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Portland Peace Encampment Addresses Mayor and City Council after MLK Day

The Portland Peace Encampment was forcefully disbanded in August from the space between City Hall and the Green-Wyatt Federal Building. The Encampment had been alternately occupying the sidewalk and part of the grounds of Terry Schrunk Park on SE 4th Avenue since bombs began falling on Baghdad March 19, 2003.

On January 21, 2004, two members of the Peace Encampment visited the Mayor and City Council during the open 'Communications' period prior to the start of official council business at that day's meeting. The campers brought with them some video of police brutality on the streets of Portland, a couple of quotes in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and one or two questions for the Mayor in her role as commissioner of police.

The City of Portland archives council meetings on its website at  http://www.portlandonline.com

You can watch streaming video of the council meeting by going to  http://www.portlandonline.com/index.cfm?c=28259 and clicking on the video for the 01-21-04, 9:30AM meeting. The relevant portion of the streaming video begins immediately and continues for about 9 minutes.
yeah! 26.Jan.2004 17:30


nice job, ya'll. everyone should watch this. they don't start talking until about 2 minutes into the clip....

oops. 26.Jan.2004 21:26

that was supposed to be:

sw 4th avenue, not se

Good job! 27.Jan.2004 00:53


It's about time we showed the city council what was going on in the streets (on March 25th) first hand of the police state here in Portland Oregon. I was there standing with a video camera recording the inhuman and violent actions of the Portland Police Bureau on the streets of Portland when the young woman was pepper sprayed for standing on the sidewalk. THERE WAS NO REASON FOR IT!

I am appalled to see the city commissioners, as well as Mayor Katz do nothing in light of this video. They acted without any emotion, without any concern for the city of Portland, and without any initiative to take action to correct the wrongs done by the Portland Police. I ask you the people of Portland, why are you allowing these people to represent you if they do nothing in your best interests concerning the police? Unless that is of course your the Portland Business Alliance... disgusting.

Good job to those who spoke and helped put the video together (you know who you are). It is nice to see people speaking out.

Oh and one more thing. This message is for all those that work in law enforcement and abuse their power... . WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

follow up 27.Jan.2004 01:32

keeping the pressure on

The city council is only going to be able to ignore this one for so long. We plan on following up on this action with a resolution that will be presented to the mayor and council members. We are in the proccess of drafting the piece, that will include at least: 1. An immediate disarming of the officers involved 2. A formal look into the training and tactics for demonstrations in a public forum on the city's agenda 3. An investigation into the city attorney David Worobril's roll in the attack on Amber Hicks. We will be gathering at the Red and Black cafe on 22nd and Division SE this Saturday at 5:00pm to explore this further if anyone wants to stop by and add their thoughts. Ultimately we can bring these videos to the streets and distribute them throughout the city and the people WILL demand a responce from the council. Blessings and Peace...
ps if anyone would like to joing the portland peace encampment discussion group go to  portlandpeaceencampment@yahoogroups.com

mistake 27.Jan.2004 01:56


Sorry I didn't add the capital letters...The discussion group is:  PortlandPeaceEncampment@yahoogroups.com

Lookin good!! 27.Jan.2004 03:07

How is it that

those who are bound by The U.S. Constitution to PROTECT the right to protest....................are actually doing everything within their power, no matter if it's legal or not, to destroy PROTESTING?????!!!

Why is ENLIGHTENMENT so frightening to the elite? Since the popo work for corporations that want the people to shut up and swallow the poison, WHY are the popo coming to US for their paychecks? Does this look like TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION???????!!!!!!! Not to mention STREETWARFARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE??!!! Doesn't this mean that our government has been OVERTHROWN by thugs??!!!

"Our" military is entering a "new era", where, in order to quel dissent, they are doing "NonLethal Military Force", which uses psych-ops, poisonous gas, exotic energy weapons, and the like. They are getting away from Kent State style all out shootings--BECAUSE (with nonlethal military force) THEY CAN ACHIEVE THE SAME EFFECT...WITHOUT THE ENSUING LAWSUITS..............................AND OF COURSE, OUTRAGE. Look it up yourself.

Whatever it is the fascists want, they are willing to committ genocide against us here in the US for it. But they won't because they have a less messy alternative, such as the street violence you have witnessed. To them, this is the equivalent of killing us. Only they just want to kill our voices. They can't stand the truth!!! By the way, slavery is widely known as Social Death..................
So we have all the more reason for protesting and getting our voices heard!!! Don't let them keep us right where they want us. Do everything in your moral power to rock the boat. We HAVE TO. We just have to take care of this problem, and not let them get away with our rights, our laws, our money, and our children's futures. ?????!!!??? There are lots of things we can do, but the important thing is to do it!!!
PS: Hi Todd.

Nice work! 27.Jan.2004 12:56

news junkie

I can't wait to see want comes next.

Way to call them out Todd and Glenn

This is a great example of what people can do to actually do something about police misconduct. I hope this emboldens more victims and witnesses to continue filing complaints, filing suits and taking pictures and video of these publicly funded monsters.

Also see this video at "Videos from the Resistance!" 27.Jan.2004 18:04


Anyone who is interested can also see this video as part of the PDX IMC Video Collective's 'Videos from the Resistance!' showings coming up this Friday and as to be announced for February in the coming days. Look for a schedule of video nights and locations on the top of the front page at  http://portland.indymedia.org .

The next video showing will be:

1914 East Burnside Art Studio
7:00 PM

See you there!

I Love You 28.Jan.2004 13:10

Bike Around

I Love You Peace Encampers and Activists! You were there after the war started and gave me hope and helped open me up to Activism.

Love and Peace to You