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Pacific Greens vote YES on Measure 30

In accordance with their resolution to work for a fairer tax structure in Oregon, the Pacific Green Party voted at convention January 10 to endorse a "Yes" vote for Measure 30. "We wanted to send a clear message to the community that the Pacific Green Party values responsible government," said Jeff Cropp, co-chair of the Portland Metro Chapter of the PGP. "The people behind the 'No on 30' campaign don't really care about Oregon; they are political opportunists who want to limit government regulation of the marketplace."

"We think it is important to make a formal endorsement expressing solidarity with those who support Measure 30," said Joanne Cvar, PGP co-chair. "A 'Yes' vote on the measure upholds the surprisingly progressive bi-partisan attempt of the state legislature to balance the Oregon budget for the next biennium without making further cuts in essential public services such as education, human services, and public safety. This is a first step in the direction of a fair tax structure for Oregon, but we must continue to look for long-term solutions."
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