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Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign slogans

Compiled from various sources. Not a definitive list.
bush/cheney 2004 campaign slogans

no weak country left alive--bush/cheney 2004

safe ports, safe docks, safe harbors, bush rocks! bush/cheney 2004

white people: 2 brown people: 0--bush-2004-cheney

bush isn't racist--his wife's half mexican--bush/cheney 2004
bush no es racisto porque la esposa de el es media-mexicana--bush/cheney 2004

you can't have omelletes without genocide--bush/cheney/2004

no immigrants left inside--bush/cheney 2004

better him than bin-laden--bush/cheney 2004

i like bin-laden but i'm backin' bush--bush/cheney 2004

civilian deaths kept under 1/4 million in 1st term--bush/cheney 2004

the middle east and asia whiter--bush/cheney 2004

pro-life except arabs--bush/cheney 2004

conquering 1/3 of a comparatively weak country ain't too bad--bush/cheney 2004

no senior citizen left alive--bush/cheney 2004

your vote=citizenship--bush/cheney 2004
tu votas=citicencia y naturalization--bush/cheney 2004

our economy is better than iraq's--bush/cheney--2004

saddam fell; the threat lingers--bush/cheney 2004

don't wait until cuba attacks us--bush/cheney 2004

don't wait until venezuela attacks us--bush/cheney 2004

your vote can help get him almost elected again--bush/cheney 2004

one country left standing--bush/cheney 2004

on 9/11, they stood by you (if by "stood by you" you mean that cheney went underground and bush flew 1,000 miles inland)--bush/cheney 2004

2004--redemption--bush/cheney 2004
brainstorming with friends one night 25.Jan.2004 20:45


take your lumps. ---bush/cheney '04 !!

stop sniveling! --bush/cheney '04 !!

total innoculation! -- bush/cheney '04!

Great Stuff 26.Jan.2004 05:29

Internet Surfer

Really great material. Keep it up and maybe it will find it way through other sites. Can anyone come up with images to match the words?

one more 26.Jan.2004 07:47


here's one I wish I had the computer capability to make into bumper stickers:

Bush/Cheney 1984

another one 26.Jan.2004 14:41

righteous minion

Don't blame me--God chose him! Bush/Cheney '04

Bus not just a killer 26.Jan.2004 16:53


Give us ten years and you won't recognize the cities.

Oh, sorry that was Hermann Goering in c.1933

a few more 26.Jan.2004 17:28


You dont get Vaseline this time --- Bush/Cheney '04

No Child Left Behind; providing cannon fodder for our profit --- Bush/Cheney '04

It dont matter who you vote for Bush/Cheney '04 (paid for by Diebold Inc)

If you dont vote for us, maybe this time we will NUKE your peasant asses instead of just knocking down a few buildings --- Bush/Cheney '04

You gotta be a fucking moron to vote for us... TERRORISTS!!! 911!!! SADDAM!!! HOMOSEXUALS!!! DRUGS!!! ATHEISTS!!!TERRORISTS!!!! TERRORISTS!!! 911!!! ...suckers. Bush/Cheney '04

Pray for a better tomorrow with Bush. Get on you knees. Start praying. NOW!!! --- Bush/Cheney '04

Our Jesus has blue eyes and blonde hair; hates fags, athiests, Democrats, and poor people. Jesus loves you...Right!?!? Bush/Cheney'04

Remember the Inquisition? No? Good! Bush/Cheney '04

Play by our rules or we'll knock the pieces off the board--BUSH/CHENEY 2004 26.Jan.2004 23:21

Mr. N. Ron

Get on all fours, for 2 Oil Whores--BUSH/CHENEY 2004 We sold our Souls, for Texas Gold--BUSH/CHENEY 2004 BE THE 1ST ONE ON THE BLOCK TO HAVE YOUR BOY COME HOME IN A BOX--BUSH/CHENEY 2004 Because, dammit, Saudi Arabia is good people!--Bush/Bin Laden 2004

One more 26.Jan.2004 23:36

A follow up to the Vaseline one

Don't you dare do to our daughters what we're doing to the country--Bush/Cheny 2004

evils 27.Jan.2004 01:36

emmanuel goldstein

cthulhu 2004 - why choose the lesser of two evils?

A few forgotten ones 27.Jan.2004 11:10

Major W

These gems were somehow overlooked:



Don't let YOUR nukes fall into the wrong hands--Bush/Cheney 2004


More Slogans 07.Mar.2004 04:58

Maddog2840 staff@luckypuppy.net

BUSH/CHENEY 2004-Collect the Whole Set
I Support Operation Californian Freedom BUSH/CHENEY 2004
Do What You're TOLD! BUSH/CHENEY 2004

note: Actual Bumper Stickers at
T Shirts too.
"D.U.M.B.-Democrats United to Malign Bush"
"John Kerry for Fucking President"
"Rednecks for Dean"

bush makes it easier for us to mock him 11.Mar.2004 11:51

brian ragle brian@brianragle.com

hey kids! now you can make your very own bush/cheney campaign slogan posters at home! simply go to  http://www.georgewbush.com/btl/CustomPoster.aspx?type=color and enter your own slogan, press the button, and you get a ready-for-printing adobe pdf file. act now before they catch on!