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So what is Plan B After Bush Steals the Election?

Everyone and their dog has a plan A....what is Plan B?
We had no plan B in 2000. Did we learn from our mistakes?
plan bee? 30.Jan.2004 08:59

red 'n black keds


Good Question, juan 30.Jan.2004 09:32


wonder if any of the 'Liberals' who frequent this site can answer that question - esp. those of the Dean-Kerry variety . . .

Plan B, anyone?

oh! yes indeed the is a... 30.Jan.2004 09:37

Plan B

is called THE GREAT AMERICAN REVOLUTION...so stored up ammo, guns, food, water, duct tape, plastic sheeting,
and get ready for the best event to hit this country since 1776! Enjoy it...raise hell!

Sit down, no business as usual 30.Jan.2004 09:40


Peaceable, demand to have out grievances addressed. Urge stupid riot prone protesters who really don't have a clue nor participate in anything else but fun self serving posturing to be non violent.

SF Had A Good Plan B 30.Jan.2004 10:10


It was "no business as usual." For three days protestors shut down the city. Peaceful sit-ins in the financial district brought everything to a halt. If the same plan could be cloned in major cities about the country, it could be quite effective.

Lars the Infidel 30.Jan.2004 10:17

Martial Law A Go-Go

If Shrub is able to steal it again, the only way to bring him down -- and save the nation -- would be sustained street demonstrations as we've seen in recent years in La Paz, Bolivia; Tblisi, Georgia and Belgrade, Serbia.

However, we would need this to occur in major cities nationwide --- Washington, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, et al.

It can work. But the state would definitely send in riot cops and the National Guard. It's all part of the process. Hell, I feel disgusted that we didn't do this in 2000. But maybe everyone was too transfixed by the shear outright corruption of the Supreme Court and the lay-down-and-take-it attitude and actions of the Democratic party to do what was needed and necessary.

No, if the fix is in again, the only way to save ourselves and the nation will be sustained street protests. The only way.

Big question is "Will we have the guts and stamina to see it through?"

Please don't pitch tell me all this crapola, especially from the left, that Shrub cannot be beaten in the election. He and his GOP war criminals are looking worse everyday to the middle class and poor work. Even Joe and Jane Six-Pack see the lies and wasted lives now.

I'm the Skull & Crossbones Paranoia Posse will object and berate me, but John Kerry will be able to rally national opinion behind his campaign. Kerry's a fighter in every sense of the word and will not take lying down the shit the GOP will inevitably throw his way. He's gonna tear Shrub a new one.

Which leaves outright electoral theft the only means available to the GOP to retain the White House. That and parading the body of Bin Laden through the streets of Washington. Talk about an October Surprise. Anyway, this is gonna be a wild and crazed election year unlike anything seen in the US since 1968.

But when all is said and done, if the GOP is able to steal the "election" again, the only way remaining option, Plan B, will be to take to the streets and bring things to a logical, chaotic resolution.

And the revolution will definitely be televised.

Message For "Martial Law A Go-Go" 30.Jan.2004 11:11


"He's gonna tear Shrub a new one."

--from the tone of your comment you would seem to be a 'Kerry Booster'.

what was the matter with Dean, Kucinich, or _______________ ?

kerry is more relevant at the moment. 30.Jan.2004 12:26


mm-hm said:
--from the tone of your comment you would seem to be a 'Kerry Booster'.

what was the matter with Dean, Kucinich, or _______________ ?

I'm sure as hell not a Kerry Booster, but I'd like to point out that "Go-Go" didn't diss the other two you mention. They don't appear likely to win the nomination, so they have become fairly irrelevant to the current discussion. Too bad.

What frustrates me most is the idea of Kerry winning in November, and business as usual continuing to destroy this country and the world through crass corporate politics. We NEED massive change, NOT a "Democrat" in the White House.

As I see it 30.Jan.2004 12:27

Lars the Infidel

Hey, just being realistic:

Dean -- great for fighting Shrub on the war, but doesn't have the gravitas to win; great as a Health & Human Services Department head; has earned a prime time speech at Dem convention

Edwards -- great populist rhetoric, articulate and looks good on camera; however, too young and inexperienced in politics, no gravitas, but possibly an attractive VP candidate because of southern roots, like Gore was to Bill

Clark -- excellent alternative for when Dean was front-runner, but no real credentials other than miltary background. probably going no-where but still a wild card

Lieberman -- Republican in Dem clothing. way too conservative for most Democrats, no personal appeal, no nothing. should drop out now. wasting people's time. if doesn't win Delaware, he's out like Dick. G.

Dennis K. -- some great ideas and especially appealling to anti-war crowd, but no personal gravitas, no personal appeal, no nothing for 90% of the country. also very weak on pro-choice. should drop out now.

Al Sharpton -- civil rights activist with no appeal to most Dems and especially not to most of the country. important though as a continuing African-American voice in the campaign.

Kerry -- has the gravitas, the political & foreign policy experience, the articulation, and most importantly the fight to take it to the bastards holding the White House hostage. not afraid of anything the GOP can throw his way, and they know it. of course Kerry is part of the governing system, but he has the personal experience to see and understand what's really important -- helping working people. I'm hoping to god if he's elected that Kerry turns out to be something like FDR, minus the internment camps. yes, I'm a Kerry backer. liked him when I lived in Boston, and I like him now. the Dems bet shot to beat Shrub, and everybody knows it.

About the only way Shrub wins a fair election is he gets Bin Laden. Otherwise, people see the "growing economy" as a growing lie, and more and more servicemen & women (not to mention innocent Iraqis & Afghans though let's face it, 95% of Americans don't care a fig about them) getting killed for less than nothing.

Shrub is already running scared. Otherwise, why did he trot out to New Hamphsire immediately after the primary? If everyone just keeps the faith, the rat bastard in the White House and all his war crime henchmen, are gone. Only problem will be keeping the doors to the Treasury locked between November 2, 2004 and Jan. 21 the next year. fat chance of that.

Peaceful sit-ins: YES! 30.Jan.2004 12:29


Forgot to mention, I think the peaceful sit-in tactic is the only peaceful way to achieve change. Too bad most 'Mericans are too lazy to participate... and too enslaved to take the time to sit in even if they support us.

Plan C 30.Jan.2004 13:27

Pass the bong put on the bandanna and grab the butter knife


Plan B says

is called THE GREAT AMERICAN REVOLUTION...so stored up ammo, guns, food, water, duct tape, plastic sheeting,
and get ready for the best event to hit this country since 1776! Enjoy it...raise hell!

I hate to say it Plan B, but the neo-cons and neo-nazis have you out gunned 100 to 1.

I can just see it now the red and black crowd running around with butter knives while they are mowed down 50cal machine guns and all in front of FOX cameras and the freighted American viewer who feels a bit more secure now that those "scary juvenile delinquents" have been vanquished.

A violent left-wing overthrow is doomed to failure no matter how stongly you feel. Face the fact, civil disobedience is the only resort of an out gunned populace. AND, that is only as long as the powers that be have a shred of conscience and fear of loss of power.

Democracy 30.Jan.2004 14:00


If everyone stages protests and/or riots in response to a win by Bush in the upcoming election, and he somehow gets ousted as President, how does that work? I hate Bush just as much as the next person, but I'm playing devil's advocate for a bit here. Imagine if Gore had won in the 2000 election. Well, technically he DID win, but imagine if the Supreme Court had declared him the winner. Now imagine that the Republicans got angry and took to the streets of major cities, and protested until Bush was put in office. That would make the people who voted for Gore angry as all hell, and the whole system would go down the drain. The person who gets the most votes wins. Not the person who gets the most protests for him to be in office. Nobody would accept the new President after being put in office by protestors. Then again, half of Americans don't accept our "President" anyways, so what am I thinking?

YO - surfer_sam 30.Jan.2004 14:09


"They don't appear likely to win the nomination, so they have become fairly irrelevant to the current discussion. Too bad."

-uuuhhh, isn't this where Kerry was a couple of weeks ago?

where will Kerry be three weeks from now?

i left that blank __________________ in there for a reason . . . being, it simply does not matter at this stage of the Demobrat campaign who's the "front runner" -

by the end of summer, the DNC will have made up its mind on a ticket for P. and V.P.,

and every registered Demobrat will vote thus if they want to "beat Bush". It could be Lieberman, or that other Blowdried Poser Boy we haven't heard much from yet (what sis name . . . ?)

notions of this or that candidate being "irrelevant" are *just that* -

it's the entire process itself that's irrelevant.

As if the Demobrat pResidential candidates are offering real 'alternatives' to the Bush administration policies . . . let's see, which Demobrat (who "has a chance of being elected" ;-) will withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan? what is the REAL DIFFERENCE between Bush and ANY ONE of the Demobrat candidates for the White House?

don't forget - the RNC owns the voting machines anyway.

yeah we need a revolution - but not when Joe Sixpack thinks it's 'just another election year . . . '

and it really is, to him - the world isn't "coming to an end" . . . America's just globalizing itself , thas'sall . . . continuing the process begun 23 years ago by Reagan-Bush.

RIOT RIOT RIOT 30.Jan.2004 15:23



Owwww...are ya nervous now piggies? Better stock up on them tazers.

But we have a secret weapon up our sleeves...a blac block made up entirely of cloned T-rex's (T-rexisis? T-rexi?) Do you have any idea what an angry T-rex can do with a hammer???

plan bee redux 30.Jan.2004 15:23

red 'n black keds

...to all the calm and mature folks; do you think the rat-bastards (i.e. our lovely government) that have killed either directly or by proxy at least ten million people in the world since the end of ww2 persuing our 'national interests', use cops, the national guard, elements of the armed forces to brutalize and kill studends, workers and dissients here at home; militarize and streamline the repressive apparatus so that from the cop on the beat all the way to the pentagon is one seamless whole, do you really really really believe that our rulers give a shit about our noble words? all of us, democan and republicrat, red neck yahoo and peace spouting progressive, we all support the status quo via our taxes and following the rules, and until we stop doing THAT, we are complicit with the designs of the murderous thieves we call 'our' leaders. nobody in the 3rd world getting shot with a bullet i paid for is going to be too impressed with me holding a sign expessing my 'principled' opposition to the policies of my government. and as far as 'lefties' being outgunned by neocons or nazis, whose fault is that?

Surprised this aint here yet 30.Jan.2004 19:32


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER OR TO ABOLISH IT, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS TYEIR DUTY, TO THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Considering leaving the country 30.Jan.2004 20:48


If Bu$h gets in again, I'm very worried about how bad it could get. Martial law wouldn't surprise me, things seem to be headed that way. I plan to be ready to leave quickly. Whether I do it or not, I plan to be ready to go. We've been giving away a lot of our stuff, saving some money & researching a possible move to Canada or any other place that's even somewhat better than here. With the rapacity and evil of the government , and the apathy and stupidity of the sheeple, I honestly don't see much hope, not anytime soon anyway, although I wish I could be more optimistic about it. And even if a democrat gets in, they'll still be taking taxes out of our paychecks and spending it on wars past present and future. Maybe a democrat could be a slight improvement, but not much, really. It wouldn't change the nature of the social order.

One idea I could totally get behind is Secession. We could get some land and declare sovereignty. There are groups out there looking into this: Republic of Cascadia, the free state project (although they're libertarians) and some folks in Arizona and Vermont.

Bear 30.Jan.2004 22:21


Success to you is in planning now. As for Canada two ways to go, 1. planning what makes you marketable under their point system and 2. Just going but as an underground person there will be no healthcare or schooling for your kids unless they are born in Canada. In the end the maybe 5% of america gives a shit so think of saving yourself. In the end why should we think america is capable of change it is fat, lazy, uneducated and generation after generation the people say they can't understand politics, but they can follow the intricacy of sports. In a cruel sense of the word Democracy the masses are getting what they deserve.

... 30.Jan.2004 23:09


This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.
Abraham Lincoln

The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.
John Adams

Canada 30.Jan.2004 23:33


You need only be accepted as a "landed immigrant" to get social services in Canada.

A more serious problem is the way Martin has been trying get Bush to drop his pants so he (Martin) can kiss his (Bush's) ass, draft-resisters are likely to be rounded up and sent back this time. (Who knows, maybe Martin will get carried away, and the Republicans will wish they had never said anything about Lewinski.)

Remember, too, your Stasi patrol the border 100 miles deep now.

It might be better to join your local Friends Meeting.

Has anyone concidered the fact that... 31.Jan.2004 07:18


The media might just be able to spin a stolen election this time as a right and honerable exorcise in democracy? What happens if the majority of the sheeple are convinced that the '04 election is carried our with the utmost concern for counting everyman's vote (everywoman's vote as well) and the media pundits all gather 'round and diefy the AmeriKKKan process and the glories of the founding fathers. What happens if our corporate controled media convinces the masses that the election is just a "fair and ballanced" as FOX News and the bastards buy it? Will it be any different than the first days of the bombing of Iraq? When People came out for a day to wave signs and bitch and moan and then promptly go home like good little slaves? Will I be one of the few in the streets screaming my rage at the federal government for weeks on end... again? Will we band of breathren be alone again? Will the few, the proud, the Free, be out there standing up for the rights of the rest of the ignorant americans who are pissed but too busy driving their kids to soccer practice to participate in the spirit of '76 and give their voices to the democratic process while the federalies and the media stear our country down the road to emperalistic fascism?
Will you stand with us? That is the question.
If the election is stollen again and the creators of the Diebold project take office under the pretenses of 9/11, or something much worse that might happen before November, will the average American... will the real Cascadians... stand up and declare their rage... their freedom... their sovereignty?
I hope so but I have seen what happens when apathy and mass media takes hold of the hearts of good people. I have seen the most staunch supporters of revolution cave in to the promise of a 401K plan and a BMW.
I hope that we will have a fair and Just election in '04 but I know that the corporate paradigm will win out over the needs of the People. I know that the People will simply buckle and bitch and whine while they sip their mochas and wait for the green light in their new SUV.
I know that this revolution belongs to only the Few, the Proud, and the Free. And pride goeth before the fall.
There are not enough numbers to chalenge the AmeriKKKain consumer.
We can shut down the highways and storm the federal buildings... but for how long? A day? Two?
I hope that there is more dedication than that but my rational mind tells me that there is not... besides, I have experianced AmeriKKKan apathy already.
I am ready to kill such apathy. Are you?

Apathy 31.Jan.2004 09:10


On the subject of apathy of the Amerikan populace: occasionally I've thought that it might not be an obstacle to revolutionary change. They may not care enough to get involved, but they probably won't care enough to try to stop it, either. They'd still be zoned out in front of the idiot box munching cheetos and drinking beer. (So there's my positive, optimistic thought for the day.)

How many? 31.Jan.2004 10:59


How many do you figure you can take out,
before they roll over you?

MKULTRA mind control 01.Feb.2004 21:40

a zapped sheeple

The greedy psychos have won: mind control has been going on for years now. The richest of the richest elite (known as the " Illuminati ") have funded the mad scientists to zap the population with hundreds of tv channels and with confusion and fear. Some form of hypnosis creating apathy and pessimism results from watching too much tv. Brain waves are tempered with - and this is where MKULTRA probably comes in. Confused and scared people then in turn seek outlets for their frustration: sports, sex, legal and illegal drugs, fast fat foods, cars and violent movies. People really suffer in quiet desperation - till it all comes tumbling down. Their imagination has been zapped into a zombie state. IMAGINATION, SOLIDARITY AND COURAGE lacking amongst the population guarantees a win for the neo-con/nazis.

How much more confused can one get? The pope can one day say that capitalism and greed do not serve humankind and on another day cry out to Bush "long live America! ".

The brain dead masses will just sit by 01.Feb.2004 23:56

Angry American

What ever happens this November for the most part the braindead masses wil just sit by and say, oh well! take all of my rights away, I want to feel safe and secure knowing DUBYA & com. stoled the election again. I won't mind if DUBYA & com look in my bedroom to see if I'm having some sort of strange sex with my loved one. I won't mind if caught having strange sex is illegal under news laws on the books by the so called christians in congress! Afterall according to DUBYA & com we live in a christian country founded by so called christians. Afterall, our troops are fighting an illegal war and dying for some so called god under DUBYA & com's way of thinking.

WAKE UP People of America right now and start planing ahead. We have to be ready to fight to keep this coming election in November HONEST! Our future demands it, front and center now, to protect the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

I suspect 02.Feb.2004 03:48


You need a more effective strategy for rousing the People of America than shouting, "WAKE UP", on a web-site frequented by leftist and anarchist activists.