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Experimental Film Showing at Cascadia Rising ROCKED!!

Tonite's event was well attended, with around 25 or 30 people in and out and mouthwatering homemade bread with flavors of herbs throughout... The opening performance was Sid with gritty commentary on life the universe and everything along with the mandolin player, Shakey... unusual to have a mandolin be the harmony, and the guitar providing the rhythm... nice eclectic feel to their musical harmonizing...

Misunderstanding was my personal favorite of the evening. It is a product of a protest that the videographer attended, where pro-Bush people were claiming to love God and our country, in a fevered frenzy of patriotic religious insanity. This film ties together the meaning of this videographer's take on what it means to pledge allegiance blindly to this country and ALL it stands for... the horrors of war, class war, and oppression of all peoples worldwide. And how surreal it is to see people who truly believe that God would be in favor of this evil that has been unleashed.

Solstice also was an interesting take, from a cynical videographer's viewpoint of where we are going from here, what the purpose of all the protesting is... at least I think that was what it was about... an amazing array of riot porn, superimposed on images of .... too much stuff to capture in words.
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