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Another world already exists! You are NOT the resistance!

With the World Social Forum underway I have once again heard the slogan, often repeated, that states that 'another world is possible.' And the Zapitista's have been heard to say, 'Vive le Resistance.' I hear of 'Videos from the Resistance.' You see this world we live in is what we might call 'the real world', and those who stand in opposition to the real world are 'the resistance', and our task is to work towards building a new world, for 'another world is possible'.

The task is daunting. First the foundations must be laid for another world, and then, with great effort and much labor a new world must be built brick by brick. Of course, before the structure can rise first the foundations must be laid, and the long and grueling struggle to break ground and pour concrete to lay a foundation for the building of a new world is the task of the resistance. For even the saying 'another world is possible' indicates that the struggle to begin breaking ground and laying the foundations remains to be completed. The statement 'another world is possible' is a rallying cry to break ground and begin to lay the foundation...

Now why lay foundations, and why expend effort laying bricks when another world already exists. Many, many times I have tried to share some knowledge of this fact that another world already exists, and my efforts up to now have been hampered by the blocking schemes of the resistance. You see the real resistance is hard at work hiding the fact that another world already exists. Indeed the real work of the resistance is to protect the false notion that this world we see is the world that really exists, when in fact, this world in which live is the real fiction. It does not exist and therefore the really hard work consists of laboring to convince people that no other world exists, that this world is the only world that does exist, that it is inevitable, unavoidable, and that no other world is possible.
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