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WTC 7 'Pulled' By Silverstein, FDNY - Were Towers 'Pulled' Too?

PBS Documentary: Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC 7
In a stunning and belated development concerning the attacks of 9/11 Larry Silverstein, the controller of the destroyed WTC complex, stated plainly in a PBS documentary that he and the FDNY decided jointly to demolish the Solomon Bros. building, or WTC 7, late in the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.

This admission appeared in a PBS documentary originally aired in Sept. of 2002 entitled "America Rebuilds". Mr Silverstein's comments came after FEMA and the Society of Civil Engineers conducted an extensive and costly investigation into the curious collapse of WTC 7. The study specifically concluded that the building had collapsed as a result of the inferno within, sparked, apparently, by debris falling from the crumbling North Tower.

In the documentary Silverstein makes the following statement;

"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

[This can be heard in the audio file  http://VestigialConscience.com/PullIt.mp3. Thanks to Sir Dave 'tmo' Soule for transfering this from the video to an MP3 file. "America Rebuilds", PBS Home Video, ISBN 0-7806-4006-3, is available from  http://shop.pbs.org/products/AREB901/.]

Mr. Silverstein's comments stand in direct contradiction to the findings of the extensive FEMA report. They even negate Kevin Spacey's narrative in the very documentary in which they appear; "WTC 7 fell after burning for 7 hours." If it had been generally known that the building was "pulled" wouldn't Mr. Spacey have phrased it that way?

In the same program a cleanup worker referred to the demolition of WTC 6: "... we're getting ready to pull the building six." There can be little doubt as to how the word "pull" is being used in this context.

[This can be heard in the audio file  http://VestigialConscience.com/PullIt2.mp3 taken from the video.]

This shocking contradiction is yet another curious twist in a disturbing series of events surrounding the "collapse" of WTC 7, and the WTC complex in general.

Among these is the fact that, in all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever resulted in a collapse. On 9/11 three such anomalies were alleged to have occurred. Those who argue that the towers were vulnerable in their top-heaviness and verticality cannot then explain the collapse due to fire of WTC 7, a broad based, 47-story steel-framed building.

There is also the fact that most of the structures destroyed by falling debris were directly under the twin towers, and none of them caught fire. WTC 7 was not only a full city block away from Tower 1 but WTC 6 stood directly between the two buildings and certainly absorbed most of the damage.

In addition, WTC 7 suffered a strangely thorough and complete collapse, leaving only a leveled lot where it once stood. Although it was a much smaller structure, WTC 6's 8-story carcass stood for months afterwards, even after being gutted by Tower 1.

There's also disturbing correlations between the collapse of WTC 7 and the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Both buildings were constructed using the same bridge beam system that, in WTC 7's case, allegedly contributed to its demise. But more importantly WTC 7, like the Murrah building, housed high-level government offices including the FBI, CIA and the Secret Service. WTC 7 was also the storage facility for millions of files pertaining to active cases involving international drug dealing, organized crime, terrorism and money laundering.

WTC 6, also known as the Customs House building, housed the Departments of Commerce, Agriculture and Labor and yet another Murrah building tenant, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

WTC 7 was also the location of a kind of a doomsday bunker (a $15 million project of Rudy Giuliani's), a command post from which to operate in case of a total infrastructure breakdown. Building 7 had apparently been bullet proofed and reinforced to withstand hurricane force winds and attacks of all kinds, a fact which makes its alleged fatal vulnerability to falling debris all the more puzzling.

Mr. Silverstein's comments imply that he and the FDNY threw together an expert demolition job in the space of a few short hours on the afternoon of 9/11. This revelation is staggering enough considering its blatant contradiction to what has been, all along, the official cause of the "collapse." But the fact that the building was buried under tons of debris and consumed in flames at the time makes his comments all the more baffling.

There's a compelling theory that bombs had been planted inside the twin towers designed to complete the job the hijacked jets had begun. A handful of seasoned professional firefighters and demolition men have commented on how neatly and evenly the towers collapsed. Mr. Silverstein's bewildering statements in "America Rebuilds" give an exponential boost in credence to this claim and, in a more terrifying light, loan credibility to growing suspicions that the attacks of 9/11 may have been an inside job.
unnamed white house official... 25.Jan.2004 12:23

this thing here

no. no no no. now god dammit, why the hell can't you just shut the hell up and stop asking questions and producing stories like this. we laid out the entire story, and dammit, you're supposed to stick to it and believe it. all of your damn questions just cause alot of problems around here. so what, maybe there are some strange anomolies in our version of events, but there's some strange anomolies in every story. no, uhh, not story. i mean, umm, yes, statments of fact. we're not dealing with stories here, we're dealing with statements of fact. that's all this administration has given the public from the day this terrible tragedy struck us, statement of fact after statement of fact. so what, maybe the FEMA people were bored or just needed some practice, so they produced a report that examined why a building fell down even though they already knew the answers before hand. now just stop asking these pesky questions, stop bothering us with what really happened, and just go away already..."

and of course... 25.Jan.2004 13:22

theorizing conspiracies

Those who have been stating for 2 years that WTC 7 must have been demolished are all just "conspiracy theorists."

If it's not a conspiracy, then it happened by coincidence 25.Jan.2004 17:48


The other side of the Conspiracy Theory is the Coincidence Theory: if there was not secret plot behind it, the events occurred by coincidence (pure chance).

Is there any buidling in Portland as tall as the height of WTC Building #7 --- Koin or U.S. Bank corporation Tower?

also see 25.Jan.2004 18:07


yesterday's WTC 7 post on Portland IMC

What is the evidence that it was pure chance? 25.Jan.2004 18:55


What?! you say! "I don't have to have evidence to prove chance!"

Then, of course, it is a circular argument and a huge waste of time.

agree about open season, though... 25.Jan.2004 19:12

hold it

>>>>"The problem with WTC-7 was the airplane that was going to cause the 'event' was running late in a crater in PA."

Respectfully to a fellow researcher, that plane was no where near new York, it was headed for DC anyway, though it LIKELY WAS HEADED SOMEWHERE ELSE ORIGINALLY (it was closer to Chicago than anything on the East Coast), or the planes were in a 'queue' where if the other ones were successful it would be allowed to go on to its destination. However, this was was 'called' very late because all the other first planes went down successfullly into their targets, and by the time they called the fourth one back to hit something in DC, it was becoming more and more obvious that the US was letting these attacks happen, as well as organizing them.

I feel it was the Congress building the fourth plane was to it, as Cheney had left unevacuated after the Pentagon hit a bit earlier. Congress was left a sitting duck for the incoming fourth plane--only about 1.5 hours since first strike on WTC1, and still NORAD kept everything grounded.

This fourth plane was shot down (or had a radio controlled bomb to blow up on it--that would be safer for the US gov't conspirators to have a self-destruct in their death planes). Shooting it down though was the US gov't's original cover story by the way! Since they have been lying about everything else, this 'shoot down' story was likely the alibi to disguise the bomb aboard. However, they changed their story afterwards, as Americans were asking rather pointed questions about this. Plus, lots of local eyewitnesses describe the same second plane: a second white smaller plane plane swooping around it and looking over the crash site; in addition to eyewitnesses, one enginie of it falls several miles from the crash site. If it crashed into the ground, something made it's engine fall off in midair. There were court cases around Massaoui where the 'white plane' was entered as evidnece. It was owned by Warren Buffet's NETJets. Warren Buffet of course was waiting it out in the secure command center of Offtut Air Force Base, where select financial CEOs who would have been dead in the WTCs were invited by him to 'a charity ball'--a 7:00 a.m.? in a nuclear secure Air Force Base"?Give us a break, Warren. You are a known cheapskate anyway! You only gave Arnold Schwartzegger a $50 coffeetable book!

Anyway, back to the plane: Plus, it is more than an engine that fell from the sky: papers/magazines/body parts scattered for up to 7 miles distant. And FBI lied about the flight recorder, because when they say it crashed, ATCs in the area still record it in the air.

They are simply liars and murderes, organized criminal liars who took over the formal state around the Kennedy murder, and have been an unbroken skein of lies ever since.

Please...!!! 26.Jan.2004 02:39

Tony Blair's dog

Mr. Silverstein's comments stand in direct contradiction to the findings of the extensive FEMA report. They even negate Kevin Spacey's narrative in the very documentary in which they appear; "WTC 7 fell after burning for 7 hours." If it had been generally known that the building was "pulled" wouldn't Mr. Spacey have phrased it that way?

"Mr. Spacey" is an ACTOR god damn it!

Please, you got to undestand that any "documentaries" about 911 are only created to reinforce the story
theBush administration want people to believe. You won't see any real documentaries about what
really happened until the majority of the Bush administration is behind bars.

Yeah, that goes for most of the chief editors in the media too.

One has to consider the source 26.Jan.2004 04:17

Internet Surfer

One has to consider the source, do you really beleive what bush&co says? Or do you beleive what was aired on PBS? One thing is very clear, about three thousand people died that day. It is stated that on a given day, there were over one-hundred thousand people working in all of the buildings of the WTC. How can that many people exscape those buildings in such a short time frame? Anyone care to answer that question? You can not have that many people trying to leave those buildings in such a short time.

And what about the gold that was stored in those buildings basement, billions in gold not accounted for that was used to do business in the international market? Never Recovered!