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Have you seen this man?

Collecting stories regarding one Portland Police Officer named Suttle.
Have you had an incident regarding Portland Police Officer Suttle. I am currently pursuing a complaint against this officer and would like to know if anyone else here has had a run-in with him. (He has been previously mentioned on Portland IndyMedia several months ago as one of the two cops who confiscated the ZooBombers' bikes outside Rocco's)

Please let me know if you know anything.


he could be a member of the little subgroup that's called 25.Jan.2004 06:52

the Brotherhood of the Strong

thiz guy could be a member of the little thuggish subgroup known as the Brotherhood of the Strong? If so, it
not a good thing, and he ought to be more closely watched in future! If he trips up, then slam his ass good!

Brotherhood of the what? 25.Jan.2004 08:38


Hey, tell us some more about this Brotherhood of the strong group. Are they all cops? Are they just in Portland? Tell us more!

what? 25.Jan.2004 08:42

sisterhood of the critical thinkers

I don't know this particular officer. But I'm wondering where the previous post came from. Is there any evidence that he is a member? If not, why bring it up? I mean, he COULD be a nazi too. Or a member of the communist party, or a boyscout of america.

And to the original poster, what did he do? I know you may not want to get too specific, as you want to preserve your anonymity, but just in general. It would be good for us to know as much as possible about police officers who abuse portland citizens.

bro weakling 25.Jan.2004 12:00


the brotherhood of the strong was a small group of officers who were working as jailers for multnomah county jail they where involved in the in custody death of John beckel the founder of montage the restaurant. they have tattoos on their arm. the group of officers resigned from the sheriffs office only to be hired as Portland police now working north precinct.

what district was shuttle in ne se?

if what "none" says is true, then we need to hold Vera's feet 25.Jan.2004 12:47

to the fire

If what "none" says is true, then we need to collective howl till Vera and her colleagues get the message in loud and
clear language that this is NOT acceptable. If these people were allowed to "resign" and then were hired at PoPo's
shop, then it speaks poorly of the "leadership" and the overall "management" of the Portland Police Department. As
I recall, there was a lot of commentary, reports, etc. etc. made in the WILLIAMETTE WEEK back when all this was on
the public's radar...2000 or 2001...whenever? Maybe those who have access to their back issues would see fit to do
a tremendious public service by combing them for selective repostings here. Wherever the source, we need to know
more about this group...the Brotherhood of the Strong, for I think in knowing, we'll understand more clearly a lot of the
serious "problems" that have arisen within PoPo's House of Blues. So, let's find out MORE....

tattoos 26.Jan.2004 05:18

Internet Surfer

Does anyone know what those tattoos say what the image is and right or left arm? Sounds like LA all over again but in Portland, to me. Let get more info ASAP!

this "brotherhood" business is Mormon rightwing crazies 26.Jan.2004 07:25

as I recall

This so-called "brotherhood" is, if my memory serves correctly, a strange warrior cult out of the group think
mindset of low-grade Mormon's and their failed brethern, the "Jack Mormon" (those who are raised in the
so-called "faith", but reject it's religiousity, and yet, retain it's cultural imprint...though a bit twisted), and are
a nasty bunch.

Why any reputable police department's "management" would tolerate these people is really beyond me to explain?

As I recall, in past postings here at Portland Indymedia, there has been some pretty good discussion
threads about these character's--histories, antidotial evidence, incident reports, etc. etc. --that clearly left impression that Portland's Police Bureau has a sizable cabal of these ugly men.

Also, I recall that the young African-American mother that was killed by that stupid beefy simpleton cop
back in May or so of 2003, along with his 2 fellow officer's, were indeed rumored to all 3 being members
of this same group. As too, was the cop's involved with the large toy gorilla incident a month or so ago.

Yet, all of this goes on, the rumors are persistent and strong, and we hear NOTHING from our elected
official's or their appointed top-ranked manager's about any of it. Are they too a part of the "conspiracy"?
If so, we need to dig deeper into this big-time Mormon doo-doo and make sure it's splattered on those in officialdom that have let their complacency allowed this nastiness to take hold and florish in our police!

Rumors have it that this little gang of "brotherhood of the strong" is about to 26.Jan.2004 21:21

be outted

Persistent rumors have it that this cabalish "brotherhood" is soon to be outted by an organization devoted to human rights that is
based in UK. Apparently the activist community here in Portland decided to get this organization involved a few years back as it
was wondered "if" the then Chief, Mark Kroeker, had some sort of connection to them, and it was duly noted that the officer's who
had resigned from Multnomah County Sheriff's Department had soon resurfaced with Portland Police Bureau. It shouldn't be all
that long, if rumors are true, that the proverbial shit will hit the fan in this city as result! Let's stay tuned and see how it plays out?

trouble in California prisons could be linked to the Brotherhood of the Strong 28.Jan.2004 22:41


This just posted on www.drudgereport.com and is, I'm told by good source, that the basic problem involved is that the California
Youth Authority has become, in recent years, a dumping ground for various "bad apple" sorts, as well as a nest of "good old boy"
networks that include a large subgroup of the Brotherhood of the Strong. See how low these character's can go? Amazing?

Young inmates caged, drugged, state study finds
By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Writer
Last Updated 3:55 p.m. PST Wednesday, January 28, 2004
SACRAMENTO (AP) - Young California inmates are often locked in cages as punishment, and those with mental problems are frequently drugged and improperly cared for, a state-funded study says.
The California Youth Authority is supposed to rehabilitate its 4,600 young wards, but instead often focuses on punishment such as isolating offenders in wire cages, two national experts said in a confidential report obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

Inadequately trained therapists frequently treated youths suffering mental illness and substance abuse problems with prescription drugs instead of providing proper therapy. A majority of the wards suffer mental or drug-abuse problems.

"The vast majority of youths who have mental health needs are made worse instead of improved by the correctional environment," reported University of Washington child psychologist Eric Trupin and forensic psychiatrist Raymond Patterson of Washington, D.C. "The California Youth Authority continues to fall short of meeting many recognized standards of care for youth with mental health and substance abuse disorders."

Drugs are frequently administered to restrain misbehaving youths who are of no apparent danger to themselves or others, while, "In a number of facilities, psychiatric evaluations are cursory and do not meet accepted professional standards."

Widespread use of so-called "chemical restraints" is intolerable, said Sen. Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, who chairs a corrections oversight committee: "This is not the 1930s. Even in mental hospitals, I thought we'd gotten rid of these practices long ago."

The state-funded report is the first of six being conducted as part of a class-action lawsuit by the San Francisco-based nonprofit Prison Law Office alleging poor conditions and treatment at the state's 11 youth institutions. Similar reports have been prepared on education and health care in the system, which handles young people up to age 25.

The experts said there has been some progress, but cited wide variations between the nine institutions they reviewed.

The report's release comes a week after a 17-year-old boy from Los Angeles and an 18-year-old boy from Stockton hanged themselves at the Preston Youth Correctional Facility in Ione, east of Sacramento.

"We have got a serious problem, and before another teenager commits suicide the California Youth Authority has got to get its act together," Romero said.

She plans a hearing on the youth system next month, following two days of hearings last week on problems at the Department of Corrections for adults. The youth system has a recidivism rate even higher than that in the adult system, she said, as high as 90 percent.

State officials aren't disputing the findings, and Youth and Adult Correctional Agency spokesman Tip Kindel said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's new administration inherited the problems but is trying to fix them "on a fast track."

"The report was pretty scathing in terms of what was being done and not done for the wards," Kindel said.