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Wolves to be Killed in Alaska

The Alaska legislation has allowed citizens to kill wolves from aircraft in an effort to increase moose and caribou numbers for out of state hunting interests. Alaska voters REJECTED such an act TWICE (1996 & 2000), however the Governor has ignored them. The flash presentation by the Alaska Wildlife Alliance sums it all up.

Unfortunately, hunting wolves is not our only problem. The Alaska legislature ignored the voters (and 500,000 Americans) by allowing people to shoot wolves from passing aircraft. This results in wounded animals left to freezeor suffer in the snow. The wolves' tracks are followed into the open tundra of Interior Alaska, where they have no where to hide. Then they are chased to exhaustion and blasted.

In addition to this asinine practice, people are allowed to chase wolves with snowmachines (snowmobiles) until they are exhaused, and then killed. People also set whats called 'saturation snares' which is basically a very large amount of traps in a certain area, usually around bait. They can take out an entire pack of wolves, who are then left to die of starvation, shock, or the elements.


results of aerial wolf killing
results of aerial wolf killing
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