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what's happening in bolivia ??
They are organizing big time!!! All the popular organizations have agreed to begin a national strike and blockade within the next 20 days. They are now asking for the ousting of Parliament, the creation of a "popular assembly". They no longer believe that the current government is capable of initiating the necessary changes to combat neoliberalism in their country - even if they wait until elections and Evo Morales were to be elected president, they do not see how the kind of change that is needed could take place.

Evo Morales, an elected congress member of Bolivia, leader of the cocaleros and (MAS) the Movement Toward Socialism, has come out against this plan. His main reasons for this stance is that he believes massive protests will deliver Bolivia into a situation that the US Embassy is hoping for, that this is exactly what the US Embassy wants to happen - opening of the doors to a situation that will justify a military coup.

Why do many believe that Morales is correct in this assumption ?? Articles appeared in the mainstream press identifying the fact that - "A military team dispatched by the Pentagon is traveling to Bolivia to assess security at the U.S. Embassy following violent anti-government riots and the collapse of the government." in October of 2003.  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2003/10/279127.html ... what do that translate into?

Also, See article in wsws.org "Nearly 90 killed by troops, Bush administration backs massacres in Bolivia" [ http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/oct2003/boli-o17.shtml ]

Quoting WSWS:

" ... an issue of the weekly magazine Pulso published a detailed account of the extensive US role in organizing the government's murderous repression against the protest movement. Security forces confiscated the edition as soon as it was distributed. Also seized was the daily newspaper El Diario, which carried a headline "Bolivians have the right to demand the resignation of the president." Security forces have also shut down a radio station that broadcasts in the Aymara language and have threatened to move against other media.

"According to the report in Pulso, a US military command has taken effective control of the Bolivian army in the face of the mass upheavals. Leading this operation, according to the magazine, is the US military attaché, Col. Edward Holland. Another officer has been assigned to oversee troop deployments and tactics, the article said, adding that it was he who made the decision to bring in units from Bolivia's eastern lowlands, for fear that local troops would hesitate in firing on civilians. According to one report, a Bolivian officer shot and killed an Aymara Indian conscript who refused to shoot down the predominantly Aymara protesters.

"Another US official has been assigned to organize logistical support for the military repression, assuring adequate supplies of ammunition, food and materiel for the Bolivian army, the magazine added. It said that the US military has organized regular flights from Miami for this purpose, a charge that has also been confirmed by opposition legislators. Paulo Bravo, an opposition deputy, reported that a US Hercules military transport landed Tuesday at an airfield near La Paz with a cargo for the Ministry of Defense that apparently included fresh weapons."

Mallku and Roberto de la Cruz, important leaders of the Aymara, are backing the Confederation of Bolivian Workers (COB) in this call to ACTION. ... . Roberto de la Cruz was the first leader to initiate a march on the capitol from some 100 miles away with 200 miners with sticks and a few rusty old rifles in September, their action and call to the nation spread to the whole country. It was only after popular support had been mobilized that Morales joined in, along with his MAS party to support the uprising this past October. Mallku is also a very important leader, he too has pledged to back COB's call to action.

From my feeble analysis, far away from that country is: the shit is going to hit the fan SOON. We need to help them anyway that we can, translate articles, help with radio broadcasting, translating, get the word out. We do not wish to allow the US military to meddle, to F... . their country up !!!

This could easily be a bit of CRYING WOLF, events can change between now and the twenty days are up. But, let's keep our eyes and ears open to this possibility and think of kind of support can be given during this crisis


EL FILO DE LA FRONTERA/ THE BORDER'S EDGE ... a local bilingual radio collective hopes to make live interviews, with live translating... . Anyone wish to help with the radio project of Indy media notify  thebordersedge@riseup.net or indymedia. THANX. Kim Sky.
Thank you! 25.Jan.2004 23:06


Thank you for publishing this! Latin America is the scene of some of the most beautiful developments in the world right now... and also some of the ugliest as plutocracy attempts to stop the revitalization of life that is underway. We in the U.S. anticapitalist movement need to further our awareness of the struggles in Bolivia, Venezuela, etc, and become allies. Our issues are the same, even as they manifest differently.

Pacific Natural Gas Consortium 26.Jan.2004 13:59

owned by British Petroleum

the natural gas reserve under Bolivia has alot to do with the campesino strikes months ago. pacific natural gas consortium (PNGC owned by British Petroleum)) wanted to extract the gas and transport to united states against the wishes of the Bolivian people (they get nothing but a destroyed environment from the drilling). Then president Sanchez (now hiding out in USA) gave the corporation PNGC free access to the gas without giving the Bolivian people anything..

Humboldt Bay is fighting a proposed LNG terminal that Calpine (start up funding from Enron) wants to build in the Bay off Eureka. This explosive gas would be housed near a city, bird sanctuary and a seismic fault. sounds like a perfect combo for an explosion..

LNG watch webpage;