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Duck, Duck, Goose revisited

I was looking at all the times I posted to this site and came upon the story called Duck, Duck, Goose. It made me happy and hopeful to read it again. I hope you will remember too.
What this piece is about is that a bunch of Indymedia activists had a party for solstice last spring. We ate good food, danced to some inspiring middle eastern music and wrote down our hopes and aspirations for the future of Portland Indymedia. Then we spiral danced into the streets of North Portland. The cops came...it was a magical night. I hope you will all remember and not give up hope.

Peace, Z

a tale of spiral dancing

Through the door we flew, out onto the street
passion, joy, and meade
hollering at the night sky
our dreams and visions sped past us
because we opened the door to the other side,
we should catch up to them soon...

(These are the hopes and aspirations of those who attended that gathering last spring in Portland)

Unconditonal aspiration

Growth & connection

Let truth out!

I wish for more diversity of race especially in membership. I wish for strong lasting community within the froup and among the other groups it interacts with. I wish for a full harvest of our efforts and the realization of our hopes for the world.

I wish for it to remain safe and happy for a long, long time.

From our center, rings, rings, rongs
with love and courage

packets of power!

Service without hierarchy

loving solidarity

learning from mistakes

loving solutions

Community: I think that the new site will bring back community to the world and empower people out of the society of spectacle.

Freedom & Responsibility

I hope that we never loose sight of what's important & always keep the lines of communication open & we stay positive.

unconditional aspiration

diversity & unity

tendrils of light spanning the earth
centered in local community

I envision a huge growth of positive energy surrounding the site which will attract and enlighten many more people. By the end of the year many more people will turn to it as there first and primary source of news and information.

start IMC Sacremento for convention in june.

May the new pdx IMC clarify, guide & sustain to a lasting, better way
may our passon have a place

love & be

A clearing house for the global justice movement and the freedom revolution

Effortless cohesion

Effective consolidation and organization of relevant information to empower individuals and communities.
Collection and dissemination of information which leads people to move direct and impactful ways of challenging oppressive power structures.

May love
& truth
beam forth
from monitors
around the
world and
with Beirss everywhere.

More flow

What happened in the streets that night...

... then we sat in the street and played duck, duck, goose and the cops came and he/she asked us if we were alright, and what we were doing. And we said "hell yes, we're alright" and that we were playing duck, duck, goose. And the cop said "well just keep on doing it then". And he/she drove off. And it was a funny strange moment where the cops were ok with us being in the streets, and we didn't need to fight them over it.

Asodeon said:

It started with duck duck goose and with the acceptance of one cop it spread and the beginning of the change began. It is a new age where we all will play duck duck goose with everyone in harmony forever.

Z says: Don't forget the vision
Some pictures to corroborate 30.Jan.2004 13:52


I took these pictures of "violent terroristic protestors" playing duck-duck-grey duck/goose at the LEIU meeting in Seattle last June. Just thought you'd like to have some visuals