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Powell's Strikers Solidarity Action

We keep hoping that the employees in Powell's will finally get a contract, but the process is slow. Patience runs thin. Today we decided to do something visual and we went to the store armed with our book lists. We picked out the books we would have bought, took them to the checkout and left them with this flyer as a bookmark. Seems to me that other customers who want to shop in Powell's but will not until a contract is signed, could do the same. Carts of books containing the "Books Not Purchased" flyer just might make a good showing for solidarity.

TEXT OF SOLIDARITY LETTER: Book not purchased Because, Powell's Books is refusing to negotiate in good faith. All the employees are asking for is a fair shake. The Employees are the reason that Powell's is so successful. I am distressed at not being able to shop here, so I have Decided that it will be ok to shop, as long as I do not Purchase. That way, I may read, visit with great employees, And go to a more enlightened book store to make my Purchases. These are the books that I would have purchased On THIS day. YOU do the math, Mr. Powell.

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Da Fist
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