

SUVs are also harder to handle being on truck frames.

Of course SUVs roll 3 times more frequently than cars do to. Instability is a danger to all.

I remember the accident on I-5 last year in Portland where a small SUV rolled and flipped and went airborn into the oncoming lane and landed on a Ford Expedition instantly killing the driver. The small SUV driver was injured badly too.

More than 9000 people are killed by trains every year 31.Jan.2004 14:10

Another SUV hater

The stat about only 9000 people killed in train accidents in an entire century cannot be true. In the country of India alone (where transportation infrastructure is much better than in America despite their 3rd world status), over 9000 people are killed in train accidents each _year_. I agree trains and other non-SUV means of transport are much safer, but please give correct stats.

Robin Givens has a long history of hideous behavior. She definitely lied about Mike Tyson "beating" her. It's because of wolf-crying from people such as Givens that many people make jokes about wife beating.

If a white celebrity had killed someone with his/her SUV, he/she would have gotten off without any real punishment. And non-celebrity whites regularly kill nonwhite pedestrians without punishment.

SUVs are a menace. Stop spinning. 31.Jan.2004 14:11


SUVs are symptomatic of America's inability to countenance restraint. More children. More possessions. More space. More power.

Zero consideration for the world which exists outside of their tinted glass or outside the walls of their McMansions. SUVs are only the most common and egregious representation of our homicidal self-centeredness. SUVs communicate, whether intentionally or not, that the driver is untouchable and all who fall outside of the comfortable confines of that luxury vehicle are valueless.

Much as our foreign policy does.

Of course, good luck finding even one SUV driver who will admit this ("I NEED this vehicle and I cut down on my driving to save fuel. Sometimes I even turn off my engine when waiting in the Burgerville drive-thru"). But whether they believe it or not is irrelevant. That is the real life impact of their decision to purchase and drive such a machine. The most pathetic and sickening part of this equation are the drivers who claim it is literally inconceivable they could carry on a meaningful life without this type of vehicle. That is the ultimate triumph of conditioning by the automakers and their pocketmonkey representatives in government... the consumer has so effectively internalized the advertising meme, they raise their children to hold the "right to bear SUVs" as a core value of a fulfilled existence. So much so that they'll send their children to die on foreign soil for this core belief.

SUVs in this nation, in this city, and in your driveway are incontrovertibly and directly responsible for millions of deaths worldwide from the effects of global warming and polluted air as well as for dead soldiers in Iraq, dead civilians in Iraq, and the global instability which is only beginning to blossom based on the United States' messianic promotion of "preemptive warfare" to secure unnecessary resources. If someone was prescient and canny enough to develop the methods to quantify precisely how many lives are lost based on poor fuel efficiency, they could install a measuring device that would tally the exact number of casualties caused by your solo drive to Starbucks some eight miles away to buy a single cup of coffee.

I don't think the "death-o-meter" would be a popular extra on the Eddie Bauer 2005 GMC Dominator, so most people would pass on it in favor of a third THX-enabled DirecTV in-dash HDTV monitor.

Long story short...

If you're driving an SUV, you're fucking things up.

For all of us.

Just stop.

SUV hater: Cite your sources (was Re: more than 9000 killed) 31.Jan.2004 14:48

Anton Chekhov

Cite your sources. I did mine. And if you're sure you're right, why don't you try contacting JH Crawford directly? I've followed his work for many years, and I know he's a perfectionist and a real stickler for details, and I think he'd be very interested to know about it if someone were questioning the accuracy of his facts. You can reach him at:
"J.H. Crawford" < postmaster@carfree.com>, and you can read more about his work at  http://www.carfree.com

For SUV hater: Crawford's email 31.Jan.2004 14:57

Anton Chekhov

Oops. Looks like Crawford, like the rest of us, has had to deal with more than his share of spammers. But he's got a "Send email" link in the lower right corner of his front page which should hopefully work if the one I gave doesn't

More on Road Costs 31.Jan.2004 17:55


Here's some more info from the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute (VTPI) regarding the true cost of road pricing:  http://www.vtpi.org/whoserd.pdf . Lots more related transportation policy stuff at their web site:  http://www.vtpi.org/ . Happy browsing!

300/year die in India rail accidents 15.Apr.2004 08:21