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Calendula: a restraunt review

I went with some friends today and ate brunch. I am glad that theres a vegan fine dining establishment. I'm glad that Craig Rosebraugh pays his dishwashers better than the paradox. That he gives the staff benefits. I have traveled this country a few times. Every time I go to a new city I search out thier vegan restraunts. I'm not alone. Practicly every vegan I know that lives on more than a food not bombs income does this. Hell its one of the first things we talk about when we meet. I'm glad that the calendula has taken up the financially risky proposition of bieng an organic reastruant. To my knowledge there is NO other reastruant in town that has a higher comitment to the quality of thier ingredients. Just as thier is NO other VEGAN restruant in town. That Craig Rosebraugh has risked his ass financially to revitalize a historic building in this neighborhood should be commended. I have recently moved from a below poverty income to a down right middle class career as a carpenter. I work hard. I like to go out. I get tired of going to a greasy punk dive to get some inconsistant food. I want a place I'd feel proud to take my family to. I'm glad there's a restraunt i can take my friends to that says this is what a vegan can do. If Craig can do it. So can I.

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