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Right-wing Recall Group Slapped with $1,100 in Fines for Election-Law Violations

The state Elections Division has proposed a civil penalty of $1,100 against John Belgarde, treasurer of recallvera.com, one of two groups that last summer sought to recall Mayor Vera Katz. The penalty notices, mailed late last week, are for failure to file timely and sufficient reports of contributions and expenditures as required by state law.

The fines are the outcome of a complaint filed last July by Marvin Moore of the Recall Vera Katz Committee, the competing recall group, after recallvera.com, formerly known as the Better Portland Alliance, filed a report with its prospective recall petition on June 6 that failed to disclose contributions and expenditures. This complaint came only two weeks after the Elections Division had acted on an earlier complaint by Moore and had discontinued the BPA as a political committee because it was not properly formed under state law.