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biking mud

talk to me about mud guards
Talk to me about mud guards - I'm new at this - I've got a mountain bike & biking instead of driving these days. But I'm getting muddy. Where do I buy mudguards CHEAP or can something be done do-it-yourself style? How do they go on? Details, please.
any bike shop 25.Jan.2004 09:52


you should pay no more than $30 bucks for a pair of full fenders. not clip-on fenders, but mounted fenders. Planet Bike or Mt. Zefal most likely will be what you get. do you have front or rear suspension? if you do your choices are limited to less effective fenders that do things like clip on to your down tube or seat post. don't ride a bike with suspension for commuting purposes, lots of energy is lost through suspension, plus portland roads are nice and smooth (believe me, they're nice and smooth).

one word...........plastic 25.Jan.2004 10:08


A DIY way is to get a plastic 16oz soda container and cut it in half (length wise) and finagle it to the appropiate places. The front fitting is a bit more harder to fit, you might need to cut it down to size. It's not a permanent solution, and it ain't pretty, but it does work.

How To Make Your Own Mudflaps Cheap 25.Jan.2004 10:52

North Portlander

Check out this link:


A good rundown on mudguards by Sheldon "Dry Back" Brown.

And this one:


A super link on how to make your own mudguards by Alex Wetmore.

As Arthropod points out, some of the newer suspension and performance bikes are not "fender-" or "mudguard- friendly" and you may not be able to buy adequate - or any commercially-made fenders or mudguards for them.

Good cycling!
Avoid Muddy Skunk Marks Up Your Back
Avoid Muddy Skunk Marks Up Your Back

Recycled signs 29.Jan.2004 13:38

Jo Routens

Look at the Seattle International Randonneurs website; a member of that group named Kent Petersen has an article on how to turn the corrugated plastic (like what political campaign lawn signs are made out of) material into bicycle fenders. The author's own road bike sports fenders made from signs promoting one of Tim Eyman's transit-bashing initiatives. A realistic price for fenders at a bike store is $25-40--UN installed. So many current bikes are fender-unfriendly that a cyclist should be grateful for a mechanic that can finesse the installation at any price at all. River City charges a realistic price for this; their mechanics are genuine miracle workers!

arthropod 29.Jan.2004 15:42

i just did this

hey, i just installed some fenders on my buddy shane's steamroller. the steamroller has no eyelets for fenders by the way. they sure look nice. and now shane will stay mostly free of muck. be like shane.

Fenders without eyelets 29.Jan.2004 18:32


Veloshop (9th between Oak and Burnside) has fenders that attach to the back of the seat stays and the back of the fork legs. They work great on track bikes which have no provisions for fenders or space above the tire for them either. Not full coverage but they do prevent *the stripe* and wet butt. If you had skinny slicks on your MTN bike I think they might work.